Preconception Counselling

Any woman wants to avoid complications in pregnancy and always dream of having a healthy baby only. Preconception counselling helps the woman to have the healthy pregnancy with less risk possible. The process will make you learn about how to care for your health. It will help to get pregnant without having complications by making you physically and emotionally healthy. One may need to take the preconception appointment inadvance in which doctor may give advice about diets, and prescribe you some prenatal vitamins.

When to Avail preconception Counselling:-

  • During the routine health check-up
  • Pre-marital and pre-family planning
  • After the negative pregnancy
  • After abortion or termination of pregnancy
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The Preconceptions Counselling consist of the following:-

  • Reproductive History: In this process, the doctor may ask you about medical history, contraceptive use, Pap test results, vaginal infections, and STDs in the past. This will help to diagnose the doctor about your earlier health issues.
  • Guidance towards Healthy Lifestyle: In this process, the doctor may ask you to change the lifestyle by adding some supplements to your foods. A nutritionist may be referred to make an effective diet plan for you. The doctor may also ask you to have folic acid, calcium supplements, exercises etc. Not only yours, partners habits like smoking, drinking, recreational drugs may also affect the women’s chances of being pregnant. So one should be open enough in front of the doctor. The doctor may also ask you to avoid caffeine which is taken through coffee, tea, chocolates
  • Surgical History: This help to analyze the surgical injuries if any. These may include the gynae procedure for fibroids or abnormal pap smears.A proper history will help the doctor to guide you well how to manage the pregnancy period.
  • Medications: To know whether you are taking any medicines or not.
  • Family Health History: to analyze the family issues like diabetes, hypertension, history of blood clots. Home and workplace environment: the stress you are facing at the time of working or at home. So , as to offer mental counseling.
  • Analysing Weight: when it comes to pregnancy, it is also one of the biggest consideration so less weight and overweight will affect the pregnancy
  • Overall health Checkups: it may include screening heart, lungs, breast, thyroid, abdomen, menstrual cycle, ovulation periods. To have a detailed report, the doctor may suggest the patients is to perform the pelvic exam, pap smear, rubella, hepatitis, HIV, Syphilis as and when required.

The motive of the preconception counseling is to offer best possible pregnancy consultancy in Gurgaon so as to have a safe delivery. The preconception counseling is done to have a healthy mother and healthy child. Have the best time during your pregnancy.

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