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What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure to tighten the vagina. It is also known as colporrhaphy. In this surgical procedure, the female’s pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina are tightened. The main purpose is to provide better strength or control of these muscles, which can lead to greater satisfaction for both the female and male during intercourse.

Vaginoplasty is also the surgical corollary for laser vaginal tightening procedures




A female can tighten the vagina by undergoing the vaginoplasty. There are almost no risks of infections or side-effects with this procedure.

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Gynecologist performing vaginal plastic surgery on female patient


Before undergoing treatment, a full physical examination is carried out by the doctor to check the health condition followed by counseling of the possible risks and complications. The candidate for the treatment will be asked to quit smoking a month before the scheduled surgery date because smoking reduces oxygenation and it hampers the blood flow leading to a loss.


The surgery cannot be performed when a woman is having her periods. It has to be scheduled in a way that it takes place at the end of the menstrual cycle. If the surgery is scheduled right after the end of periods then the operated area will heal in time and will not cause discomfort during your next cycle.

In a vaginoplasty surgery, the extra tissues are tightened with strong sutures. To get the best aesthetics, the external skin coming out is reduced. With the help of sutures, the vaginal tissues are tightened.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I have sex after the Vaginoplasty surgery?

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What results can I expect from the surgery?

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Vaginoplasty Surgery in Mysore by Best Cosmetic Gynecologist

During childbirth, the baby moves through the cervix and pushed out through the birth canal. The entrance to the vagina stretches to let the baby pass through. There are a few factors depending upon which the amount of the vaginal stretchiness occurs- Size of the baby; The time taken to push out the baby during delivery; Whether forceps or vacuum extraction were used; You practiced pelvic floor exercises or not; Number of previous surgeries
The looseness of the vagina leads to a decrease in friction during intercourse which doesn’t let you achieve sexual gratification. But you can use the below-mentioned simple home remedies to gratify your sexual needs.

Vaginoplasty Surgery in Mysore with Proven Results

Nowadays, Pristyn Care provides you with all the basic amenities and will also provide progress reports. The post-treatment guidelines are given to the patient to speed up the process of healing. Under the guidelines, a patient is advised not to lift heavy objects as it can put a strain on the site of surgery. It is advised to not take a bath in the swimming pool or hot tub during the healing period. One can go back to normal activities including sexual intercourse activities after six weeks. It is important to ensure the condition and medication that one must take by visiting the doctor after the recovery period i.e. six weeks.

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