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What is tympanoplasty?

Tympanoplasty is one of the best and risk-free surgical procedures used to repair or reconstruct the hole in your eardrum or perforated tympanic membrane. This surgery is recommended by many ENT doctors and otologists if you have a large hole in your eardrum and are suffering from a chronic ear infection that cannot be cured with antibiotics. All our ENT doctors at Pristyn Care, Pune are highly trained in performing tympanoplasty with USFDA approved surgical tools and medical devices to reduce the risk of infection and the occurrence of complications throughout the surgical process.

What is a perforated eardrum?

A perforated eardrum is a medical condition that affects your ear where the thin membrane that separates the ear canal from the middle ear gets perforated or formation of a hole in the eardrum. This can be caused as a result of exposure to loud noises or sounds, severe injury to the ear, rapid change in the pressure of the ear, and presence of a foreign object in the ear. If you avoid or delay the treatment for the perforated eardrum, it can lead to some serious health concerns. To get cured of the hole in your eardrum or tympanic membrane, consult ENT doctors or ear specialists at Pristyn Care, Pune.



  • Prevention
  • Why Pristyn Care?
  • Benefits of Tympanoplasty
  • Why Advanced Tympanoplasty Treatment?


Don’t put any foreign object in the ear

Cover your ears while swimming or taking a shower

Do not blow your nose with excessive pressure

Avoid sneezing with your mouth closed

Use earplugs while traveling through plane


Virus or bacteria


Other diseases such as allergies, flu, or cold

Mucus, inflammation, and swelling in the Eustachian tubes

Fluid buildup


Avoidance of some social settings

Withdrawal from conversations

Listening to TV or radio in high volume

Frequently asking someone to speak clearly

Difficulty hearing consonants


Doctors performing tympanoplasty in pune


A hole in your eardrum or perforation of a tympanic membrane can be diagnosed by ENT doctors at Pristyn Care, Pune. They use an instrument called an otoscope or auriscope for physical examination of your ear. This instrument helps ENT doctors to look inside your ear as it has a magnifier with light. ENT doctors can recommend other diagnostic tests such as tympanometry, hearing test, and tuning fork evaluation. Suppose you are diagnosed with a perforated eardrum, you can suffer from ear infections, severe ear pain, difficulty hearing, and itching in the ear. To get relieved from these symptoms and to repair the hole in the eardrum, consult with our best ENT doctors in Pune.


ENT doctors can perform tympanoplasty in case you have a perforated eardrum and suffer from chronic ear infections that are not responding to antibiotics.

Before the start of tympanoplasty, you will be sedated using general anesthesia. Once you are completely asleep, the surgeon will make an incision behind your ear to expose the eardrum. Then, your eardrum will be lifted in order to examine the inside of your ear. After evaluating the size and severity of perforation or hole in your eardrum, the surgeon will extract a graft from the tissue under your skin. This extracted tissue will replace the hole or abnormal area of your eardrum. After completion of the restoration of the perforated eardrum, the incisions made under your ear will be closed together.

Why Pristyn Care ?

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Your safety is taken care of by thermal screening, social distancing, sanitized clinics and hospital rooms, sterilized surgical equipment and mandatory PPE kits during surgery.

Assisted Surgery Experience

Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Medical Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.

Medical Expertise With Technology

Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.

Post Surgery Care

Post Surgery Care

We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

Pristyn Care in Numbers

200K+Happy Patients

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can undergo Tympanoplasty?


Regardless of age and gender, any individual can undergo tympanoplasty if he/she is suffering from any of the following medical conditions that affect the eardrum.

  • Frequent middle ear infections
  • Chronic otitis
  • Otorrhea
  • Atelectasis of tympanic membrane
  • Tympanosclerosis

What are the benefits of undergoing tympanoplasty?

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What is the success rate of tympanoplasty?

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How long does tympanoplasty surgery take?

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Is Tympanoplasty painful?

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What are the qualifications of doctors who perform tympanoplasty?

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What are the risks and complications of tympanoplasty?

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Does insurance cover tympanoplasty at Pristyn Care, Pune?

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How much does tympanoplasty cost in Pune?

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Will my insurance cover tympanoplasty?

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When is tympanoplasty advised by an ENT doctor?

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What is endoscopic tympanoplasty?

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Can an eardrum hole get repaired on its own?

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How to stop perforation in the eardrum from getting worse?

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Can tympanoplasty surgery fix a hole in the eardrum?

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Does the eardrum hole get repaired with medicines?

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Can the hole in the eardrum affect my hearing ability?

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Who is the best ENT doctor in Pune?

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Can a perforated eardrum cause loss of hearing?

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Can tympanoplasty fix my perforated eardrum?

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Should I avoid swimming after tympanoplasty surgery?

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Why is tympanoplasty the best treatment for a hole in the eardrum?

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How long does tympanoplasty surgery last?

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How long does it take to recover after tympanoplasty?

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Is tympanoplasty painful surgery?

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Can I go to the gym after a week of tympanoplasty?

