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Laparoscopy is the World's best technique for Hernia treatment.
Pristyn Care is India's best medical institute to cure Hernia with Laparoscopy.

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What is Hernia?

An abdominal wall is made of the various layers. sometimes, the weak spot may force the internal contents outside to herniate. So when an organ or fatty tissue pushes through an abnormal opening in the abdominal muscles it is called hernia. A hernia or bulging can occur in the upper thigh, belly button, groin areas.

What are the Common Types of Hernia?

Hernia can be of different kinds depending upon the area of occurrence.:

An inguinal hernia:- Men can be seen suffering through an inguinal Hernia due to the natural weakness in the personal part. It happens due to the partial or improper opening of the canal at the time of birth which leaves the area weakened causing a hernia. It occurs in Inner Groin when a bladder/ intestine expands through the abdominal wall/ inguinal canal or bowel extracts through lower abdomen into the groin. 80% hernia problems are related to inguinal only.

Abdominal Wall Hernia:-

3d mesh hernia surgery gurgaon south delhi
  1. Ventral:- the phrase is used for abdominal wall related hernias, not for the groin
  2. An umbilical Hernia:- It occurs in belly button when part of small bowel pushes through the abdominal wall close to navel or belly button. It commonly affects newborn babies or the women who are having many children or are obese.
  3. An epigastric Hernia:- It occurs when organs or fatty tissue extracts through abdomen between the belly button and breastbone. It happens to infants because of abdominal wall weakness. Although this can be evident in later life (adult life) when bulge becomes visible in the upper abdomen.
  4. Spigelian: It occurs when intestine pushed through outside edges of rectus abdomen muscle and it is rarely found. This can be recognized when pain occurred or bowel is stuck in it.
  5. Flank/ Back: Petit or Grynfeitt come under this kind of a hernia.

An incisional Hernia: It occurs to the people who have gone through abdominal surgery before or who were inactive after the surgery. It happens when tissue pushes through the surgical injury/scar which was not healed completely. This commonly happens to overweight & aged people.

Diastasis Recti:- It is different from an epigastric hernia. it results from the weakness in the membrane where two rectus abdominis muscles from the right and left come together and creates a bulge in the midline.

Causes of Hernia:

The risk factors involved in the Hernia are:-

  • Genetics factors when a hernia runs in the family due to underlying tissue problems.
  • Men are assumed to have the high risk of a hernia as compare to the women due to natural weakness in the inner groin. Men may suffer from an inguinal hernia, the rate of which is higher as compared to another hernia.
  • Chronic Constipation is one of the common reason for hernia , putting strain while making bowel movements which eventually lead to bulging in the abdominal walls. Unhealthy diets can be the subsequent reason thereof.
  • People having excess fat or obese people may find the problem of having a hernia
  • People lifting heavy weight, having the problem of coughing hard, or patients suffering bronchitis, asthma, COPD, acid reflux, postnasal drips may also face the herniation problem.
  • People consuming tobacco or smoking may have the problem of a hernia in the future as the habit may affect the blood flow in the small vessels.
  • Pregnant women going through the labor pain may have the complaints of bulge due to more pressure.
  • Sleep Apnea factors such as poor oxygenation, unhealthy tissues, snoring pressures increase the risk of a hernia.
  • Frequent Urination or incomplete bladder (Enlarged Prostate), Straining while urinating (prolapsed bladder or cystocele) may result in pressure and hernia thereof.
  • People who have gone through the surgeries in the past may have the problems of infection, unhealed wound, due to the incision. Steroids, Immunosuppression or Chemotherapy, Ascites, Diabetes are the problems which are responsible for weakening the nerve system.

Advantages of Laparoscopy Treatment over the Traditional Surgical Procedure

Laparoscopic Surgery Open Surgery
Minimally invasive Invasive
Does not require a large incision Requires large single incision (generally 2 to 4 inches)
Recovery is faster Recovery is slow and painful
Minimizes the risk of recurrence High Risk of recurrence
Lesser and dissolvable Stitches Lots of stitches

Hernia Treatments Techniques:

Hernia problem has been increasing but very few are aware of the same. At Pristyn care Laser Clinic, we are able to offer effective Hernia Treatments with the help of laparoscopic Surgeries which is the most effective. Before going through the hard surgical procedures, patients are always advised to consult the doctor and to have the diagnostic tests so as to understand the whole problem.

Modern techniques have enabled us to treat the patients through innovative ways. As compared to open surgery, laparoscopic surgery is preferred and recommended.

hernia treatment gurgaon south delhi
  • Open Hernia Surgery:- It is known as the traditional way of operating the patients with the help of suturing. It can be more painful and may take a long time to heal the surgical wounds.
  • Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery: This is done using the 3D BARD Mesh in inguinal hernia cases . Mesh repair surgery is treated as the best surgery as per the medical standards due to the following advantages:-
    • It is done under general anesthesia
    • It involves less risk comparatively
    • It takes less time to recover so patients can go back to normal activity very soon
    • It is Day Care Surgery that means the patient can go home same day
    • No repeated visits to the doctor or daily dressings
    • Relatively less painful as no big cuts
    • Anatomically curved mesh placement.
  • We at our center do “3D Hernia Mesh Repair” using BARD mesh. It is popular because of the following features or advantages:-
    • Three Dimensional
    • Anatomically Curved Shaped
    • Sealed Edge Mesh

People may have fear of risk or infection so it should be treated by the experienced professional. Pristyn Care Laser Clinic has been offering laparoscopic Hernia surgery through advanced tools and techniques. Take an appointment first and get resolved your all health-related queries.

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