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About Laser Vaginal Bleaching

Laser Vaginal bleaching is the process of lightening hyperpigmentation in the skin around the vaginal area and the inner thighs using fractional Laser energy. Hyper-pigmentation is a harmless skin condition where some patches of skin turn darker than the normal complexion of a person. This darkening is usually due to excessive melanin in the skin. They are usually confined to tiny patches or spread across larger parts and feel a little different than normal skin.

Discoloration in and around the vagina, often makes it difficult to get intimate with the partner or women find themselves restricted from the lingerie or swimwear that they would like to wear. Forget about using messy creams as your clothing and sheets are more porous than your skin. Majority of those creams end up all over your clothing and bedding reducing their effectiveness.




Boost of self esteem. Better sexual life

Hiding pigment.

Immediate effect with long-lasting result

Little to no downtime from regular daily activities

Unifying the colour tone of the skin

Why Painless Treatment?

No cuts & No stitches

Painless procedure

30-40 Min Procedure

Don’t Delay Laser Treatment

Beautify your intimate areas

Gain aesthetic beauty

Even toned and supple skin of the vaginal area

Why Pristyn Care?

Immediate effect and a long-lasting result

Will not interrupt the regular daily activities

Restores vaginal suppleness

Unifies and brightens the texture of the skin



The gynecologist will physically examine the patient to check the extent or severity of the condition. The number of sessions are then confirmed by the gynecologist.


The gynecologist will physically examine the patient to check the extent or severity of the condition. The number of sessions are then confirmed by the gynecologist.

Laser Vaginal Bleaching aims to remove darker-colored tissues in the vaginal area including thighs. The technique involves the direction of minute intense pulses of CO2 laser into the skin with the purpose of producing little, micro-sized injuries in the skin to encourage healing by producing collagen and leaving the skin as smooth as glass. Through the laser usage, the removal of the melanin layer present in the sensitive area becomes possible, and thus it provides the desired look you can’t achieve with creams.

However, the skin does not turn light pink from dark pink in one night. First, our experienced gynecologists perform a physical examination to determine the intensity of the pigmentation. Accordingly, the exact number of sessions required is determined. Changes are noticeable right after the first session, although desired results will be achieved after some sessions.

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Diet and instructions

  • No sexual intercourse for 3 days after each session
  • Avoid using scented soaps for cleaning genital area as they can irritate the genitals
  • Avoid douching
  • Do not insert tampon or anything inside the vagina for 3-4 days after each session

Pain-free Laser Vaginal Bleach treatment in Delhi

The reproductive system and organs of a female are very sensitive. The intimate parts of the female remain enclosed in tight clothes almost all throughout the day. This leads to many complications and disorders related to the vagina and the intimate area. Darkness and discoloration of the vaginal area is a common complaint by most women in Delhi.

With the laser treatment for Vaginal Bleach at Pristyn Care, you can now give firmness and beautify your vaginal area in just 20 minutes! Get in touch with Pristyn Care and consult an expert for the laser treatment for you. Visit the Pristyn Care clinic in Delhi and give a new texture and stiffness to your vaginal area. Our clinics are located in several areas across Delhi. Check out and visit the nearest clinic near you!

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