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What is Vaginal Dryness?

A female faces the problem of Vaginal Dryness when there is a drop in the estrogen level. This reduces the moisture in the vagina. The problem is commonly diagnosed in females after menopause. Although, it can occur to women of other age groups. This problem can be very uncomfortable for women, especially during sexual intercourse. It can also cause vaginal burning and itching.



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Female consulting gynecologist for vaginal dryness treatment


The gynecologist firstly would ask you some questions about the symptoms and the conditions. The problems of vaginal dryness generally has other underlying causes. So, the gynecologist looks for the underlying cause so as to give the most suitable treatment options to the patient.


Laser Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

  • Non Surgical Method: Treatment options such as topical estrogen therapy is suggested if the female has the problem of dryness because of low estrogen levels. This treatment options helps restore the hormones in the body and gives relief from symptoms. Although, it is a slow process.
  • Surgical Treatment Method: With the new and most advanced method of Laser Treatment, the female can get rid of the problem in just a 20 minute procedure. In this procedure, fractional CO2 Laser Technology is used that generates heat through laser beams and stimulates the collagen in the vaginal tissue. This then restores the strength and elasticity and increases the blood flow and thus the lubrication.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the problem of vaginal dryness go on its own?

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Are vaginal dryness creams effective?

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Do I need to take bed rest the next day after the session?

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Diet and instructions

  • No sexual intercourse for 3 days after each session
  • Avoid using scented soaps for cleaning genital areas
  • Avoid douching
  • Do not insert a tampon or anything inside the vagina for 3-4 days after each session

Most Effective Treatment for Vaginal Dryness in Bangalore

Life in Bangalore is rapid and busy. Women work for long hours with not much rest. In the tight-packed schedule of rush, the diet and exercise routine is compromised. These possibly are the causes behind several infections. Pristyn Care ensures to cure all such problems once and for all. The technology and treatment procedures carried out are the latest and the whole process is absolutely top notch.

A-grade Vaginal Dryness Treatment at Pristyn Care

Get an appointment with the best gynecologists at Pristyn Care in Bangalore to get relief from the problem of vaginal dryness. For Vaginal Discharge treatment, your search for the best clinic in Bangalore ends at Pristyn care. Visit our clinic and get permanent relief with the most advanced and convenient treatment procedures.

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