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USFDA Approved Procedures

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless

Insurance Paperwork Support

1 Day Procedure

About Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery is the surgical treatment for afflictions regarding the vascular system. The vascular system, also called the circulatory system, comprises all the blood and lymph vessels in the body. When one or more of these vessels gets blocked due to any reason, the transfer of these substances also stops and affects the health of the individual. Minimally invasive vascular surgery involves a set of treatments such as laparoscopic and laser surgery that remove vascular obstructions and restore proper blood flow. Pristyn Care is associated with the best cardiovascular centers near you to provide safe and affordable vascular care to all our patients.

Best Vascular Surgery Clinis in Thiruvananthapuram

Vascular problems are increasing due to a sedentary lifestyle, food habits, smoking, hypertension, and diabetes. Our Vascular clinic in Delhi exists to treat patients with disorders of the arteries, veins, and lymphatics which is collectively known as the vascular system.

Patients with these vascular disorders usually consult vascular specialists. A Vascular doctor with a thorough understanding of such conditions is able to handle all the appropriate investigations and treatments, including lifestyle advice, drug therapy, and even surgery.

The pressure for change in the way vascular problems are delivered is driven by patient outcomes. Unnecessary deaths, strokes, and limb amputations are poor patient outcomes in vascular disease. These devastating outcomes are minimized by laser treatment at Pristyn Care by a vascular specialist in Thiruvananthapuram.

Pristyn Care Doctors provides advanced treatment for Vascular Diseases in Thiruvananthapuram

Varicose veins treatments in Thiruvananthapuram- Varicose veins are the most common vascular disorder affecting a large population. Because of poor blood circulation, the veins become enlarged, knotty, bulgy, twisted, and purple or blue in color. The treatment provided by vascular doctors at Pristyn Care in Thiruvananthapuram-

Pristyn Care has an in-house team of well-experienced doctors in Thiruvananthapuram to provide advanced treatments for vascular diseases. Advanced treatments are performed with evolved technology and are most effective compared to conventional methods to treat vascular disorders. The following are vascular diseases along with their advanced treatment provided by the best vascular doctors at Pristyn Care in Thiruvananthapuram-

  • Endovenous laser therapy ablation
  • Transilluminated power phlebectomy
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Vein litigation & stripping

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) treatments in Thiruvananthapuram- In this condition, the blood clots occur in the deep veins. Such blood clots typically form in the thighs, lower legs, or pelvis but also occur in different parts of the body. As a result, this can lead to pulmonary embolism(when a formed blood clot gets stuck in the lungs by traveling through the bloodstream). This is also considered one of the serious vascular problems. The advanced treatment for DVT provided at Prsityn Care in Thiruvananthapuram by experienced vascular doctors are-

  • Angioplasty & stenting
  • Thrombolysis
  • Thrombectomy
  • Placing a vena cava filter on the deep vein
  • Anticoagulant medication

Spider veins treatments in Thiruvananthapuram- The affected veins are very thin and dilated blood vessels. They are easily noticeable through the skin and typically appear in bluish purple color as a web-like structure. Spider veins are usually not harmful and do not cause any pain. The evolved and advanced treatments provided by doctors at Pristyn Care in Thiruvananthapuram are-

  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser therapy ablation

Varicocele treatment in Thiruvananthapuram- It is a common venous insufficiency disorder that occurs in males, mostly in adolescent age. During this disorder, the veins in the scrotum area become enlarged, twisted, and painful. At times, if the varicocele is left untreated, it can damage the spermatic cord, impacting the male’s fertility. The doctors at Pristyn Care in Thiruvananthapuram provide varicocelectomy treatment to treat the condition with the most effective and suitable technique.

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To get in touch with our doctors and to consult them, you need to book an appointment. While seeking treatment, you can walk into the clinics directly and wait inside to consult with the doctors. You can also opt for the better way and book an appointment prior to your arrival. To do this, use any of the following ways:

  • Call on the number given at the top and talk to our medical coordinators regarding the appointment.
  • Fill the appointment form and submit your details. Our representative will call you back shortly to confirm the appointment.
  • Download the Patient app and explore the list of doctors available in Delhi near you. Confirm the appointment directly with the doctor.
  • You can also choose whether to consult with the doctor online or offline at your convenience.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

I feel pain in my legs and calves randomly even during rest. Do I have a vascular disease?

