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expand iconAre hearing loss and dementia-related?

Yes, hearing loss and dementia are related. Individuals with hearing loss are at increased risk of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. And people who have moderate to severe hearing loss are up to 5 times as likely to develop dementia.

expand iconWhat are the types of hearing loss?

Hearing loss is categorized into the following three types based on what part of your hearing is damaged. ||Conductive hearing loss ||Sensorineural hearing loss ||Mixed hearing loss

expand iconWhat can cause hearing loss?

Below listed are a few of the causes of hearing loss. ||Aging ||Degeneration of inner ear structures ||Exposure to loud noise or sounds ||Heredity [as a genetic disorder] ||Untreated bacterial or viral ear infections ||Meningitis

expand iconCan meningitis cause hearing loss?
expand iconIs hearing loss genetic/hereditary?

Hearing loss can be genetic or hereditary. But not all cases of hearing loss are hereditary. A medical research paper reported that 50% to 60% of hearing loss in babies is due to genetic causes. However, environmental factors can also affect your hearing ability.

expand iconIs hearing loss a symptom of COVID-19?

As per the World Health Organization [WHO], hearing loss is not a symptom of COVID-19. But a few private medical researchers say that sudden hearing loss and tinnitus are seen in patients with COVID-19. However, if you doubt that you have COVID-19, follow all the precautions and safety measures recommended by the WHO and get consulted from the nearest doctor.

expand iconIs hearing loss reversible?

Hearing loss can occur suddenly or over a period of time and can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary hearing loss can be reversed with a few medications, home remedies, and some lifestyle changes. However, reversing a permanent hearing loss could be difficult. So, to know whether your hearing loss can be reversed or not, book an appointment with the best ENT doctors from Pristyn Care.

expand iconCan hearing loss affect my balance?
expand iconHow does hearing loss affect speech or communication?
expand iconIs hearing loss a disability?

Yes, hearing loss can be considered as a disability as per the PWD Act 2001. PWD Act 2002 states that individuals with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder [ANSD] who exhibit hearing loss greater than a severe degree in their better ear are eligible for a disability certificate.

expand iconWhat is the best medicine for hearing loss?

Usually, there is no medicine that can best treat hearing loss caused as a result of noise exposure. However, corticosteroids can be used to reduce the cochlea hair cell swelling and inflammation. To know more about medications in hearing loss, book an appointment with Pristyn Care ENT doctors.