Kidney stones are the hardened masses of the minerals that originate in the kidneys and may even travel down to the ureters or the bladder. If logged anywhere in the urinary tract, a kidney stone creates a wave of intense pain in the back and lower abdomen. Sometimes the kidney stone pain even radiates to the groin area.

A person facing such an episode of pain has to rush for immediate diagnosis of the condition. Once you are diagnosed with kidney stones, there may be various treatment options available for you. Choosing the best treatment can seem to be challenging if you have no prior knowledge of any of the procedures.

Here, we will give you insight into the finest treatment procedures to get rid of kidney stones. 

3 different safest treatments for kidney stones in Hyderabad

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally-invasive procedure in which the surgeon uses a small laparoscopic instrument to remove the stones. The surgeon makes a few minor cuts in the lower abdomen region and inserts a lighted laparoscope through these incisions. Once the stones are found out, the doctor removes these stones through the same incisions and then closes them off using stitches or sutures.

  • Laser treatment
    laser ureteroscopy for kidney stones

Laser treatment is one of the most advanced techniques for kidney stone treatment. It is also commonly known as laser lithotripsy or laser ureteroscopy. The surgeon inserts a thin ureteroscope into the urinary tract through the urethra. The ureteroscope contains a camera that enables the surgeon to get a clear view of the stones. The surgeon then uses a high-intensity laser light to crush the stone. Smaller pieces of stones are removed through a small surgical basket and sand-like stone granules are flushed out through the urine.

  • Shockwave lithotripsy
    kidney stone surgery-shockwave lithotripsy

Shock wave lithotripsy is another modern procedure for the removal of kidney stones. In this technique, the doctor uses thousands of shock wave pulses to break the stone into smaller pieces, so that they can be easily passed along with the urine. After the procedure, the doctor asks the patient to go home and drink plenty of fluids. This facilitates the easy removal of the stones within a day. (Also Read: Best treatment for kidney stones)

Why should you prefer these treatments over open surgery for kidney stones?

All the three aforementioned procedures are among the modern and most effective surgeries for kidney stone removal. Unlike open surgery, these are relatively simple procedures. The patient remains under the influence of anesthesia. Thus, the surgery will be 100% pain-free for you.

Moreover, laser lithotripsy and shock wave lithotripsy are daycare surgeries that enable a patient to go home on the same day and avoid any long hospital stays. All the modern surgeries are absolutely safe, and there is no risk of intraoperative or postoperative complications such as bleeding or infection. These treatments offer a speedy and smooth recovery, and you’ll recover completely in a couple of days.

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Take Away

Kidney stones are, no doubt, very discomforting. But at the same time, they are curable as well. So if you are dealing with the troubles of kidney stones, no need to endure the pain any longer. 

Book your appointment online and consult a specialist doctor. If you have any doubts, get your queries cleared and then undergo the surgical treatment. And after the surgery, make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This will save you from any problems or complications later on.

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