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What is Infertility?

In the simplest definition, infertility is the condition of not being able to get pregnant or conceive after having unprotected sex for one year or longer. To get pregnant, the woman’s body must release an egg from her ovaries and the man must produce healthy sperm that can fertilise the eggs. The fertilized egg must then travel through the fallopian tube towards the uterus. But due to any reproductive health issue, if a couple is unable to bear a child, they are considered to be infertile. Infertility can be of two types – primary and secondary. If the couple has not yet conceived or achieved pregnancy even once, the condition is known as primary infertility. If the couple has once achieved pregnancy but failed to conceive again, the condition is known as secondary infertility.

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What are the signs of infertility in women?

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Why should I choose Pristyn Care fertility clinic in Delhi?

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Pristyn Care – The Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi

Pristyn Care provides the most plausible fertility treatment in Delhi to all couples who are trying to have a baby for almost a year. We have state-of-the-art facilities and world-class treatments that are proven to be effective in treating infertility issues.

If you have been trying and failing to get pregnant for more than a year now, it is time that you seek the highest quality medical care with Pristyn Care. Our fertility clinic in Delhi offers the best treatments to bring happiness in the life of couples.

Advanced Fertility Solutions for Both Male & Female

At Pristyn Care, you get solutions for both male and female infertility problems. Our fertility specialists employ the advanced fertility treatment methods based on assisted reproductive technology to help people fulfill their dreams of parenthood. We treat both male and female infertility by leveraging the advanced technology and surgical procedures. We emphasize on two treatment methods primarily:

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. It is a series of procedures that are carried out in a sequential manner to assist the couple with the conception of child. The steps involved in IVF are stimulation, egg retrieval, egg fertilization, embryo implantation, and successful conception. Couples often have to undergo multiple cycles of IVF before getting pregnant.

IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. In this treatment method, Pristyn Care specialists opt for sperm selection and sperm washing techniques and place the healthy sperm inside the uterus so that natural fertilization can take place. This process is more natural for couples than IVF and it is also less time consuming.

Pristyn Care doctors monitor the female and male reproductive health closely during the treatment to maximize the chances of success. You can contact Pristyn Care fertility clinic in Delhi and find out what fertility treatment is most suitable for you.

Pristyn Care Fertility Specialists- Delivering Hopes for Childless Couples

Every couple who has been dealing with infertility issues often need emotional support during the treatment. Having an understanding doctor can make them feel relaxed and reduce their stress and worries. Pristyn Care has a team of fertility specialists who recognize this problem and connect with the patients to help then go through this overwhelming cycle. Our specialists will explain the entire procedure and guide you properly to help you overcome the emotional obstacles and be in a calm state of mind that would benefit your reproductive health too.

Many patients often need counselors during fertility treatment. But Pristyn Care doctors provide such a safe and sound environment to the patients where they can focus on the good aspects of the treatment and fulfill their dream of bringing a child into their world.

Book an Appointment with Pristyn Care Fertility Clinic in Delhi

If you are seeking fertility treatment in Delhi, get in touch with Pristyn Care and consult with the specialists. You can book an appointment with our specialists by calling us directly. Our medical coordinators will help you get in touch with Pristyn Care fertility specialists and be available 24/7 for assistance. The IVF and IUI treatment methods that are usually employed by our specialists requires multiple visits to the clinic and lab. They will stay in touch with you during your visits and guide you properly to ensure that you don’t miss your appointments and follow the treatment plan carefully.

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