Appendicitis is inflammation of Appendix. The appendix is a small finger-shaped pouch which usually has no function in the human body later, although it works as the immune system at an initial stage. It is located at the junction of small and large intestines. At the initial stage of life, it works as the immune systems of our body but later, It is taken as an unused part of the body not involved in any functioning.

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Symptoms of Appendicitis:-

Appendicitis is common among the young people and the people of old age . Common symptoms of Appendicitis are given below:-

Causes of Appendicitis:-

Some of the common causes of Appendicitis are given below as exact causes are still unknown:-

Complications of Appendicitis?

One of the major problem or complication is Peritonitis which is dangerous and serious condition and it happens when appendix bursts and the infection spread to the abdomen. When it happens, patients may have fever, nausea, severe tenderness in abdomen, vomiting, an abscess called appendiceal abscess.

Whenever patients feel pain and above-mentioned symptoms, he should immediately visit the doctor or surgeon.

Diagnosis of Appendicitis:-

Apart from the above-mentioned diagnosis methods, other lab tests are used:-

After going through the various tests and diagnosis, effective treatments or surgery can be performed to treat the Appendicitis

How to Treat the Appendicitis:-

Appendicitis is treated with the surgery only by removing the appendix. the surgical procedure is performed using an anesthesia. A doctor will ask the patients to go for the surgery at the earliest so as to avoid the condition of ruptured appendicitis. The different surgical methods are given under to treat the Appendicitis

If the appendix is not painful, it is not required to remove the same. Some doctors may remove it to eliminate the chances of the future possibility of appendicitis or some may correct the actual problem during surgery instead of removing the appendix. Whatever the case, one should not neglect the pain and abdominal discomfort.

- Laparotomy: In this method, the incision is done in the right area of the abdomen or in the midline to remove the appendix.

After surgery, if you face the following problems, one should visit the surgeon to consult before it worse:-


Another factor:- burst Appendix need to be treated at the earliest as it will cause the abdomen infection, the severity of which may cause death. To treat it, there are two popular methods are used:-

Appendicitis can be more painful if corrective measures are not taken. Better to consult the APPENDICITIS surgeon in Gurgaon at Pristyn Care Laser Clinic to have effective treatments and painless abdomen.

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