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What is Ruptured Eardrum?

The eardrum is a thin membrane that separates the ear canal from the middle ear. The exposure to loud noises or an injury can cause eardrum damage. The same may hinder the capability to hear and if left untreated, a patient can go deaf as well. Even though, the perforation in the ear doesn't cause a lot of complications in the beginning but makes eardrum susceptible to infections. The best way to go about it is a surgical procedure. Also, the treatment is suggested for hearing impairment if home care treatments and OTC medications don’t work.

USFDA-Approved Procedure

USFDA-Approved Procedure

Support in Insurance Claim

Support in Insurance Claim

No-Cost EMI

No-Cost EMI

Same-day discharge

Same-day discharge


Benefits of Tympanoplasty
  • Improves hearing
  • Eliminates recurrent ear discharge
  • Reduced chances of ear infection
  • Fewer possibilities of earache
  • Corrects the perforation in the tympanic membrane
Why Pristyn Care?
  • No Cost EMI
  • Highly experienced ENT surgeons
  • Paperwork support by Pristyn Care
  • USFDA approved surgery
  • Free follow ups post Surgery
Why Advanced Tympanoplasty Treatment?
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Painless procedure
  • Faster recovery
  • Fewer chances of risks
  • Minimal blood loss
Prevention of perforated eardrum
  • Don’t put any foreign object in the ear
  • Cover your ears while swimming or taking a shower
  • Do not blow your nose with excessive pressure
  • Avoid sneezing with your mouth closed
  • Use earplugs while traveling through plane



An ENT doctor or surgeon in Indore can diagnose the perforation in the ear in a physical examination using an otoscope. It is an instrument that has a magnifier with a light, designed to look inside the ear. The ENT doctor may ask about your physical activities and the instance when you first experienced the changes in your hearing ability, discharge from the ear, or earache. There are few tests the specialist may conduct to identify the severity of the hole in the eardrum:

  • Tympanometry- The doctor uses a tympanometer to check the response of the eardrum against different air pressures. This will help the doctor find the complexity of the perforation in the tympanic membrane or eardrum.
  • Audiology- The doctor will set different volumes of sound and pitches to identify the severity of the hearing ability caused by a ruptured eardrum. This test is usually conducted in a soundproof booth to avoid any disturbance present in the environment.


Pristyn Care in Indore has the best ENT specialists who use the latest equipment to diagnose and cure patients. Meet and consult with ENT specialists in Indore for eardrum disorders, ear pain, or fluid discharge from the ears. Tympanoplasty is reconstructive surgery of punctured eardrum. It may require making a small incision above the ear canal or can be done without any incision via the ear canal to approach the repair while the patient is under anesthetic. The procedure involves the reconstruction of the eardrum. The procedure takes around 45-60 minutes to complete and patients only have to stay in the hospital for a day. Tympanoplasty is performed by an experienced ENT surgeon at Pristyn Care under the influence of anesthesia, making the procedure painless. The doctor takes a graft from the cartilage present above the ear to repair the perforation in the eardrum. The graft is stitched on the tympanic membrane and left to heal on its own. Tympanoplasty is an advanced and outpatient procedure that is minimally invasive and has few chances of infection.

Why Pristyn Care?

Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Your safety is taken care of by thermal screening, social distancing, sanitized clinics and hospital rooms, sterilized surgical equipment and mandatory PPE kits during surgery.


Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Care Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.


Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.


Post Surgery Care

We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common diseases of the ear?

Ear infections are the most common disorders in kids. Tinnitus is the roaring noise in your ears and can be a result of loud noises, or a variety of other causes. Infection in the tympanic membrane is also one of the critical but manageable conditions and it can happen to anyone.

Why does my ear hurt while I eat?

An infection may cause pain in the ear during swallowing. Although an ear infection is one of the most common causes of ear pain, infections of the nose or throat may also be responsible for pain in the ear.

What is the cost of tympanoplasty surgery in Indore?

The average cost of the tympanoplasty treatment in Indore may range between INR 45,000 to INR 55,000. However, the cost of the treatment might change depending on the various factors:

  • Age of the patient
  • The severity of the perforation in the eardrum
  • The hospitalization’s charges
  • Type of technique used during the procedure
Is it possible to get ear pain without infection?

In adults, earaches may occur without an infection when air and fluid build-up behind the eardrum causes a feeling of fullness, discomfort and reduced hearing. This is called otitis media with effusion (OME) or chronic otitis media.

Is tympanoplasty painful?

No. Tympanoplasty is a modern surgical procedure performed under the anesthesia effect, which makes the surgery painless. However, you may feel slight discomfort or pain in the ear post-surgery, which can be managed through medication prescribed by your ENT doctor.

Do I have to stay at the hospital after tympanoplasty?

No. Tympanoplasty is an outpatient procedure and performed with a minimally invasive approach at Pristyn Care in Indore. The surgical procedure usually lasts for 30 minutes.

How long does it take to recover from tympanoplasty?

