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About Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginal Tightening Surgery, as the name suggests, refers to a cosmetic procedure that tightens the vaginal wall which eventually offers a great level of satisfaction, restoring youthfulness. During vaginal childbirth, when the baby comes out of the birth canal, the muscles, ligaments, and fascia within the birth canal stretch the vagina causing laxity and discomfort. As you grow, your vagina starts losing its elasticity and collagen fibers becomes fatigued. The loose vagina may lead to decreased friction during intercourse leading to a reduction in sexual gratification.

Confidential Consultation

Confidential Consultation

Female Gynecologists

Female Gynecologists

Expert Consultation

Expert Consultation

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No-cost EMI

Best Clinics for Laser Vaginal Tightening in Delhi

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Benefits of Vaginal Tightening
  • Better control over urinary bladder and pelvic muscles
  • Reduced vaginal looseness and increased sensation
  • Solves dryness, foul smell, and incessant itching in the vaginal area
  • Restores vaginal suppleness and unifies the texture of the skin
  • Increased chances of satisfaction during sexual intercourse
Why choose Laser Method for Vaginal Tightening Surgery?
  • Minimal to no cuts
  • Minimal to no stitches
  • Simple & Safe
  • Less than 20 minutes procedure
  • No downtime required
Importance of early decision
  • Better quality of life
  • Better personal hygiene
  • Improved sexual life
Why Pristyn Care for Laser Vaginal Tightening in Delhi?
  • Experienced OBGYN (over 15+ years experience)
  • Advanced and USFDA approved technology
  • 100% Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Option to pay for each LVT session individually
  • Zero Cost EMI option
  • Free Transportation on the day of the procedure
  • Free follow-up post-procedure
Doctor-performing-Laser Vaginal Tightening-surgery-in-Delhi



The gynecologist will physically examine the patient to check the extent or severity of the condition. The number of sessions is then confirmed by the gynecologist.


A gynecologist does a thorough pelvic exam and then begins the treatment. The treatment is performed using Femilift CO2 Laser. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. This involves inserting a fractional CO2 laser probe, about four to six centimeters into the vagina. The laser beam penetrates about 0.5 millimeters into the vaginal wall, allowing maximum stimulation of proteins. Being an intimate area, proper care is taken for hygiene. A separate probe is used for every woman. This treatment ensures overall vaginal improvement and a huge level of satisfaction.

The process is not at all painful—patients only feel a little pressure—and the procedure is over in less than 10 minutes (it can be performed during lunch break so no need to spare extra time). It’s generally recommended that women get the procedure three times, with each session spaced four to six weeks apart.

Why Pristyn Care for Laser Vaginal Tightening?

Confidential Consultation. No Visible Scars. 20 Mins Procedure


Confidential Consultation

We ensure 100% confidentiality of the patients throughout the treatment process. All the treatment details and documentation are kept secure, and no information, under any circumstance, is leaked to an outside party.


Highly Expert Female Gynecologists

Our team consists of the top gynecologists in India with extensive experience in performing laser vaginal tightening and ensuring the patient faces minimal discomfort in the process.


No-Cost EMI Treatment

To help patients manage the expense of laser vaginal tightening, we provide No-Cost EMI offers. By availing of these offers, patients can pay for their vaginal tightening surgery in convenient and affordable monthly installments.


Post Surgery Care

We offer FREE follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vaginal tightening a surgical procedure?

Vaginal Tightening can be done via laser treatment as well as through the traditional surgical method. The laser procedure doesn’t cause much discomfort and it is completed within 30 minutes. Also, the patient is recovered within 2-3 days.

Does laser vaginal tightening involve cuts and stitches?

In genera;, the laser procedure of vaginal tightening does not involve cuts and stitches. The laser procedure of VT is minimally invasive, the laser energy is sufficient to boost the collagen and tighten the walls of the vagina. You can call Pristyn Care to get in touch with one of our experienced gynecologists for any queries regarding laser vaginal tightening.

For how many days I need to get bed rest after a vaginal tightening procedure?

Vaginal tightening at Pristyn Care is carried out as a daycare/outpatient procedure. There is no need for bed rest, the patient can resume their normal routine activities within a few hours after the procedure. There are only a few simple instructions given by the doctor to follow after vaginal tightening procedures that do not disrupt their daily life.

Who should consider Laser Vaginal Tightening?

While Laser Vaginal Tightening is particularly popular for vaginal tightening in women post-pregnancy or in their late ‘20s-’30s, the procedure is equally good for any woman who might feel

  • Vaginal looseness
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Itching in or around the vulvar region
  • Involuntary urine leakage
  • Frequent urinary infections
  • Foul smell around the vaginal region

In case you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we suggest you consult a gynecologist immediately. To look through our list of operating gynecologists in Delhi or book a direct appointment, please call us directly.

Can laser vaginal tightening treat urinary leakage?

Yes, laser vaginal tightening does not only tighten your vaginal walls but also tones your pelvic muscles and increases their strength and control, thereby solving urinal leakage.

Which doctor performs laser vaginal tightening?

Both gynecologists and plastic surgeons are medically trained to help you with laser vaginal tightening. However, Ob-GYNs trained in cosmetic gynecology are the most ideal choice.

