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What is Breast-Reduction?

Breast-Reduction is a procedure performed for aesthetic as well as medical reasons. This surgery helps in contouring and reshaping the breasts. The Breast-Reduction procedure restores the symmetrical size and shape of the breasts according to the body proportion.

Breast-Reduction surgery is also referred to as mammaplasty. During this procedure, the plastic surgeon removes the excess tissues from the large breasts in order to reconstruct their normal size and shape. This surgery helps in getting rid of discomfort caused by large breasts, such as pain in the neck, shoulders, or back. Get in touch with Pristyn Care to know all the details about Breast-Reduction treatment.

USFDA-Approved Procedure

USFDA-Approved Procedure

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

No-Cost EMI

No-Cost EMI

No Hospitalization Required

No Hospitalization Required

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Why advanced Breast-Reduction surgery?
    • Minimally invasive
    • Painless procedure
    • A faster recovery duration
    • Resume work within one-week post-surgery
    • Daycare procedure
    • Better success rate
Benefits of Breast-Reduction treatment
    • Reduce pain in the back
    • neck, and shoulder
    • Symmetrical breast shape
    • Long-lasting results
    • More active lifestyle
    • Wear clothes of desired shape and size
Why choose Pristyn Care?
    • Highly experienced plastic surgeons
    • 100% confidentiality
    • Use USFDA approved technology
    • Zero cost EMI
    • All payment modes are accepted
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An experienced plastic surgeon at Pristyn Care will conduct a thorough diagnosis before initiating the treatment. During the consultation, the doctor may ask regarding your medical history, any medication you are taking currently, or your desired expectation from the Breast-Reduction surgery. The doctor will provide you with a complete understanding of the Breast-Reduction procedure during the discussion. There is a possibility, the plastic surgeon may recommend a few diagnostic tests to find any underlying condition:

  • Blood test
  • Urine culture
  • Urine pregnancy test
  • Mammogram


After a thorough diagnosis, the plastic surgeon will determine the best technique for Breast-Reduction treatment. The Breast-Reduction procedure helps in restoring the standard size of the breasts according to the proportion of the body. There are two different techniques to reduce and reconstruct the shape of the breasts:

Liposuction– This is a minimally invasive technique to remove the excess fat around the enlarged breast. During this procedure, small incisions are made to insert the catheter in order to remove the fat tissues while restoring the normal size and shape of the breast.

Open surgery– This is a conventional method for Breast-Reduction surgery. During this procedure, the doctor will make a large incision to access the fat tissues to remove them. Once all the fat tissues are removed, the plastic surgeon will stitch back the skin to close the incision.

Why choose Pristyn Care for Breast Reduction

Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


Breast Reduction Surgery

At Pristyn Care, we use the best techniques to reduce the size of the breasts as desired by the patient. The surgery is safe and has minimal downtime.


Expert Breast Surgeons

We have well-trained breast surgeons with 10+ years of experience and ample knowledge to perform the surgery safely. Our doctors compile a customized treatment plan for each patient depending on their requirements.


Minimal Scarring

Breast reduction surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. The incision technique is chosen smartly by the surgeon to reduce post-op scarring after the treatment. Thus, there is no aesthetic downside.


Realistic & Natural Results

The results of breast reduction surgery are immediate, realistic, and natural that improve the woman’s confidence and self-esteem.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Breast-Reduction covered by insurance in Lucknow?

Yes, Breast-Reduction surgery in Lucknow is covered by health insurance if it is being performed for medical reasons. However, if the surgery is done for cosmetic purposes, the insurance company may not approve the claim.

What is the success rate of Breast-Reduction in Lucknow at Pristyn Care?

At Pristyn Care, the success rate of Breast-Reduction surgery in Lucknow is above 95% for most cases.

What services does Pristyn Care provide for Breast-Reduction surgery in Lucknow?

In Lucknow, Pristyn Care provides the following services to the patients who are planning to undergo Breast-Reduction surgery-

  • Free consultations pre and post-surgery
  • Latest USFDA-approved tools and technology
  • 24×7 assistance by our medical coordinators
  • Assistance in hospital admission and discharge process
  • Insurance claim support
  • Deluxe room for stay in the hospital
  • Flexible payment options including No-Cost EMI

Does Breast-Reduction surgery affect breastfeeding?

Yes, Breast-Reduction surgery has a significant effect on breastfeeding as the glandular tissues are removed during the procedure. As a result, the amount of milk produced by the glands is less than before.

Will Breast-Reduction scars go away?

The scars from Breast-Reduction surgery will fade as the skin heals. However, they won’t completely disappear. That’s why most surgeons make the incision in specific locations to ensure minimal visible scarring.

Get Proper Treatment for Benign &amp

Cancerous Breast Lumps in Lucknow

It is natural for a woman to feel worried about the breast lump whether it is cancerous or not. At Pristyn Care, we provide treatment for both benign and malignant lumps using advanced techniques. Though benign lumps are not life-threatening, they can be very disturbing and painful. And cancerous lump is a danger to the woman’s life itself. Therefore, in both cases, the lump can’t be left untreated.

Thus, we provide the most suitable treatment for breast lumps according to the patient’s condition. To find out which type of breast lump you have and to get comprehensive care, give us a call today.

Why should you choose Pristyn Care for breast lump surgery in Lucknow?

Pristyn Care is a full-stack healthcare provider in Lucknow, associated with reputed multi-specialty hospitals and clinics. We trust in filling all the necessary gaps a patient faces during their treatment journey to make the process as smooth as possible. We aim to provide outpatient surgeries at a cost-effective price. Some additional benefits of choosing Pristyn Care for breast lump treatments in Lucknow as compared to other providers are-

Highly experienced plastic surgeons- Our team of cosmetic surgeons has years of expertise and training to perform advanced surgeries with a very high success rate. In addition, our cosmetic surgeons will discuss all the necessary information before the procedure to make you aware of the risks and complications involved during the breast lump treatment.

Flexible payment options– Pristyn Care offers various modes of payment for breast lumps treatment, including no-cost EMI. In addition, we accept credit cards and cash payments for the procedure. Free pick-up and drop facility– Pristyn Care provides free cab services for pick-up and drop-off to each patient within the city on the day of breast lump surgery.

Free follow-up consultation– Recovery plays an essential role in the treatment. Pristyn Care provides free follow-up consultation for a quicker and smoother recovery process.

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