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What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction is the surgical procedure of restorating the hymen, a thin, pinkish colored membrane which partially covers the vaginal entrance. Hymen is is a part of the vulva and is located approximately half an inch inside the vagina. The function of the hymen is exactly unknown. But, the hymen is considered to act as a barrier which prevents the external sources of infection from entering the vagina until puberty. The hymen generally ruptures during the first sexual intercourse. However, the hymen can also get torn at any age due to strenuous activities like bicycling, horseback riding and gymnastics. Using tampons can also, sometimes, break the hymen. Some females are even born without an intact hymen



Who can get the hymen repair surgery?

Any woman desiring hymen reconstruction who is above 18+ years of age can undergo hymen repair surgery.

Documents required for the surgery

Age proof

Written consent of the patient

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Physical examination for Hymenoplasty treatment


The gynecologist will physically examine the patient to make sure if she is fit for the surgery.


Hymenoplasty is performed under general or local anesthesia, as recommended by the gynecologist. The doctor will then make a transverse incision in the vestibular mucosa posterior to the vaginal wall. The surgery is performed by uniting the remaining torn tags of the hymen. The broken tags of the hymen are joined with self-dissolvable sutures, which dissolve in 15-21 days. After the operation, patients are advised to always keep the area clean and apply the ointment regularly.

The female has to maintain proper hygiene and wear loose-fitting clothes after surgery. Avoid using irritants or scented sprays or washes around the vaginal area.

In our Doctor’s Words

Dr. Amrita Singh


15 Years Experience Overall

In our Doctor’s Words

An unbroken hymen is still a measure of virginity in India. While it has no medical basis, a lot of women opt for dubious medicines and blood capsules because of the family pressure. But these are highly unsafe. Who knows what is inside them? They can severely disturb your Ph balance and cause dryness and itching. Also, these are false promises. A hymen can never be repaired without a surgery. At times, these capsules dont even break and cause severe infections. So if you must, hymenoplasty is your safest choice. The procedure is quick, safe and medically verified and chances of complications- extremely rare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I resume normal activities after hymen reconstruction surgery?

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Are you the right candidate for hymenoplasty procedure?

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How long does recovery take after hymenoplasty in Chandigarh?

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How long does hymenoplasty surgery take?

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How to become a virgin again?

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How can I become a virgin again at home?

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What are virginity capsules? Are they effective?

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Is hymenoplasty legal in India?

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Is revirginization surgery performed in the clinic or hospital?

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Which doctor performs hymenoplasty- a gynecologist or a plastic surgeon?

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What are the qualifications of a hymenoplasty doctor?

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I am getting married after eight months. What is the best time to get the hymenoplasty?

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How long does a hymenoplasty surgery take?

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Is a hospital stay mandatory after hymenoplasty?

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Will hymen repair surgery make me bleed on my first night?

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Does hymenoplasty also make the vagina tighter?

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Can hymen repair surgery affect future pregnancy?

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How confidential is hymenoplasty surgery in Chandigarh?

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When can I resume work after hymenoplasty?

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How long will I have to wait before sexual intercourse after hymenoplasty?

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Will my partner know if I have had a hymenoplasty?

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I had a hymenoplasty before. Is it safe to get the surgery again?

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Undergo the most advanced and successful hymen repair surgery in Chandigarh from Pristyn Care

Hymen reconstruction surgery or hymenoplasty is a minor cosmetic gynaecological procedure carried out to reconstruct the torn hymen in females who wish to have their hymen reconstructed or repaired, mostly for religious, cultural or social reasons. The hymen is a fibrous and elastic tissue present in the lower half of the vagina and is usually torn when the female has first sexual penetration. Hymen repair is a simple procedure that involves stitching back the torn edges or remnants of the hymen together with the use of dissolvable sutures. The procedure restores the intact hymen that has been ruptured during sexual intercourse, rape, insertion of tampons or during sports or accidents.

Hymen repair surgery in Chandigarh can be performed soon after the hymen has ruptured or even much later. Hymenoplasty is performed under the influence of general or local anesthesia so that the female does not have pain during the procedure. To undergo safe and successful hymen repair surgery in Chandigarh, book an appointment with Pristyn Care.

What is the recovery like after hymen repair surgery in Chandigarh?