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Why is tympanoplasty surgery best for a perforated eardrum?

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Who is the best tonsil doctor near me?

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Does tonsillectomy affect the immune system?

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Can tonsillitis cause ear pain?

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What is the best age to get tonsils removal surgery?

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What is the Cost of tonsil surgery in India?

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Can tonsillitis cause bad breath?

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Permanent relief to my ear pain. Pristyn Care has best ENT doctors.

Advanced Tympanoplasty for a hole in the Eardrum at Pristyn Care, Pune

Are you a resident of Pune and suffering from perforated eardrum? If so, get the latest and advanced surgical treatment option called tympanoplasty by visiting Pristyn Care. We provide tympanoplasty as the safest surgical procedure by using USFDA approved surgical tools. All our ENT doctors perform tympanoplasty as a daycare procedure and you can recover quickly to get back to your daily activities.

Highly experienced and Well-Trained ENT doctors For Tympanoplasty at Pristyn Care, Pune.

You can get treated for eardrum perforation by highly experienced and trained ENT doctors at Pristyn Care, Pune. We house several ENT doctors who are experts in diagnosing and treating eardrum perforation. They perform tympanoplasty using USFDA approved medical tools and surgical instruments. Our ENT doctors follow world-class healthcare guidelines to perform the safest and best tympanoplasty with no or minimal chance of occurrence of complications. They closely work with both medical and non-medical staff to make sure every patient receives the highest quality of care at an affordable price.

Pristyn Care is Associated with top-class Hospitals in Pune?

Several hospitals in Pune provide tympanoplasty at different costs. However, Pristyn Care has associated with top hospitals in Pune to provide the best and safest tympanoplasty at an affordable cost to all the patients suffering from a perforated eardrum or a hole in the tympanic membrane. All hospitals that are aligned with Pristyn Care follow very strict safety measures like thermal screening of the patients who are entering and leaving the hospital and continuous sanitization of all diagnostic and surgical equipment. Medical and non-medical staff wear PPE kits to restrict or reduce the contamination of COVID-19.

What is the cost of Tympanoplasty Surgery in Pune?

In Pune, the cost of Tympanoplasty can range between Rs.25,000 and Rs.65,000. However this price is subject to change depending on factors like.

  • Admission fee
  • Doctor fee
  • Type of hospital
  • Type of surgical procedure
  • The medical condition of the patient
  • Post-surgical complications that are involved
  • The admission room that you opted for
  • Any other lab tests or examination tests such as X-ray, scanning, etc.

To know the exact cost for tympanoplasty in Pune, contact the coordinator of the specific hospital from where you wish to undergo tympanoplasty.

What you can expect during postprocedure care/recovery care for Tympanoplasty?

The following are the post-care steps to be followed after Tympanoplasty:

  • The operated area will be covered with the bandages after the procedure.
  • The ears will be swollen and red for the next few days. Prefer wearing loose clothing that is easy to wear without disturbing the ears. Do not let soap come into contact with the sutures.
  • Do not use lotions, creams, make-up, etc around the operated area.
  • Headphones or earphones or any such devices should not be used for the next few days until the swelling and pain are reduced.
  • Avoid going for a swim after the surgery at least for a week.
  • Avoid going to crowded places and dusty areas to reduce complications like getting infections.
  • Follow all the instructions given by the doctor.
  • There should be follow-up visits to the doctor 2 days after this surgery, the following week, and then again after a month to monitor the ear.

Book an appointment with the best ENT doctor at Pristyn Care, Pune

ENT doctors at Pristyn Care, Pune are well experienced and trained in performing tympanoplasty with minimal or no side effects and complications. You can book an appointment with our ENT doctors by calling our coordinators or by filling in the form that is on this page. Our coordinator will get back to you as early as possible and will book an appointment with the nearest ENT doctor. We also provide online consultation services and can be availed through our official website or Pristyn Care mobile application.

Are there any potential complications of tympanoplasty?

Tympanoplasty is an advanced procedure that is performed with the help of the latest medical technology and has lower chances of complication as compared to conventional techniques. However, like any other surgeries there are some potential complications of tympanoplasty as well, in rare cases:

  • Change or loss of hearing ability
  • Reduced sense of taste
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Dizziness post tympanoplasty operation
  • Ringing or tinnitus in the ear
  • Failure of the graft used during tympanoplasty surgery

Different Types of Tympanoplasty

As reported in NCBI, according to the Wullstein Classification, tympanoplasty has five types depending on their severity and advanced symptoms:

  • Type 1- Repair of the tympanic membrane alone, no abnormality of the middle ear.
  • Type 2- Repair of the tympanic membrane and middle ear due to malleus that usually gets eroded. In this type, tympanoplasty includes grafting the tympanic membrane to the incus.
  • Type 3- Repair of the tympanic membrane onto the stapes head, in this type the malleus and incus have a defect.
  • Type 4- The tympanic membrane is grafted to the stapes footplate, which is movable.
  • Type 5- Repair involves the stapes footplate, which is fixed.
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