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What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the part of the foreskin over the head of the penis. Laser-based circumcision is way more effective and successful as compared to the traditional procedures. The foreskin is removed with a laser that ablates the skin and controls bleeding from the skin as well. Circumcision can be performed in males of any age.

USFDA-Approved Procedure

USFDA-Approved Procedure

Support in Insurance Claim

Support in Insurance Claim

No-Cost EMI

No-Cost EMI

Same-day discharge

Same-day discharge

Best Doctors For Laser Circumcision in Madurai

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    Dr. Sethu Kannan Ramasamy (hAwKluL0nd)

    Dr. Sethu Kannan Ramasam...

    MBBS.,M.S., Dip MAS, FALS (Hernia) , FIAGES
    12 Yrs.Exp.


    12 + Years


    General Surgeon

    Laparoscopic Surgeon


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    Dr. Z Bharat Prasad (9nRsTizkJZ)

    Dr. Z Bharat Prasad

    MBBS, MS
    7 Yrs.Exp.


    7 + Years


    General Surgeon

    Laparoscopic Surgeon


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  • Best Clinics for Laser Circumcision in Madurai

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      4-17/2 Iyer Bungalow Rd KPudur Madurai - Madurai
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      All Days - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM


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    Circumcision benefits:
    • Decreased risk of STDs
    • Reduced risk of urinary tract infections
    • No surgical scar after laser circumcision
    • Minimal risk of infection
    • Permanent solution for all foreskin problems
    • Enhances sexual pleasure for female partners
    • Reduced risk of penile cancer
    ICD-10 codes for Phimosis:
    • N47.0 - Adherent prepuce, newborn
    • N47.1 - Phimosis
    • N47.2 - Paraphimosis
    • N47.6 - Balanoposthitis
    • N47.3 - Deficient foreskin
    • N47.4 - Benign cyst of the prepuce
    • N47.8 - Other disorders of the prepuce
    • N47.5 - Adhesions of prepuce and glans penis
    • N47.7 - Other inflammatory diseases of the prepuce
    Complications of untreated phimosis:
    • Posthitis
    • Balanitis
    • Paraphimosis
    • Penile carcinoma
    • Voiding dysfunction
    Phimosis in different languages:
    • Phimosis in Hindi: फाईमोसिस
    • Phimosis in Marathi: फिमोसिस
    • Phimosis in Telugu: ఫిమోసిస్
    • Phimosis in Tamil: முன்தோல் குறுக்கம்
    • Phimosis in Malayalam: ഫിമോസിസ്
    Why Pristyn Care?
    • Free cab pick-up & drop
    • USFDA approved circumcision surgery
    • Free follow ups post surgery
    • Covid free hospital, doctors and staff
    Hassle-free Insurance Approval
    • Cashless insurance facility
    • All insurances covered
    • No hidden charges
    • Assistance in paperwork by Pristyn Care
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    Diagnosis of phimosis begins with a simple, routine physical examination. Your urologist may ask questions about your medical history, symptoms, sexual activity, and any injury to the penis. The doctor may also examine the penis for signs of infection, tight foreskin and related symptoms of phimosis.

    The first thing that the urologist will do is ask about your symptoms and physically diagnose the condition. The urologist will try nonsurgical treatments to reduce the foreskin swelling such as pressing the penis with a hand or wrapping the penis in a tight bandage. After the swelling has been reduced, your urologist should be able to pull the foreskin back to its regular position. If the foreskin remains stuck there, the urologist might need to perform a circumcision to treat phimosis.


    Laser treatment is much safer than traditional procedures and causes minimal pain. So, it is now considered the best treatment for phimosis. Not only adults but it can also be done in infants as the safety measures are high.

    Laser circumcision is the safest option for people who have blood-related issues like Hemophilia. At Pristyn Care in Madurai, the entire surgery through laser technique is performed under 10-20 minutes and involves a quicker recovery.


    • Safe, minimally invasive
    • Minimum blood loss
    • Quick recovery
    • No hospital stay
    • Easier to keep the penis clean
    • Easier to avoid infection
    • Less prone to urinary tract infection

    In Our Doctor's Words

    What-Dr. Amol Gosavi-Say-About-Laser Circumcision-Treatment

    Dr. Amol Gosavi

    MBBS, MS - General Surgery

    23 Years Experience

    "Foreskin issues are one of the most common penile conditions in the world. Studies suggest that 3-11% of all uncircumcised men struggle with foreskin issues at some point in their life. And due to being a very personal topic, people often hesitate to talk about it, and treatment keeps getting delayed. This delay can further worsen your condition and may lead to complications such as recurrent penis infections, gangrene, permanent damage to this penis, and in some severe cases, loss of the penis. So if you are struggling with any foreskin issues, I would advise that you should contact your nearest urologist and undergo a circumcision procedure."

    Why Choose Pristyn Care for Laser Circumcision?

    Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


    Advanced Circumcision Through Laser Surgery

    At Pristyn Care, you can avail advanced laser circumcision that removes the foreskin without any risks and guranatees quicker recovery without any postoperative complications.


    FREE Consultation with Experienced Urologists

    At Pristyn Care, we have expert urologists with 8-10 years of experience in performing advanced laser circumcision surgery with successful results.


    Quick Recovery with Effective Results

    Pristyn Care promises quick recovery due to effective laser circumcision surgery. Most patients experience effective long-term relief from penile pain and discomfort within a couple of weeks of treatment.


    Minimal Pain and Scarring

    Laser surgery removes the foreskin with minimal pain and scarring and offers better aesthetic results for the patient post-surgery.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of laser circumcision in Madurai?

    The cost of laser circumcision can range between Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 34,000 in Madurai. Doctor fee, location of the hospital, the severity of the foreskin disease, and the cost of medications can alter the amount to be paid for laser circumcision in Madurai.

    Why do people undergo circumcision?

    Circumcision is mostly a choice. However, certain conditions such as balanitis and paraphimosis. They are the infection of the foreskin.

    Does circumcision prevent infection?

    Yes, Circumcision surgeries prevent HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in men during vaginal sex. The procedure has not been proven to reduce the risk of infection through oral or anal sex, or to reduce the risk of HIV transmission to the female partners.

    What are the qualifications of laser circumcision doctors at Pristyn Care in Madurai?

    All Pristyn Care urologists have an MBBS graduate degree, along with a surgical postgraudate degree in urology. Some have also received special certification in circumcision surgery. In addtion to their medical qualifications, they have also performed hundreds of safe, successful, and effective circumcision surgery with at least 10 years of experience.

    What will the doctor do during my first consultation for laser circumcision surgery?

    During your first consultation, the urologist will assess your situation and decide on a further course of treatment. They will collect your entire medical history and perform a visual and physical examination. If you are taking any medications or have any previous medical reports, you should show those to the doctor as well. Based on the severity of your symptoms and preference, the doctor will prescribe you medication and schedule your surgery.

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    Dr. Sethu Kannan Ramasamy
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    Last Updated : March 3, 2024

    Get the advanced laser circumcision in Madurai at Pristyn Care

    Pristyn Care has a clinic in Madurai for laser circumcision. It is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. The procedure is common for newborn boys in some communities in India. In addition, getting circumcised offers health benefits such as healthy penile conditions, lower chances of urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted diseases. It also prevents penile problems. At Pristyn Care in Madurai, experts use the most advanced laser circumcision. They use a highly-precise device to remove the penis foreskin. If you are looking to get the circumcision, or want to get the procedure for you kid in Madurai, you can visit the best laser clinic in the area, Pristyn Care.

    Laser Circumcision – Best treatment for phimosis

    If you are in the need of circumcision, then the best place to visit is Pristyn Care in Madurai. Our expert laser surgeons are highly experienced in modern procedures. The laser circumcision is done when the patient is under anesthesia. Once this 10-20 minute procedure is complete, the patient can go to their home on the same day. After the treatment, the patient will not have any problem with urinating. To know more, you can visit Pristyn Care in Madurai for the best laser circumcision. If you are residing in Madurai, you can easily reach out to Pristyn Care Clinic for the modern laser circumcision which will be completed in 10-20 minutes.

    Benefits of Laser circumcision

    Laser circumcision – Laser circumcision is an advanced method used as an alternative for traditional circumcision procedures. This involves the removal of the foreskin of the penis surgically for religious or medical purposes. It involves a laser or a powerful light beam to remove the foreskin around the tip of the penis. Surgeons with laser circumcision are able to achieve high precision, making it a more preferred surgical method today. Laser circumcision involves faster recovery and fewer chances of complications.

    Benefits of laser circumcision include the following-

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    • SC

      Siddharth Chhabra


      Great experience with Pristyn Care. I went through a laser circumcision surgery with Dr. Z Bharat Prasad. He was extremely professional and helpful. The staff too was very nice and efficient. Thank You!

      City : MADURAI
    • VG

      Virat Gulati


      I was searching for a laser circumcision surgery procedure on YouTube. It was on YouTube when I was made aware of Pristyn Care through one of their ads. I do not regret the decision of getting in touch with the consultants at Pristyn Care. It was a great experience and the team helped with almost every step. From providing free consultation to surgery. It was a great experience with the Pristyn Care team here in Madurai.

      City : MADURAI
    • RS

      Rehman Sama


      This was the first surgery I had gone through in my life so I was scared at the start but the professional team at Pristyn Care, Madurai made sure that I had a calm and cool experience. I really appreciate and thank the care coordinator at Pristyn Care who helped me with every step of the way. From a free consultation to surgery and the post surgery follow-ups.

      City : MADURAI
    • AB



      The help and consultation I received from the Pristyn Care team in Madurai was just amazing. They were very patient and supportive of me and the care coordinator provided by them helped me with all the insurance paperwork and hospital formalities. Thank you.

      City : MADURAI

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