The outlook of hymen reconstruction surgery is positive and most females are pleased with the results and overall surgical experience. The female can go home the same day after the procedure. Mild discomfort and swelling can normally occur after hymenoplasty and is expected to resolve on its own in 2 to 3 days. If you still face any pain or discomfort, you should speak to your gynecologist. Tips to keep in mind during recovery after hymenoplasty include-

  • No sexual intercourse for 15-20 days after the surgery
  • Avoid using scented soaps for cleaning genital areas
  • Avoid douching
  • Keep the area free from infection
  • Wear loose clothes to prevent rubbing
  • Use sanitary towels for wiping the intimate areas

Mild discomfort after a hymenoplasty procedure can be treated with oral pain medications. Apart from the pain medication, the gynaecologist may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections and help in a speedy recovery. You will not need daily dressing or regular follow up appointments with the gynaecologist after hymenoplasty. Typically, you will not have any major side effects, complications or other problems while recovering from hymen reconstruction surgery in Chandigarh. But if you have any concerns or discomforts, feel free to consult the gynaecologist and clear your head.

What are the possible side effects of hymen repair surgery in Chandigarh?

Just like any other surgical procedure, hymen reconstruction surgery carries its own risks. But, such risks can be reduced and if the time comes, well-managed by a skilled and excellent gynecologist. Gynecologists at Pristyn Care will follow any necessary precautions and measures to prevent any post-surgical side effects or risks. Some females may experience minor side effects to the anesthesia or during the recovery period, including-

Infections- Although it is very rare to have infections after hymenoplasty procedures, our medical team still takes every precaution to make sure that both the hymen repair surgery and its recovery is a smooth and a seamless experience for the female.

Redness- It is normal to have mild redness for 1 or 2 days after the procedure. In case the problem remains to persist or worsens, notify your gynecologist right away, who will prescribe you medications to treat the problem.

Bruising- Bruising is typically rare and can be resolved with medications prescribed by the gynecologist.

If you notice or experience any unusual symptoms such as abnormal vaginal discharge, redness, signs of infections or itching after hymenoplasty in Chandigarh, speak to your gynecologist who can help solve the problem without any major complications arising. Book an appointment with our top gynecologists for the best hymen repair surgery in Chandigarh.

Highly experienced gynaecologist for Hymenoplasty in Chandigarh

If you are looking forward to undergoing hymenoplasty or hymen repair surgery in Chandigarh, you should choose the best gynecologist and clinic for the treatment to get the best results. Pristyn Care has some of the best gynecologists in Chandigarh.

Consult our expert gynecologist in Chandigarh, Dr. Shital Bhardwaj who is a renowned General and Cosmetic Gynecologist and OB-GYN in Chandigarh. Dr. Shital completed her MBBS from Odessa State Medical University, Ukraine in the year 2008, DGO from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum (Karnataka) in 2013 and DNB – Obstetrics & Gynecology from National Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Jaipur (Rajasthan) in 2016 and has an experience of more than 11 years in this field. She has also completed her Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery from World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurugram.

To consult our best gynaecologist in Chandigarh for hymen reconstruction surgery, make an appointment with us.

Best hymenoplasty clinic in Chandigarh

Pristyn Care houses some of the best gynecologists and OB-GYNs in Chandigarh and is associated with top hospitals in the city for cosmetic and surgical gynaecology procedures. You can visit the best gynaecology clinic for hymenoplasty in Chandigarh in Sector 22 (Chandigarh) and Sector 6 (Panchkula). To make an appointment with top gynecologists at the best hymenoplasty clinic in Chandigarh, call our number or book an appointment by filling the form present on the top and bottom (right) of the page.

How to make an appointment at the best gynecology clinic for hymen reconstruction in Chandigarh?

You can book an appointment at the best gynecology clinic for hymenoplasty in Chandigarh by calling our number or filling out the appointment form. You can also consult the gynecologist online from the comfort of your home by booking an online consultation. You can make your appointment with our expert cosmetic gynecologists from the Pristyn Care mobile application, which is free and available to download both on android and iOS.

How to prepare for hymenoplasty?

