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What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is the surgical procedure to tighten the vagina, and is also known as colporrhaphy. In this procedure, the female’s pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina are tightened surgically. The surgery aims to provide better strength or control of the pelvic floor muscles, which can bring out greater satisfaction for both the female and male during intercourse.



  • Who should consider Vaginoplasty?
  • Benefits of Vaginoplasty
  • Don’t Delay Advanced Treatment
  • Why Pristyn Care? 

Who should consider Vaginoplasty?


Women suffering from extreme vaginal laxity due to childbirth or age


Women suffering from urinary incontinence


Women suffering from pain while urination


Women suffering from sexual dysfunction


Doctor Doing a Surgery


Before undergoing treatment, a full physical examination will be carried out by the doctor to check your health condition and a patient will also be given counseling regarding the possible risks and complications. The female is suggested to quit smoking a month before the scheduled surgery date as smoking reduces oxygenation and it hampers the blood flow leading to a loss.


The surgery cannot be performed at the time a woman is having her periods. It has to be scheduled in a way that it takes place at the end of the menstrual cycle. If the surgery is scheduled right after the end of periods then the operated area will heal in time and will not cause discomfort during your next cycle.

The post-treatment guidelines are given to the candidate to speed up the process of healing. Under the guidelines, a patient is advised not to lift heavy objects as it can put a strain on the site of surgery. It is advised to not take a bath in the swimming pool or hot tub during the healing period. The female can resume her normal lifestyle including sexual intercourse activities after six weeks’ time. It is important to ensure the condition and medication that one must take by visiting the doctor after the recovery period i.e. six weeks’ time.

Why Pristyn Care ?

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Your safety is taken care of by thermal screening, social distancing, sanitized clinics and hospital rooms, sterilized surgical equipment and mandatory PPE kits during surgery.

Assisted Surgery Experience

Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Medical Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.

Medical Expertise With Technology

Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.

Post Surgery Care

Post Surgery Care

We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the approximate cost of vaginoplasty surgery in Chandigarh?

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What are the safety protocols followed at Pristyn Care in Chandigarh for safety of patients?

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How can I book an appointment for vaginoplasty surgery at one of the clinics in Chandigarh?

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Pristyn Care Offers Vaginoplasty With Most Advanced Technology in Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, we offer vaginoplasty surgery by relying only on the latest surgical technology and equipment. In this way, we ensure patients have short stay at the hospital and well on their part to recovery. Additionally, our clinics are equipped with the latest surgical instruments and up-to-date medical instruments that help our gynecologists diagnose the condition appropriately.

Why Choose Pristyn Care for Vaginoplasty Surgery in Chandigarh?

The vaginoplasty surgery provided by Pristyn Care is absolutely customized and tailored as it is planned after keeping the patient’s expectations and needs as central. In this way, we are able to guarantee results that are close to their expectations and hence, satisfied too. In addition to this, we also promise the following benefits to every patient undergoing vaginoplasty surgery from us-

  • Detailed consultations with surgeons so that the patient’s expectations and concerns are properly addressed.
  • Pickup and drop facilities offered to every patient on the day of the procedure without any additional cost.
  • We provide maximum help to every patient on the day of the procedure so that they don’t face hassles unncessarily.
  • Follow-up provided to every patient free of charge to track their recovery.
  • Maintaining maximum transparency with every patient on matters related to payment.

Experienced Gynaecologists for Private Consultations in Chandigarh for Vaginoplasty

We proudly house some of the most experienced surgeons who complete the vaginoplasty surgery without any complications. We ensure they follow every standard of procedure pertaining to the procedure so that there is no mishap or wrongdoing during the whole treatment. Each of our gynaecologists has completed all the necessary years of training required to make them specialists in this field. Some of them have been even recognized and awarded several times for their outstanding contributions.

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