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About Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment occurs when the retina is separated from the back of the eye. Retina serves as the channel for the eye and brain as the optic nerve is directly connected to it. When the retina is detached (partially or completely), it results in vision loss. It is a medical emergency and can result in blindness if not treated on time. You should promptly see an eye doctor if you notice signs of retinal detachment or vision loss. The condition can advance very quickly. Thus, it is critical that you seek proper treatment if you want to preserve your vision. Book your free consultation with the best eye specialists in Patna for retina treatment at Pristyn Care.


know-more-about-Retinal Detachment-treatment-in-Patna
    • Floaters or dark spots in the vision
    • Flashes of light
    • Partial vision loss
    • Blurry vision
    • Darkening of peripheral vision
    • Small tear in the retina (rhegmatogenous)
    • Scar tissue formation on the retina (tractional)
    • Fluid buildup behind the retina (exudative)
Risk Factors
    • Aging
    • Previous retinal detachment
    • Family history of the condition
    • Extreme nearsightedness
    • Previous eye surgery , such as cataract removal
    • Previous eye injury
Complications & Side Effects
    • Eye infection
    • Bleeding in the eye
    • Increased eye pressure
    • Revision surgery
    • Possible detachment in the future
    • Incorrect reattachment of the retina
Doctor-performing-Retinal Detachment-surgery-in-Patna


Diagnosis for Retinal Detachment

A patient needs a proper eye examination to diagnose retinal detachment accurately. The examination involves dilating the pupils to check the retina. Typically, your vision, eye pressure, and ability to see colors will be examined.

Further testing will involve analyzing the retina’s ability to send impulses to the brain. For that, the following examination will be recommended.

  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)- The OCT machine is used for this examination, where you rest your head on a support, and the machine scans the eye to look for problems.
  • Ocular (eye) Ultrasound- For an ultrasound, the doctor will use numbing eye drops to ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort. The instrument is gently placed in the front of the eyes, and it scans the eye. Then, the doctor will ask you to close your eyes. A gel is applied to the eyelids, and the ultrasound device is placed over them. The doctor will again ask you to move your eyeballs, and the machine will scan them.

Both these tests are painless and cause little to no discomfort. They are important to identify the exact positioning of the retina and to determine how much of the retinal tissues are detached.

Retinal Detachment Treatment

Once the severity of the condition is identified, the eye doctor will recommend the most suitable method of treatment. The various treatment methods for retinal detachment are-

  • Photocoagulation– This method is recommended if the patient has a hole or tear in the retina, but it’s still attached. The laser used for photocoagulation burns the tear site. Scarring occurs as a result which affixes the retina to the back of the eye.
  • Pneumatic Retinopexy- This method is chosen for patients who have minor but multiple detachments. It is a surgical procedure that involves extracting a small amount of fluid from the eye and injecting air to form small bubbles. The bubble pushes the retina back into its proper place, and the tears or holes are closed with laser photocoagulation or cryopexy.
  • Scleral Buckling- This method is chosen in severe cases of retinal detachment. During the surgery, the eye doctor places a small and flexible band around the sclera. The band gently pushes the sides of the eye towards the retina. This reattaches the retina, and the band is permanently left around the eye. Then, the laser or cryopexy is used to repair the holes and tears.
  • Vitrectomy– This surgical treatment is quite similar to pneumatic retinopexy. It is used for larger tears. The procedure involves making a small incision in the sclera and inserting a microscope to get a clear view of the eye. Abnormalities in the eye, such as scar tissue, vitreous, or cataracts, are removed carefully, and the retina is placed back in its position using a gas bubble. Then the holes or tears are burned or frozen.

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and has a success rate of 90% or more for each procedure.

Why choose Pristyn Care?

Consult the Best Ophthalmologist Near you


Safe & Advanced Techniques

At Pristyn Care, we leverage advanced techniques to repair the detached retina. The safest technique is chosen for the patient between laser photocoagulation, cryopexy, scleral buckling, and vitrectomy.


Highly Experienced Ophthalmologists

Our team of eye surgeons has ample experience in treating retinal detachment effectively. They thoroughly diagnose the patients and recommend the most suitable treatment to preserve vision.


Round-the-Clock Assistance

We assign a dedicated care coordinator to all our patients who assist them throughout the treatment journey. It includes assisting patients with appointments, insurance paperwork, hospital formalities, discharge, and post-op care.


All Insurances Accepted

At Pristyn Care, we accept all health insurance and mediclaim policies for retinal detachment treatment. We assist the patient with insurance approval and the claim process to make everything smooth and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Question

Is retinal detachment curable?

Retinal detachment can be treated successfully with a surgical procedure. However, even surgery cannot be a permanent cure. The chances of retinal detachment will remain even after surgery and will only increase with age.

What is the best way to treat retinal detachment?

The best way to treat retinal detachment is determined after diagnosing the patient. Depending on the severity of the condition, the best treatment could be laser photocoagulation, cryopexy, pneumatic retinopexy, vitrectomy, or scleral buckling.

What is the success rate of laser treatment for retinal tears?

The success rate of laser treatment for retinal tears and detachments is more than 98%. The treatment involves using a high-energy laser to burn the tissues around the hole or tear, which results in the formation of scar tissues. The scarring reattaches the retina with the back of the eye, restoring proper functioning of the eye.

How quickly must I get a detached retina treated?

Once the retina starts to detach, the condition can progress very quickly, usually in 2 to 10 days. Within this period, if the condition is not treated, more of the retinal tissues will get detached, leading to permanent vision loss.