Every individual’s healing ability is different from another. Some patients heal faster, and others may take a little longer to heal. Patients who have undergone tympanoplasty can resume normal activities in 3-4 post-surgery. However, the full recovery may take approximately a month or more to resume strenuous activities and physical sports like football, swimming, or heavy weight lifting. The ENT doctor will provide medication and ear drops to support the healing process, which may help the patient to recover faster.

Will I get a medical claim at Pristyn Care in Indore for eardrum surgery?

Tympanoplasty is covered under insurance by some health insurance companies if it is deemed as a medical necessity. Pristyn Care has a dedicated team that assists with the paperwork for insurance claims. However, the claim depend on the insurance policy and the terms and conditions set by the insurance provider. Contact us to know more about the insurance benefits.

When is tympanoplasty advised by an ENT doctor?

An ENT specialist advises undergoing tympanoplasty to a patient when oral medication or other methods do not work to fix the perforation in the eardrum. The doctor may advise surgical intervention i.e. tympanoplasty to restore the tympanic membrane. This surgical procedure improves the hearing ability and other symptoms that affect life’s productivity.

What is endoscopic tympanoplasty?

Endoscopic tympanoplasty is advised by the ENT doctor after diagnosing the severity of the perforation in the tympanic membrane. The three approaches in which tympanoplasty can be performed are:

  • Endural- This technique gives direct access to the meatus and the middle ear to the surgeon to perform bimanual surgery to correct the perforation in the eardrum.
  • Transcanal- This technique is minimally invasive to repair the perforation of the anterior tympanic membrane.
  • Postauricular- This is the common type of technique that is mostly performed to fix the hole in the eardrum. In this technique, a curved incision is made from the back on the crease of the outer ear which is also referred to as auricle.
Can an eardrum hole get repaired on its own?

If a hole in the eardrum is minor, it usually heals on its own. However, patients suffering from a perforation in the eardrum should consult a well-experienced ENT doctor to get immediate assistance. Perforation in the eardrum if left untreated or doesn’t heal on its own can affect the hearing ability.

How to stop perforation in the eardrum from getting worse?

Most of the time, the perforation in the eardrum heals on its own. However, in rare cases, the healing process may prolong and need extra care. Some of the tips to stop perforation from becoming worse:

  • Avoid putting any object in your ear for cleaning the wax.
  • You can also use over-the-counter antibiotic ear drops to promote healing.
  • Protect your ears by wearing a cap while taking a shower or swimming to keep water from entering them.
  • Avoid blowing your nose, as it might put a lot of pressure on the nerves and may hinder the healing process.
Can tympanoplasty surgery fix a hole in the eardrum?

Yes. Tympanoplasty is a modern treatment to fix the perforation in the eardrum. This procedure is minimally invasive, effective, and usually advised to patients with hole in the eardrum in order to restore the tympanic membrane while improving the hearing ability.

Does the eardrum hole get repaired with medicines?

Yes. At times, if the perforation is minor, it mostly heals on its own or through prescribed medicines. However, if the hole does not heal through medication, you should consult the ENT doctor for further treatment options.

Can the hole in the eardrum affect my hearing ability?

Yes. The hole in the eardrum makes the ear prone to a middle ear infection. And the recurrent ear infection due to perforation can result in partial or complete damage to your hearing ability.

Who is the best ENT doctor in Indore?

Patients suffering from a ruptured or a perforated eardrum should consult the best ENT doctor for treatment. Pristyn Care has an in-house team of highly experienced ENT specialists who provide comprehensive treatment for a perforated eardrum. Get in touch with our medical coordinator to book an appointment with the best ENT expert in Indore.

Can a perforated eardrum cause loss of hearing?

Yes. The perforation makes the ear vulnerable to infection and can lead to partial or complete hearing loss. Consult the ENT doctor for a thorough diagnosis to get the best-suited treatment.

Can tympanoplasty fix my perforated eardrum?

Yes. Tympanoplasty is a modern surgical procedure. It is a minimally invasive surgery that is performed to fix the tympanic membrane or eardrum to improve the normal function of the ear.

Should I avoid swimming after tympanoplasty surgery?

Yes. As advised by ENT experts, patients who have undergone tympanoplasty surgery are advised to avoid swimming for at least 10 days post-surgery. As the surgical site is vulnerable to infection and water contact can hinder the recovery while increasing the chances of complications.

Why is tympanoplasty the best treatment for a hole in the eardrum?

Tympanoplasty is an advanced technique to repair the eardrum hole. It is a minimally invasive surgery that is performed by making small incisions, unlike conventional methods. Traditional surgery methods are prone to infection and are usually done through large cuts that may have a risk of heavy bleeding. Tympanoplasty causes minimal blood loss and has a faster recovery period compared to traditional approaches.

How long does tympanoplasty surgery last?

Tympanoplasty is a daycare procedure that usually takes 30 minutes, depending on the severity of the perforation in the eardrum. The ENT doctor may keep you under observation for a few hours post-surgery to check your vitals. You will be suggested to go home later on the same day of the tympanoplasty surgery if you are not showing any irregular signs.