  • Choose the right doctor: While hymenoplasty can be done by both- gynecologists and plastic surgeons, an OB-GYN with experience in cosmetic gyne surgeries is the safest choice.
  • Carry age-proof: As an eligibility criteria, you are required to be at least 18+ years of age before undergoing hymenoplasty. This is why we suggest you carry your age proof along.
  • Know your rights: You do not need approval from your partner/ parent in case of hymenoplasty or any cosmetic surgeries. Your own written consent is enough. (Provided, you are above 18 years of age. )

However, we encourage you to discuss your needs, and expectations thoroughly. This would help you make a better and informed decision.

  • Discuss your current health and medications: We suggest you thoroughly discuss your health, current medications and supplements (if any) with your doctor. You might be required to stop taking some medications before the procedure, else they risk interfering with the healing.
  • Keep a track: Keep a detailed track of your period cycle and go prepared on your last 3-4 menstrual dates and days of periods. This would help you plan the right time for the treatment. The best time to plan hymenoplasty is 2 days after your last period cycle.

What are the risks of hymenoplasty procedure?

When performed under safe medical conditions and by trained gynecologists, hymenoplasty is a typically safe and minimum risk surgery. However, as with any surgery, hymenoplasty too comes with a few risks of complications. These include-

  • Prolonged bleeding
  • Pelvic/ vaginal infection
  • Anesthetic complications
  • Overcorrection

Please note that these complications are extremely rare and commonly treatable with minimally invasive surgery.

What are the different types of hymen?

Hymens come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all hymen. There are five different types of hymen, according to medical classification:

  • Normal – Commonly hymens have a crescent-shaped entrance
  • Cribriform hymen – Hymen with numerous small apertures for menstrual blood to flow through.
  • Imperforate hymen – Hymen with no opening.
  • Micro perforated hymen – Hymen with a tiny aperture
  • Septate hymens have a thin tissue band running through the middle.

Can virginity pills or hymen repair kits give a virginity effect?

No. In fact, you must refrain from such over-the-counter products as they may do more harm than good. Vagina, as you know, is a very delicate and sensitive organ. Inserting anything while the ingredients are not researched, may disturb its Ph balance and cause dryness. This would then risk tear or rupture during intercourse and itchiness and bacterial infection afterward.

If you seek a reconstructed hymen, hymen repair is the best, most common, and medically verified method. It is:

  • Less than the 30-minute procedure
  • Has no major risks/ complications
  • Is undetectable after 1-2 months.

What kind of aftercare is required following a hymenoplasty procedure?

After your procedure, your doctor may recommend a few hours of monitoring. If there are no issues, you will be discharged within 2-3 hours and you will be able to return to work within 2-4 days.

Some post-care tips that may help you are:

  • As you clean your vaginal area, do not wipe. Only gently pat dry.
  • Keep the area clean and free of moisture.
  • If you experience any itching or swelling as you heal, we suggest you use warm compresses and ice packs to relieve the discomfort.
  • Avoid head shower or extended baths for at least 2–3 days after.
  • You must not have sex for at least 8 weeks after the procedure.
  • As you bleed/ menstruate, use only soft sanitary pads. Do not use tampons/ anything penetrative in nature.
  • Do not eat anything too spicy. It could trigger irritation and inflammation in your gastrointestinal pipe.
  • Drink a lot of water. Keep yourself hydrated. It would help you heal.
  • Eat meals with high fiber content. It will help make your bowel movements easier.

How to choose the best doctor for your hymenoplasty surgery?

We suggest you:

  • Ask for a friend/ or your primary health care provider’s referral.
  • Look for your doctor’s specific qualifications, accreditations, and specialized experience in hymenoplasty surgery.
  • Read through the net and different patient reviews thoroughly. You could also confirm through third-party sites.
  • Have a direct consultation with your doctor. See how patiently they listen, and understand your specific needs and requirements. The more clarity they bring to you on the surgery procedure, the better your doctor is.

What should I ask my doctor before undergoing hymenoplasty?

Some questions you should consider asking your doctor before hymenoplasty surgery are:

  • What are your qualifications and specialized experience in cosmetic gynecology?
  • Are there any risks/ complications associated with hymenoplasty surgery?
  • Does hymenoplasty affect my ability for childbirth?
  • Are there any guidelines I should follow to prepare for a hymenoplasty procedure?
  • How long would the recovery take?
  • When can I resume my sex life after hymenoplasty surgery?
  • How should I take care after the hymenoplasty procedure?
  • When can I resume office after hymenoplasty surgery?
  • What are the different payment options you have?
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