What are the ideal qualifications of a doctor performing laser vaginal tightening?

Ideally, the doctor performing laser vaginal tightening should have at least one or more of the following qualifications:

  • MBBS
  • DGO
  • DNB/MS- General Surgery
  • MS-Gynecology
  • MS- Obstetrics
  • MS-Plastic Surgery
  • Masters Course in Cosmetic Gynecology (MCCG)
  • Diploma course in Cosmetic Gynecology (DCCG)
  • Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynecology (FCG)

What is the best time to schedule my laser vaginal tightening session?

The best time to schedule your LVT session is 2 days after your last menstrual cycle.

Can laser burn my vaginal skin?

No. The laser can not burn your vaginal skin. The heat generated during the procedure is extremely low and adjustable. Your doctor continues the treatment only after a patch test and all the temperature recordings are electronically maintained for the next visit.

Does Laser Vaginal Tightening affect my ability to be pregnant?

No. Laser Vaginal tightening does not affect your ability to be pregnant. The laser probe remains much below the cervix, while the organs affecting a woman’s fertility lie much above it. This is why, when performed under expert guidance, laser vaginal tightening is extremely safe and risk-free.

How many sessions does laser vaginal tightening require?

The number of laser vaginal tightening sessions you require depends directly on the extent of your vaginal looseness. Therefore, depending on the exact severity of your condition you might only need only 1-2 sessions, or extend to 3-5 sessions.

What is an ideal gap between two vaginal tightening sessions?

Doctors suggest you keep a gap of at least 15-20 days between two LVT sessions.

Is laser vaginal tightening permanent?

No, not exactly. Laser vaginal tightening is not a permanent but a long term solution. Typically, it lasts for a minimum of 7-8 years. And as for permanence, no vaginal tightening treatment is a permanent treatment. Just as you age and all your other organs experience some natural changes/lose their tenacity, so will your vagina. This is only natural and rational. However, if you would like, you can take the same procedure again.

When do the laser vaginal tightening sessions start showing results?

Laser vaginal tightening sessions start showing results right from the first session. However, the complete effect and changes may be experienced only after the completion of the last prescribed session.

I just delivered my baby 2 months back. Can I get laser vaginal tightening?

Yes, you can! But doctors suggest you wait for a minimum of 3 months post-delivery before you go for any vaginal tightening procedures.

I am 34 years old. Can I get laser vaginal tightening?

Yes, you can! Elder age is not a restraining factor on vaginal tightening. As long as you are 18+ and your doctor finds you medically fit to undergo the treatment, you can avail it.

When can I have sex after laser vaginal tightening?

Doctors suggest you wait for at least two days before resuming your sexual life after Laser Vaginal Tightening.

I have had laser vaginal tightening a few years before. Can I get it again?

Yes, you can! Laser vaginal treatment can be opted more than once.

Does laser vaginal tightening give a virginity effect?

No, Laser Vaginal Tightening is a procedure focussed on making your vagina tighter and pelvic muscles more toned. This is why it helps you attain a more youthful effect. But, if by virginity you are looking for the reconstruction of hymen/ bleeding during sexual intercourse, then no, it does not do that. The surgery that reconstructs the hymen membrane is called hymenoplasty.

I am getting married in 2 months. When should I get laser vaginal tightening?

The sooner, the better! The underlying principle is that the surgery does not reduce its effectiveness with time unless penetrated physically. Therefore, it is best you consult your doctor the earliest and schedule the surgery the soonest you can so you could live more stress-free and avoid all last minute complications.

Are there any precautions I should take after laser vaginal tightening?

No, not really! The only precaution you need to take is that, do not engage in any sexual activity for the next two days. Then, you may resume as you like. Also, as usual, maintain good intimate hygiene and stay hydrated.

Get Most Advanced Vaginal Tightening Treatment in Delhi

Vaginal dryness and loosening is a common consequence associated with aging. For some women, this can be a purely cosmetic issue, while for others, vaginal loosening may lead to troublesome conditions like pain, itching, odor, and problems during sex. Whatever the situation may be, such women can undergo advanced laser vaginal tightening treatment.

Modern laser vaginal tightening procedure is available at Pristyn Care in Delhi. The procedure restores the laxity and youthfulness of the vaginal muscles in just 4-6 sessions, depending upon the severity of the condition. Each session takes around 20 minutes to complete and the woman can then return home. The vaginal tightening treatment enables the woman to say goodbye to any unnecessary stress and restores her self-confidence. And rest assured, the consultation at Pristyn Care is 100% confidential.

What is the Need for Vaginal Tightening?

Loosening of the vaginal muscles is a common issue that women face post delivery or during their menopause phase. Vaginal tightening treatment is a viable option in such cases where the woman wants to undergo cosmetic surgery for vaginal issues associated with aging. Apart from cosmetic reasons, vaginal tightening can also be performed as a treatment procedure for issues like urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, itchiness, recurrent infection, vaginal pain and dyspareunia (pain during sex). These issues can be quite discomforting and can also adversely affect the woman’s personal relationships.