The pain in legs and calves may or may not be a sign of vascular disease. The leg pain can be a symptom of vascular claudication in which the blood supply to the muscles reduces. Or it can be caused due to muscle strain, tendinitis, shin splints, or stress fractures too. The best thing to do is to consult your primary care doctor and get their opinion regarding the type of treatment you most likely need.

What are the key symptoms of vascular problems?

The most common symptoms that you are likely to have if you have a vascular problem involve:

  • Pale or bluish colored skin and veins
  • Wounds over the pressure joints, such as heels or ankles won’t heal
  • Legs will feel numb, heavy, or weak
  • The movements of legs will also be restricted
  • Burning or aching pain may be present even during rest
  • Spider veins or varicose veins in which the veins start to bulge out and swell

Are all vascular diseases life-threatening?

Vascular diseases range from various problems in the arteries to the veins and capillaries. Any problem in the vascular system can disrupt the blood flow throughout the body. When the tissues won’t get enough blood, it can lead to a condition called ischemia as well as other life-threatening conditions like heart attack, strokes, tissue death, etc.

Is surgery necessary for treatment of vascular diseases?

No. In many scenarios, vascular diseases can be controlled, managed, and treated through medications or non-surgical treatment methods. However, if the disease has reached the chronic stage, you’ll most likely need surgical treatment.

Where can I find the best doctor for vascular treatment in Thiruvananthapuram?

You can find the best vascular doctors in Thiruvananthapuram at Pristyn Care. We house the most experienced team of surgeons who are skilled in traditional as well as modern surgical procedures. They will utilize the technique that is safe and effective and help to resolve the disease.

What is the cost of vascular surgeries in Thiruvananthapuram?

The cost of vascular surgeries in Thiruvananthapuram ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 approximately. The actual price will vary from one patient to another depending on the type of disease you have. Therefore, it is better if you contact the best healthcare providers and get an estimate from them.

What are the different factors that impact the cost of vascular surgeries?

The various factors due to which the cost of vascular treatment ranges significantly includes:

  • The type of disease you are suffering from
  • The method of treatment
  • Choice of hospital
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital bed and stay charges

Other than these factors, some other costs may also influence the final cost of treatment, such as travel expense, diagnostic tests, pre and post-surgery medications, etc.

Are vascular treatments in Thiruvananthapuram covered under health insurance?

Yes. Most of the vascular diseases have the tendency to progress into a life-threatening condition. Therefore, they come under critical illnesses whose treatment is medically necessary. Therefore, vascular treatment is generally covered by most insurance providers.

How can I pay for vascular treatment at Pristyn Care?

To pay for vascular treatment at Pristyn Care, you can opt for any of the following methods other than cash:

  • Credit cards or debit cards of major companies and banks
  • Pay with insurance
  • Opt for No-Cost EMI service to pay for the treatment in easy EMI

How can I follow-up with the Pristyn Care doctor after surgery?

After you’ve had surgery under Pristyn Care doctors, you won’t have to worry about follow-ups. We will contact you beforehand to schedule your follow-up appointments so that the doctor can monitor your recovery and make modifications in the recovery plan, if necessary.

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  • KA

    Kunal Azad


    Pristyn Care's varicocele treatment was a life-changer for me. Dealing with the discomfort and swelling in my scrotum was concerning, but their urology team was incredibly supportive and understanding. They recommended a personalized treatment plan to address my varicocele effectively. The procedure was performed with great care, and Pristyn Care's post-operative care was exceptional. Thanks to them, my varicocele symptoms have improved significantly, and I highly recommend Pristyn Care for their expert care

    Doctor : Dr. Gejo George Cedric
  • NU

    Nootan Unadkat


    My varicose veins surgery journey at Pristyn Care was excellent. The doctors were skilled and caring, explaining the procedure and potential outcomes in a compassionate manner. They made me feel at ease and confident about the surgery. Pristyn Care's team provided exceptional post-operative care, ensuring my comfort and well-being during recovery. They were always available to address my concerns and provide support. Thanks to Pristyn Care, my legs now feel much better, and I am grateful for their expert care during varicose veins surgery.

    Doctor : Dr. Gejo George Cedric

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