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What is anal fistula?

An anal fistula is an abnormal connection between the anal canal and the perianal skin. Pristyn Care offers the latest minimally invasive laser technology to treat fistula. This process allows treating anal fistula without pain and nominal recurrence rate.

Traditional techniques to treat fistula are extremely painful and cause a lot of discomfort to the patients because of the constant anal discharge. Therefore, people look for laser treatment to treat anal fistula in Bhubaneswar.



Names of anal fistula in different languages:

Anal fistula in Hindi - भगन्दर

Anal fistula in Tamil - குத ஃபிஸ்துலாக்களு

Anal fistula in Telugu - ఆనల్ ఫిస్టులా

Anal fistula in Marathi गुदद्वारासंबंधीचा फिस्टुला

Anal fistula in Bengali - মলদ্বারের ফিস্টুলা

Types of anal fistula:

Intersphincteric fistula

Transsphincteric fistula

Suprasphincteric fistula

Extrasphincteric fistula

Risk factors of anal fistula:

Trauma to the anal tissues

Previous history of anal fistula or anal abscess

Crohn's disease

Ulcerative colitis

Anal infections including HIV and tuberculosis

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Why Pristyn Care?

Private room for patients with attendant stay & meals

USFDA approved fistula treatment

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Home remedies for anal fissure:

Take sitz baths

Add fiber to your diet

Take stool softeners

Avoid straining during bowel movements

Drink adequate fluids


  • Long-standing abscess
  • Underlying Medical conditions
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • Trauma


  • Bleeding
  • Skin Maceration
  • Perianal swelling
  • Pus or blood discharge
  • Pain during bowel movements/urination


Doctors performing laser surgery for anal fistula


During diagnosis, the doctor does physical examination of the area around the anus. The doctor may also ask for Anoscopy, where a thin tube is inserted inside the rectum and anus to clearly locate the fistula to be treated. To understand the cause of fistula, the doctor may also need to ask for an MRI or ultrasound as well.


When all the remedies and treatments have failed to give the desired results, it is crucial to get in touch with the nearest proctologist in Bhubaneswar. The most advanced laser-assisted surgery to cure fistula is the most successful procedure as compared to traditional surgery or home remedies. If your condition has reached a stage where surgery is needed, we recommend you consult with the best Proctologist in Bhubaneswar for the advanced surgical treatment instead of open surgery. Leveraging a technologically advanced procedure, treatment of fistula can be done with Laser. If you are facing symptoms of fistula, it is necessary to consult the nearest specialist doctor in Bhubaneswar.

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I live in Bhubaneswar. Is there any anorectal specialist who can provide me online consultation for my condition of anal fistula?

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What are the precautions to be taken after undergoing fistula treatment?

After undergoing fistula treatment, your doctor can recommend a few precautions that can help you recover quickly and reduce fistula recurrence. A few of those precautions are listed below:

  • Take the prescribed medications as directed by your doctor
  • Soak the anal area in warm water 3-4 times a day
  • Eat fibre-rich foods like carrots, legumes, cabbage, etc.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • If needed, use a stool softener or laxative to ease the bowel movements

Undergo the safest laser fistula treatment in Bhubaneswar from best proctologists:

If you are a resident of Bhubaneswar and suffering from anal fistula, you can undergo the safest laser fistula treatment from the best proctologists at Pristyn Care. Proctologists at Pristyn Care, Bhubaneswar, are well-experienced in diagnosing and treating anal fistulas with the help of the latest and advanced diagnostic tools, medical devices, and surgical instruments. Proctologists at Pristyn Care, Bhubaneswar, follow the safest and highest quality of medical and healthcare guidelines to provide the utmost care to all patients at an affordable cost.

If you wish to get rid of your anal fistulas with the help of laser fistula surgery in Bhubaneswar, you can book an appointment with the best proctologist at Pristyn Care.

How Pristyn Care is associated with top hospitals in Bhubaneswar:

Pristyn Care is one of the best and safest healthcare providers that offers the latest and advanced fistula treatment options at an affordable cost. In Bhubaneswar, Pristyn Care is associated with many hospitals that are well established and equipped with the latest operation theatres, surgical instruments, and advanced diagnostic tools. All the associated hospitals with Pristyn Care follow strict safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization [WHO]. Proctologists at Pristyn Care, Bhubaneswar wear PPE kits and masks to avoid the contamination of COVID-19.

To undergo the most effective anal fistula laser surgery in Bhubaneswar from top hospitals, you can visit Pristyn Care.

How to book an appointment with the best proctologists from Pristyn Care in Bhubaneswar?

In Bhubaneswar, Pristyn Care houses several proctologists who can easily diagnose and treat your anal fistulas with minimal risks and complications. To have a consultation with our best proctologists at your nearest location in Bhubaneswar, you should book an appointment. Booking an appointment with our doctors is simple, and you can dial the phone number or fill in the form that is on this page. One of our coordinators will call you back and get your details to book an appointment.

Doctors at Pristyn Care, Bhubaneswar are available for online consultations as well and to avail those services, you can go through our official website or use the Pristyn Care application.

Rceovery and after care of anal fistula

In most cases, anal fistula surguical sites heal within 5-6 weeks time. The recovery in case of anal fistula is not very complicated if the person follows the advices and recovery tips shared by the anorectal surgeon. You can follow the self-care tips after anal fistula surgery for a seamless recovery:

  • Keep the surgical wound clean. Wash the area, pat it dry several times a day. Do not let discharge accumulate in the area.
  • If the area pains, consult with a doctor and take medicines. Do not touch the skin. You can also take over-the-counter pills such as painkillers and ibuprofen.
  • Change the dressing of the wound at regular intervals. In case there is pus discharge from the site, be extremely gentle while changing teh dressing.
  • Indulge in light physical activities. Don’t go sedentary. Gentle exercises will help the wound heal faster.
  • Do not indulge in anal sex until the surgical site is completely healed.

What is the recovery timeline after laser surgery for anal fistula?

The recovery timeline after anal fistula laser surgery is not the same for every patient. Most patients recover within 2-3 months but the complete recovery may take anywhere between 1 month to 45 days.

Recovery after 1 month of anal fistula laser surgery

The patient needs to follow the recovery tips and recommendations by the doctor for at least one month after the laser surgery for anal fistula. It is advisable that the patient refrains from doing anything that puts strain on the surgical site. The patient should not eat anything too oily and spicy and consume only fiber-rich food. Diet is a very significant factor that determines the recovery after surgical treatment. The patient should take sitz baths at least 2-3 times a day to keep the surgical area free of any infection and take regular sitz baths.

Recovery after 2 months of laser surgery for anal fistula

After 2 months, the pain from the surgical site will subside. The patient would experience much relief from the pain in and around the wound. But the scars might take some more time to disappear. The patient might get back to normal work life without any major complications and also resume normal dietary habits.

Recovery after 3 months of surgery for anal fistula

After 3 months, the patient would be free from all post-surgery discomfort. There would be no scars at the surgical site and the wound would be healed completely too.

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