Where can I find the best eye hospital or clinic in Patna?

You can find the best eye hospital or clinic by contacting Pristyn Care. We will provide you with a list of the best hospitals and clinics nearby, and you can choose which treatment center you wish to get the treatment.

Get Proper Retinal Detachment Treatment in Patna at Pristyn Care&nbsp
  • Losing the sense of sight is one of the greatest losses for a person. At Pristyn Care, we provide optimal eye care to patients who have been suffering from eye problems, such as retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, squint eye, cataract, or even refractive errors.&nbsp

  • We have a dedicated team of ophthalmologists in Patna who are well-trained and experienced in performing all types of surgical procedures to treat retinal detachment. Our doctors thoroughly diagnose the patients and suggest the most plausible treatment method accordingly. You can get in touch with us to get comprehensive care for retinal detachment.&nbsp

  • Things You Should Do After Retinal Detachment Surgery&nbsp

  • Though surgical treatment for retinal detachment is effective, there are still chances that the retina will get detached again in the future. To reduce these chances and to ensure that the eyes recover properly after the surgery, the doctor will give you detailed instructions.&nbsp

  • Some things you will have to take care of after undergoing the procedure involves-&nbsp

    • Wear an eye patch to protect your eyes for as long as the doctor suggests.&nbsp
    • If a bubble is put in the eye, be strict about your head positions. You may have to keep your head down to ensure that the bubble stays intact while the eye heals.&nbsp
    • Use the prescribed eye drops to prevent infection and clean the eyes.&nbsp

    As you can&rsquo

  • t prevent retinal detachment, the best thing you can do is avoid eye injuries and diseases that can increase the risk of developing the condition. For that, you&rsquo
  • ll have to-&nbsp
    • Wear protective eyewear while playing sports or performing any activity that may impact the eye, including heavy lifting or using any kind of tool.&nbsp
    • Control your blood sugar levels, especially if you have diabetes.&nbsp
    • Get dilated eye exams regularly to ensure that eye disorders are identified in the earlier stages.&nbsp

    By following these tips, you will be able to keep your eyes healthy for a long time.&nbsp

  • Benefits of Choosing Pristyn Care for Retinal Detachment Treatment in Patna

    Pristyn Care provides all-inclusive care to the patients who come to us seeking treatment for eye disorders. We follow the patient-first approach and personalize the treatment plan according to the patient&rsquo

  • s needs. We have our own clinics and have partnered with the best eye hospitals in Patna with top amenities and modern infrastructure.&nbsp
  • From the beginning to the end, we assist our patients in making their treatment journey seamless and comfortable. With us, you will get-&nbsp

    • Expert Ophthalmologists-&nbsp
    • We have expert eye doctors who have more than 10 years of experience in treating various eye disorders in the most effective way.&nbsp
    • Advanced Techniques-&nbsp
    • We leverage conventional and modern techniques to treat retinal detachment effectively and preserve the patient&rsquo
    • s vision.&nbsp
    • 24&times
    • 7 Assistance-&nbsp
    • Our medical care coordinators provide assistance to the patients for all treatment-related formalities throughout the treatment journey.&nbsp
    • Insurance Assistance&ndash
    • We have an insurance support team who handles the insurance approval and claim process for the patient.&nbsp
    • Flexible Payment Options&ndash
    • We accept payments through cash, debit cards, credit cards, cheque, and health insurance policies. The patient has the freedom to choose the payment mode that is convenient for them.&nbsp
    • No-Cost EMI Service&ndash
    • We offer a No-Cost EMI service to the patient that allows them to convert the entire cost of the treatment into easy EMIs or installments.&nbsp
    • Free Cab Service&ndash
    • On the day of surgery, our representatives will arrange a cab to pick you up and drop you off at the hospital. Then another cab will be arranged to drop you back at home without any additional charges.&nbsp
    • Free Follow-up Consultation-&nbsp
    • We provide free post-surgery follow-ups to all patients to help them during the recovery period. Our representatives also stay in touch with them to schedule appointments accordingly.&nbsp

    To learn more about the services we provide for retinal detachment treatment in Patna, you can give us a call or fill out the appointment form.&nbsp

  • What to do if your vision can&rsquo

  • t be restored completely?

    In some cases, retinal detachment is not treated on time. If this happens, even after surgical treatment, the patient&rsquo

  • s vision may be lost to some extent, and it may not be possible to restore it. In such cases, the patient will have to make some lifestyle changes depending on the degree of vision loss.&nbsp
  • Some ideas that may help involve-&nbsp

    • Optimizing vision with glasses that are specifically made for your eyes. You can discuss the requirements with your eye doctor, and he/she will recommend the best way to improve your vision.&nbsp
    • Have proper lighting in your home for reading and other activities to ensure that you don&rsquo
    • t expose your eyes to brighter/darker lights that can strain them.&nbsp
    • Make your home safer by using motion-activated lights so that you don&rsquo
    • t stomp on things or fall due to low lighting.&nbsp
    • Use online support groups, networks, and other resources made for people with impaired vision.&nbsp

    When a person has lost his/her vision, performing even regular tasks can be very difficult. That&rsquo

  • s why you should never ignore the signs of vision loss or any other problem in the eye. Seek proper treatment whenever you experience any kind of eye problem and get your eyes checked regularly to keep them healthy. See an eye specialist in Patna today and get comprehensive care.&nbsp
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