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A Pap smear or a Pap test is a screening test which is done to check the presence of cancerous or precancerous tissues or cells in the cervix. The opening of the uterus is known as the cervix. Precancerous cells can often be caused by HPV or the Human Papillomavirus. These cells need to be treated on time. If not treated, these cells can abnormally grow and lead to cervical cancer. Detecting these cells are the first step towards preventing cervical cancer. Pap tests are mostly recommended for women between the age group of 21 to 65 to check their cervical health. Pap smear is quick, painless and a simple procedure. The woman may notice light spotting after the test, which is not harmful and has nothing to worry about.


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Pap Smear-Overview
Who needs a pap smear and how often?
  • Women between 21 to 29 years should get a Pap test done every 3 years.
  • Women between 30 to 65 years should get a Pap smear test done every 3 years and HPV test done every 5 years.
Benefits of Pap smear
  • It reassures you that the health of your cervix is normal.
  • It can help in preventing cervical cancer by detecting cancerous cells before it causes serious concerns.
  • Early detection of cancerous cells can help you in getting recovered in less time.
  • Earlier the detection, better the chance of survival.
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During the Pap test, the doctor will make the patient lie on her back. The doctor will first physically examine the genitals of the patient to make sure there’s nothing to take care of before the test. The doctor will then insert a speculum to open the vagina and to get a better and clearer view of the cervix and the vagina. The doctor will then insert a small brush or swab inside the opening of the cervix and twirl it to collect tissues and cells samples. The doctor may also collect a second round of samples for the test. The samples will then be sent to the laboratory for evaluation.

After the test, the woman might feel light cramps and discomfort. She might also have spotting and sometimes, mild bleeding. There is nothing to worry about this. However, if the bleeding continues for 2 days, it is important that you let your gynecologist know about this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the results of my Pap test be confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Your diagnosis, test and the results, everything will be confidential at Pristyn Care.

Can I continue my normal work life after the test?

Yes. The test will be done in just a few minutes. It won’t be painful nor will it cause any potential trouble. You can continue your normal work life after the test easily.

When is the best time to do a Pap test?

You can do a Pap test on any day except on your periods.

Can I have regular food before and after the Pap test?

Yes. There is no strict diet which needs to be followed pre or post the test.

Pap Smear test in Pune at Pristyn Care

Reproductive health requires more attention with age. Thus, it is very necessary for women to get the pap smear test to screen for cervical cancer. We, at Pristyn Care in Pune, offer you the best gynecological help. Pap test is simple and quick to perform. So, you should get it done rather than to delay and complicate your health for no good reason.

Gynecologists at Pristyn Care have years of experience and perform pap tests with high precision. Visit Pristyn Care and get the test done safely by our well trained and experienced gynecologists.




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