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About Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is a surgical procedure advised for patients who desire to change the breast's shape and size or fix any breast-related issues. Every individual’s purpose of undergoing breast surgery may differ from another. Some go for cosmetic breast surgeries such as breast lift surgery, breast augmentation surgery, or breast reduction surgery. In comparison, others go for breast surgery to cure medical issues like inverted nipples, pain in breasts, lumps in the breasts, or breast cysts. Contact Pristyn Care in Mumbai to consult plastic surgeons for advanced breast surgery.



Why advanced breast surgery?

- Minimally invasive procedure - A faster recovery duration - Fewer chances of risks - Minimal bleeding - Resume work within one week - Daycare procedure

Benefits of breast surgery

- Improved aesthetic appearance - Symmetrical breasts - Enhanced confidence - Wear desired clothing - Uniform breast shape - Long-lasting results

Types of Breast Surgery

- Mammoplasty or breast augmentation surgery - Lumpectomy or breast lumps removal surgery - Mastopexy or breast lift surgery - Mammaplasty or breast reduction surgery

Why Pristyn Care?

- USFDA approved technique for breast augmentation treatment - Zero-cost EMI - 100% confidentiality and privacy - Flexible payment options


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I consult for breast surgery in Mumbai?

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What is the cost of breast surgery in Mumbai?

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What factors can affect the final cost of breast surgery in Mumbai?

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Which is the best clinic for breast surgery in Mumbai?

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What are the common signs of consulting a doctor?

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What are the diagnostic tests recommended by plastic surgeons for breast surgery?

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What questions can you ask the plastic surgeon about breast surgery?

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Is there permanent scarring after breast surgery?

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What is the success rate of breast surgery?

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Is breast surgery a major surgery?

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Recovery Tips Post Breast Surgery

According to the reports, the patients who have undergone breast surgery generally resume normal activities within a week. However, the complete recovery may take six to eight weeks. The plastic surgeon will prescribe medication to reduce the discomfort post breast surgery and may advise some tips for healthy recovery:

– Do not remove the bandage on your own to avoid the chances of complications
– Avoid swimming for at least four weeks after breast surgery
– Take the prescribed medication on time to support healing
– Avoid sleeping on your stomach after breast surgery in order to eliminate the chances of risks
– Eat a fiber-rich diet to maintain healthy bowel movements
– Take a bath or shower as guided by your surgeon
– Keep your surgical site clean and dry to avoid any infection after surgery
– Visit your plastic surgeon, in case you experience any odd signs during your recovery duration.

Pristyn Care Partnered Hospitals in Mumbai

Pristyn Care has partnered with reputed hospitals in Mumbai to make modern breast surgery accessible to patients. The hospitals are well infrastructured with state-of-the-art medical facilities to make the treatment journey of the patient as smooth as possible. Each hospital’s staff is well trained in sanitizing the consultation rooms, operation theaters, or diagnostic rooms after every appointment to ensure the safety of patients. You can schedule your visit anytime as the uplifted safety measures make hospitals COVID-19 safe. Some of the Pristyn Care partnered hospitals in Mumbai are:

– Shantiniketan Hospital
– Apex Multispeciality Hospital
– Parakh Hospital
– Lifecare Hospital
– Kapadia Hospital
– Fortune Plus Hospital
– Nipun Hospital
– Apex Muland Hospital
– Tandon Hospital
– Manavta Hospital

Are there any risks involved in breast surgery?

Advanced breast surgery is performed with the help of evolved medical technology, which results in fewer chances of risks and faster recovery duration. However, like any other surgery, breast surgery also includes potential risks such as:

– Pain in the breast
– Recurrence of lumps
– Leakage of breast implants
– Infection
– Scarring
– Decreased sensation around the nipple area
– Swelling
– Poor reaction to anesthesia
– Bleeding
– The difference in shape and size of breasts

Choose Pristyn Care for breast surgery in Mumbai

Patients who are planning to undergo breast surgery get significant advantages in choosing Pristyn Care in Mumbai as compared to other healthcare providers:

– We offer end-to-end assistance to all the patients by associating them with a personal medical coordinator who stays connected from the first call till the last call of the treatment.
– We send a dedicated care buddy with each patient on the day of breast surgery to manage all the paperwork concerning the hospitalization until discharge.
– We provide multiple payment modes such as cash, visa cards, master cards, debit cards, credit cards, and zero-cost EMI to decrease the burden of medical finances for the patient who is undergoing breast surgery.
– We offer a free follow-up consultation to each patient who has undergone breast surgery to support the recovery duration.
– We ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy to each patient in order to make the treatment journey as comfortable as possible.

Consult an experienced plastic surgeon in Mumbai at Pristyn Care

There are three easy ways to book an appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon for breast surgery at Pristyn Care in Mumbai

– Speak to our medical coordinator directly by calling the number mentioned on the website. Our medical coordinator will provide you with complete assistance regarding advanced breast surgery at Pristyn care.

– Or, fill out the form given on the website with all the necessary details of the patient. Our medical coordinator will call you at the earliest and answer your queries about breast surgery in Mumbai. The medical coordinator will also help you in booking an appointment with the best available plastic surgeon nearby your locality to make it more feasible for you.

– You can also download the Pristyn Care mobile application to book an online consultation at your convenience while choosing the experienced plastic surgeon according to your choice. The mobile application includes profiles of all the cosmetic surgeons along with their experience records. Feel free to schedule any available slot to speak to our plastic surgeon directly without stepping out of your home.

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