Treatment of various Urological diseases in children

We are the specialist of the gold standard for Paediatric Urology. Our team of doctors delivers personalized care according to the patients' medical needs. We ensure a seamless surgical experience for all our patients.

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What is Paediatric?

Pediatric urology is defined as a surgical subspecialty of medicine which deals with the disorders of children's genitals and urinary systems. Pediatric urologists basically provide care for both the boys and girls starting from birth to early adult age. The most common problems a Pediatric urologist encounters are related to the disorders of urination, reproductive organs, and testes, etc.


  • Why Pediatric Urologist?
  • Why Painless Treatment?
  • Don’t Delay Laser Treatment
  • Why Pristyn Care?
  • Hassle-free Insurance Approval

Why Pediatric Urologist?


Surgeons who can diagnose, treat children’s urinary and genital problems


Treat kids illness or disease of the genitals or urinary tract


Manage disorders of kidneys, ureters, bladder

Why Pediatric Urologist?

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  • Surgeons who can diagnose, treat children’s urinary and genital problems
  • Treat kids illness or disease of the genitals or urinary tract
  • Manage disorders of kidneys, ureters, bladder

Why Painless Treatment?

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  • No Pain | No Stitches | No Scars
  • 30 - 45 min Procedure
  • 24hr Hospitalization
  • Faster recovery with no pain

Don’t Delay Laser Treatment

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  • Get fast recovery treatment
  • Fewer chances of complication
  • Best healthcare experience

Why Pristyn Care?

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  • 30% off on diagnostic tests
  • Confidential consultation
  • Single deluxe room
  • Free follow-ups post-surgery
  • 100% insurance claim

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

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  • All Insurances covered
  • No upfront payment
  • No running behind insurance authorities
  • Paperwork by Pristyn team on your behalf

Common Disorders

Pediatric Urinary Tract Infections

Bed Wetting

Overactive Bladder

Asymptomatic Microscopic Hematuria

Hydroceles and Hernias


Commencement of blood in the urine.

Feeling of Pain during urination.

Feeling Pain in the lower abdomen.

Increased frequency of urination.

Weak or cautious urinary stream.



Pediatric urology entails the evaluation and treatment of various urological diseases occurring in children. The conditions can be:

PUJ obstruction

PUJ termed for “pelvic ureteric junction”. This is defined as the correlation between the renal pelvis and the ureter (i.e., the tube running from the kidney to the bladder). The kidneys are divided into two parts, the first one is the filtering part and the second one is the collecting part. The renal pelvis is the place where the urine collects, then drain down towards or to the ureter into the bladder. Sometimes the correlation between the renal pelvis and ureter is also tapered. This is known as pelvic ureteric junction obstruction (PUJ obstruction.)

Posterior urethral valve (PUV)

Posterior urethral valve (PUV) is defined as an obstructing membrane present in the posterior part of the male urethra which is the result of abnormal development in utero. It is the very common cause of bladder outlet obstruction found in the male newborn babies.

Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR)

Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) is defined as a condition in which the flow of urine runs in the backward direction from the bladder to one or both ureters and sometimes to the kidneys also. When the condition is left untreated this can cause drastic problems, like pyelonephritis and renal scarring diseases. VUR is a very common condition among infants and young children. Most of the children do not even have long-term problems from VUR.


Megaureter is also known as the dilated ureter which is caused by an abnormality of one or both of the ureters present in a child. Ureters are the two funnel-shaped tubes which carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.


Hypospadias is known as a birth defect (i.e., a congenital condition) in which the opening of the urethra is present on the underside of the penis instead of the tip.

Why Us ?

Advanced Technology
Patient Care

Advanced Technology

We at Pristyn Care provide the most advanced technologies like Laser & Laparoscopy to permanently cure diseases like Piles, Fissure, FIstula, Hernia, Gallbladder, etc. We assure you to bring your good time back


  • Painless procedure with no cuts
  • USFDA approved laser proceedings
  • All The Doctors are highly experienced
  • No recurrence


  • Within a day discharge
  • No cost EMI
  • Free post surgery follow ups
  • Free Pickup & Drop Facility for surgery

Patient Care

  • Hassle-free experience
  • Post surgery exercise and Diet plan
  • 24*7 personal coordinator
  • All insurances accepted

Advanced Medical Treatment

Pristyn Care offers reliable surgical procedures with laser-assisted and laparoscopic treatments to permanently cure diseases across Proctology Gynaecology, Urology, Vascular and ENT.

Insurance Support

Pristyn Care offers a hassle-free insurance claim. Our team does all the paperwork and you don't have to run after any insurance authorities to get your work done.


The high-quality surgical treatments and facilities offered by Pristyn Care are easy to afford compared to that of many other established corporate hospitals.

Patient Care

Taking care of our patients is our topmost priority. We ensure to provide a 'care-buddy' to each of our patients who responsibly assist them throughout their surgical journey.

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Frequently asked Questions

How do you treat a UTI in a child naturally?

For the treatment of a UTI without the help of antibiotics, people can opt for the following home remedies:

  • Urinate only when there is a need
  • Give lots of cranberry juice to drink.
  • Use of probiotics.
  • Drinking water regularly may help treat UTI faster.
  • Getting enough vitamin C.
  • Wiping of the genitals from front to back.

What is the first sign of bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer symptoms may include:

  • Commencement of Blood in the urine (i.e, hematuria)
  • Painful urination.
  • Pelvic pain

How do you know if you have a urine infection?

Urinary tract infections do not always cause signs and symptoms, but whenever they come they may include:

  • A strong, persistent urge to urinate.
  • A burning sensation when urinating.
  • Passing frequent, small amounts of urine.
  • Foul smelly, cloudy urine.

What is a Paediatric Urologist?

Paediatric urologist is the physician who has specialization in treating the children suffering from disorders related to genitourinary tracts like the kidneys, urinary bladder, adrenal glands, urethra, and the male and female reproductive organs. A Paediatric urologist has all the experience and qualifications which is required for treating the child in any way regarding the genitals problem as well as the problems related to the urinary system.


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The doctors and surgeons at Pristyn Care are capable of managing and treating the conditions under the purview of Pediatric Urology. A parent can bring their kids to the best and most patient-centric healthcare facilities in Delhi NCR. Pristyn Care is providing the most advanced procedures that are safe and minimally invasive. If you are looking for a pediatric urologist, then the best place in Delhi NCR is Pristyn Care Clinic. Our expert surgeons have experience in modern procedures and they will be done when the patient is under anesthesia.


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