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About Preconception Consultation

A preconception checkup or a preconception consultation is a meeting with your gynecologist or healthcare provider where you are provided the necessary tips and precautions that you need to take to make sure your body is ready for pregnancy. You can have a preconception consultation with your doctor at any time before you plan to get pregnant. You should get a preconception consultation if you are planning to be a first time mother, already had a baby, had a problem during the previous pregnancy or to avoid any complication during the pregnancy you are about to go through.



When do you need a preconception consultation?

When you plan for a baby

When you fail to conceive even after trying for a long time

If you take any high dose of medication before planning a family

Any child birth defects


A preconception pregnancy consultation can always help you plan your baby without any complication.

It will help you understand if your body is ready for pregnancy.

It will help you take better care of your baby.

It will help you identify and treat other medical conditions which can affect your pregnancy such as high blood pressure, depression, diabetes etc.

When is the right time to do a preconception consultation?

During routine health check up

Pre family planning

When you face any trouble conceiving a baby

After abortion or medical termination of any previous pregnancy

Why Pristyn Care

Experienced gynecologists

Confidential consultation

Free diet chart to prepare your body for the pregnancy



During your preconception consultation, the gynecologist may perform a physical test first. You might also be recommended to do a Pap test or other screening tests to check if your body is suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases. The doctor will also ask you and your partner to get tested for STDs. After this, your doctor will provide you with medication which will help you to cut down the risks for your pregnancy. You will also be given vitamins and supplements which will provide you all the necessary nutrients before you conceive a baby.

Folic acid is the most common vitamin which the doctor will give you for the healthy growth and development of your baby. If you have a habit of smoking or consuming alcohol, your doctor will ask you to quit immediately. You will also be asked if there is any history of complications during pregnancy in your family. In addition to all these, you may be recommended to take certain vaccinations and also undergo a pelvic test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I had a miscarriage two years back. Can I conceive again now?

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Are the doctors at Pristyn Care experienced for a detailed preconception consultation?

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Diet/ Instructions for healthy pregnancy

  • Quit the habit of drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Consume healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Take folic acid supplements
  • Start your day with light exercises
  • Learn to get rid of your depression and anxiety. If needed, take medical help.
  • Do regular vaginal screening

Get the best preconception consultation in Pune

Motherhood is the most beautiful essence of womanhood and there is probably no woman on earth who doesn’t want to carry another life within her. But unfortunately, not every woman is blessed to feel that so easily. In Pune, there are so many women who are struggling to conceive. From physical to emotional and mental factors, there could be many reasons leading to this. Many of them have a corporate job and have to live a sedentary lifestyle. They mostly rely on junk food and even addictive substances. Unknowingly, these habits create problems for the woman to conceive a baby. Pristyn Care in Pune is there to understand your problem and help women of the city to get the best preconception consultation. The doctors will thoroughly examine you and tell you how you can prepare your body to bear a child.

Get in touch with Pristyn Care in Pune for the best preconception consultation

The gynecologists at Pristyn Care in Pune are well trained and experienced to provide you the best preconception consultation. They will thoroughly diagnose you and recommend you the medications and vaccinations to make your body ready to carry a baby. Our doctors are very kind and compassionate and will understand your concern just like a friend would do. The preconception consultation provided at Pristyn Care clinics in Pune will be entirely confidential and you will not face any trouble during the course of your consultation. It is also recommended that you bring your partner along with you so that the doctor can understand what problem lies within and how it could be sorted for both the partners. Remember, the health of the baby depends on the wellbeing of both the partners equally. So, delay no more. Visit Pristyn Care clinics in Pune and plan for the beautiful add-on to your family.

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