Leaving vaginal loosening symptoms unattended can lead to severe consequences like vaginal prolapse (the sliding of the vagina from its original position). Therefore, to prevent such a condition, it becomes very important to seek proper tightening treatment if you notice the symptoms of vaginal dryness or loosening. So if you relate to any of these symptoms, do not delay any further. Book your appointment and get in touch with a Pristyn Care gynecologist near you.

Highly Experienced Vaginal Tightening Doctors In Delhi

Pristyn Care is proud to work in association with the best gynecologists in Delhi. All Pristyn Care gynecologists are experts in their respective fields and have an unparalleled track record of successful treatments. Our gynecologists have years of experience in performing vaginal tightening without any complications. Also, during the entire journey from consultation to the completion of the procedure, our doctors ensure complete confidentiality for the patient.

Why Laser Vaginal Tightening Is A Better Option?

The laser vaginal tightening treatment is a technologically advanced procedure that restores the laxity of the vaginal muscles in the safest and most convenient manner. The advanced laser-assisted procedure offers the following benefits:

  • No scars are left behind after the surgery
  • Quick procedure – Each session takes 20 minutes to complete
  • Outpatient procedure – No hospital stay required
  • Faster recovery and no complications

Why Take Vaginal Tightening Treatment From Pristyn Care?

At Pristyn Care, we prioritize providing the best-in-class treatment to all our patients. And strive to do so in a way that is pocket friendly for the patient.

Following are the benefits of choosing Pristyn Care for laser vaginal tightening in Delhi:

  • The advanced laser procedure of vaginal tightening is performed by extremely skilled and experienced gynecologists and thus is completely safe.
  • We provide free transportation to and from the treatment center on the day of the vaginal tightening procedure.
  • The consultation with a Pristyn Care gynecologist is totally confidential.
  • Pristyn Care offers free follow-up consultations.

What is better- laser vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty?

Both laser vaginal tightening and vaginoplasty are great solutions to tighten a loosened vagina. However, what is particularly better for you depends on your specific needs and the severity of your laxity. Typically, laser vaginal tightening is a great, quick, and bladeless solution for women whose laxity is only mild-moderate. However, in cases of extreme vaginal laxity or pelvic organ prolapse, vaginoplasty may come across as a better treatment.

Some other key points that might help you choose your treatment options right are:

  • Laser vaginal Tightening is done through laser, while vaginoplasty is done through a surgical procedure.
  • Laser Vaginal Tightening is bladeless procedure, whereas vaginoplasty includes stitches and hence is performed under anesthesia.
  • Laser Vaginal Tightening requires more than 1 sitting, that is- 1-2 or 3-4, depending on the severity of your vaginal laxity. Whereas vaginoplasty is a one-time procedure under the 60-minute procedure.
  • Laser Vaginal Tightening requires sexual abstinence of just 2-3 days, whereas vaginoplasty mandates that you do not have sex for at least the next 1-1.5 months.
  • Laser Vaginal Tightening has no downtime. You can join work right after. Whereas vaginoplasty needs a recovery time of at least 2 weeks.

How to prepare for laser vaginal tightening?

  • Choose the right doctor: While cosmetic vaginal surgeries can be done by both- gynecologists and plastic surgeons, it is best you do a thorough read on your health, discomfort, needs, and expectations. Based on the same, choose a doctor that best suits your needs. Typically, an Ob-gynecologist trained in cosmetic gynecology is the safest choice
  • Carry medical records: Go prepared with your prior medical records and a list of your current medications and supplements (if any). This would help your doctor understand you and your health in the exact specifications and recommend the best treatment.
  • Keep a track: Keep a detailed track of your period cycle and go prepared on your last 3-4 menstrual dates and days of periods. This would help you plan the right time for the treatment.
  • Know your rights: You do not need approval from your partner/ parent in case of cosmetic surgeries. Your own written consent is enough as long as you are above 18 years of age. However, we encourage you to discuss your needs and expectations thoroughly. This would help you make a better and informed decision.
  • Carry age-proof: As an eligibility criterion, you are required to be at least 18+ years of age before undergoing a cosmetic procedure. So it is best you carry your age proof along.

Care Tips after laser vaginal tightening:

A general recovery guideline for care after laser vaginal tightening includes:

  • As you clean your vaginal site, do not wipe, only gently pat dry, and keep the surgical site free of moisture.
  • As you bleed/ menstruate, use only soft sanitary pads. Do not use tampons/ anything penetrative in nature.
  • Wait for at least 2 days before resuming your sexual life.
  • Drink a lot of water. Keep yourself hydrated. It would help you heal.
  • Eat meals with high fiber content. It will help make your bowel movements easier.
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    Radhika Singh


    Very good experience overall. The hospital I was provided for the procedure was very clean and well kept. I was very nervous before the surgery but the consultants at Pristyn Care in Delhi assured me of my safety. Very professional team and doctors.

    City : DELHI
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    Kriti Dagar


    I had a vaginal tightening procedure through Pristyn Care in Delhi. It was overall a very good experience and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Ithishree Gupta is a professional surgeon with almost a decade of experience. Huge thanks to everyone involved.

    City : DELHI

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