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USFDA Approved Procedures

USFDA Approved Procedures

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

Insurance Paperwork Support

Insurance Paperwork Support

1 Day Procedure

1 Day Procedure

About ICL Surgery

Also referred to as Phakic IOLs, ICL is a micro-thin lens implant placed over the eye's natural lens to correct refractive power. The function of ICL is very similar to normal contact lenses. The difference between them is that a normal contact lens is worn over the eye, and an ICL is placed inside the eye over the natural eye lens.

The ICL is placed inside the eye surgically and can be used to correct cylindrical and spherical power in a better way. It provides high-definition vision correction without any side effects that are generally seen in other refractive surgeries. Book your free consultation with Pristyn Care and talk to an eye specialist to learn more about the treatment.


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Good candidate for ICL
  • The age of the candidate must be 18 years or older.
  • The refractive power of the candidate must be stable for 2 years at least.
  • The eyes must be healthy overall.
  • The candidate must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.
Benefits of ICL Treatment
  • No risk of dry eyes
  • High definition vision
  • UV protection feature is inbuilt into ICL
  • The preferred choice for people with thin corneas
  • Quick and safe procedure with faster recovery
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Before recommending ICL surgery to a patient, the doctor performs a thorough eye exam. The exam includes evaluating the anterior chamber depth, keratometric measurements, and other metrics essential for ICL. The doctor proceeds with the treatment only after ensuring that the procedure is safe for the patient.

The surgery is carried out in the following steps-

  • The patient is given a sedative to help him/her relax and anesthesia to numb the eyes.
  • The eye is cleaned, and a lid speculum is placed in the eye to keep it open.
  • A small incision is made in the eye, and lubricant is applied to protect the cornea.
  • The ICL is inserted into the eye through the incision. As the lens is foldable, it is easier to insert it without expanding the incision.
  • The lubricant is removed and depending on the size of the incision, stitches might be placed.
  • Eye drops or ointment are placed in the eye and are covered with a patch or eye shield.
  • The same steps are repeated on the other eye.

The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes for both eyes, and the patient can go home on the same day.

Why choose Pristyn Care?

Consult the Best Ophthalmologist Near you


Advanced ICL/IPCL Technology

At Pristyn Care, we use the latest implantable collamer lens and implantable phakic intraocular lens to address refractive error in the best way possible.


Experienced Eye Surgeons

Our eye specialists are well-trained in performing ICL/IPCL surgery and have 10+ years of experience in carrying out the procedure with a success rate higher than 95%.


Post-Op Care

Pristyn Care provides a recovery guide and multiple post-surgery consultations without additional charges. Our care coordinators will stay in touch to ensure that you have a smooth recovery.


Cost-Effective Treatment

We provide free services that reduce the expense of the treatment at the patient’s end and offer No-Cost EMI service to divide the cost into smaller and easily payable monthly installments.

Frequently Asked Questions about ICL Surgery

Can I pay for ICL surgery with insurance?

Generally, refractive surgeries and vision correction surgeries, like ICL and LASIK, are not covered by health insurance. However, if the patient’s refractive power is equal to or higher than 7.5 D, the insurance may cover the cost of treatment. It is advised to talk to the health insurance provider.

Is ICL surgery safe?

Yes, ICL surgery is a safe procedure. Surgeons usually consider all the risks and complications that can arise during or after the procedure. Thus, necessary steps are taken to mitigate most of the risks and to make the surgery safe for the patient.

Is ICL and IOL surgery the same?

Technically, yes, IOL and ICL are the same. Phakic intraocular lenses (IOLs) are commonly known as implantable contact/collamer lenses (ICLs). There are different types of IOLs, and people often mistake the term IOL to be only used for cataract treatment. However, the lens used in cataract surgery is pseudophakic IOLs, whereas, for myopia treatment, phakic IOLs are used.

Safe & Effective ICL Surgery in Manesar for Vision Correction

If you wear corrective lenses or glasses and wish to get rid of them, there are several options you can choose from. Normally, LASIK is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind for specs removal. However, there are people who are not suitable candidates for LASIK. If so, ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens is the best choice.

ICL surgery can give you the freedom to live a life that is not restricted by spectacles or contact lenses. Get in touch with Pristyn Care and undergo ICL surgery in Manesar at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Pristyn Care for ICL Surgery in Manesar?

Being a leading healthcare service provider, Pristyn Care does its best to tend to the patient’s needs. We provide personalized care to each patient who comes to us seeking treatment for refractive errors. You can rely on our professional and passionate medical and non-medical staff to provide all-inclusive care to our patients. Our services include:

  • Top-grade hospitals and clinics in Manesar equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and modern technologies.
  • A team of highly experienced eye surgeons with specialization in ICL surgery.
  • Complete assistance for the patient throughout the treatment journey.
  • Assistance in insurance and hospital-related paperwork and other formalities.
  • Multiple payment options, such as cash, cheques, credit cards, debit cards, insurance, and finance service.
  • No-Cost EMI service to pay the treatment cost in easily payable monthly installments.
  • Handling the commute service on behalf of the patient on the day of surgery.
  • Follow-up appointments without any additional charges.
  • Free recovery guide and diet plan provided by our doctors.

At every step, one of our representatives will be present to take care of all your needs. We maintain a high standard and quality of medical care to ensure that the patient gets a hassle-free experience.

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