How long does it take to recover after tympanoplasty?

Tympanoplasty is a modern technique that is performed by an experienced ENT surgeon. Patients who have undergone tympanoplasty are advised to continue normal activities in 3-4 days post-surgery, but the complete recovery may take a month. Discuss the dos and don’ts with your ENT doctor to make the recovery process faster.

Is tympanoplasty painful surgery?

No. Tympanoplasty is an advanced surgical procedure that is performed with modern medical instruments and under the effect of anesthesia. Anesthesia makes the surgery painless, and the post-surgery discomfort usually gets managed by medication prescribed by the doctor.

Can I go to the gym after a week of tympanoplasty?

No. The ENT specialist advises resuming normal activities within a week. However, it is not advised to do strenuous activities like gymming, heavy weight lifting, or jogging for at least a month to avoid any risk and complications. Such physical activity can put excessive pressure on the ear causing hindrance in recovery post-surgery.

Why is tympanoplasty surgery best for a perforated eardrum?

Tympanoplasty is an advanced and evolved technique to fix perforation in the eardrum through a minimally invasive approach. The surgical procedure is executed by making tiny incisions that are easy to recover and are less vulnerable to infection as compared to traditional methods. Conventional methods make large cuts that stay longer as a scar post-surgery and take a long duration to recover.

Get Advanced Tympanoplasty Surgery At Pristyn Care In Indore

ENT disorders are among the common causes that take people to visit an ENT specialist in Indore. Ears are delicate organs and can get infected or hurt by loud noise, an injury or polluted water. Moreover, among the ENT disorders that happen by a virus, or an infection, otitis media, ear pain, and tonsillitis are most common. It’s no surprise that a lot of people in Indore tend to wait for benign ear disorders to get better on their own but this should not be the case. If you are suffering from any ENT disorder in Indore or feeling symptoms of ENT disorders such as ear pain, discharge or hearing loss, call Pristyn Care in Indore to make an appointment with the best ENT specialists in Indore for you.

Health Concerns That a Perforated Eardrum Can Cause

Usually, the hole in the eardrum gets healed on its own in due course or with the support of some prescribed medications. If the perforation is not getting healed on its own, it should not be left untreated as it may cause significant health concerns affecting life’s productivity. A few of them are:

Ear Infection– The perforation in the eardrum may increase the occurrence of infection in the middle ear. The eardrum or tympanic membrane acts as a protection and helps keep foreign bodies entering the middle ear. The hole or tear in the eardrum makes the middle ear vulnerable to infection and may lead to chronic earaches.

Hearing Ability– If the perforation in the eardrum does not get treated on time, it may result in partial or complete deafness. As advised by ENT specialists, get a thorough diagnosis to get effective treatment and restore the eardrum’s normal function.

Cholesteatoma– This happens in rare cases, the cyst occurs in the middle ear near the eardrum or tympanic membrane. The ruptured eardrum increases the severity of the ear infection, resulting in forming a cyst in the middle ear. Cholesteatoma is a serious condition that can damage the bones present in your middle ear, causing complete hearing loss.

Patients suffering from a perforated eardrum can consult an experienced ENT specialist at Pristyn Care.

Few Tips To Prevent A Perforated Eardrum From Getting Worse

The ear is one of the sensitive organs of the human body and has an essential role in one’s lifetime. As advised by ENT specialists of Indore, patients suffering from intense earaches, any discharge from the ear, or tinnitus in the ear should consult for diagnosis as soon as possible to avoid any significant risks. In addition, there are few tips Pristyn Care ENT doctors suggest to prevent the perforation from getting worse:

  • Do not use any foreign object to put in your ear to clean earwax. It may lead to infection and could push the earwax further, causing severe damage in the middle ear.
  • Wear earplugs while traveling through an airplane. However, it is advised to avoid traveling if you have a cold, allergy, or hole in the eardrum.
  • Avoid listening to loud music as it can affect the ability to hear.
  • Wear a cap while swimming or taking a shower to keep water from entering your ear.

Consult Well Experienced ENT Doctor At Pristyn Care In Indore

The increasing cases of ENT disorders in Indore are indicating the need for better healthcare service providers. If you have any hearing issues, you should check in with the best ENT doctor in Indore and consult whether you require a tympanoplasty surgery or not. In this day and age, people in Indore have no time to take care of themselves. In addition, bad eating habits make it worse. The combined factors are leading to problems of the ear in both children and adults. If left untreated, the problem may become chronic. So, if you are suffering from hearing problems, ear pain or ringing in the ear, you can consult with the best ENT doctor at Pristyn Care clinic for tympanoplasty surgery in Indore.

Are there any potential complications of tympanoplasty?

Tympanoplasty is an advanced procedure that is performed with the help of the latest medical technology and has lower chances of complication as compared to conventional techniques. However, like any other surgeries there are some potential complications of tympanoplasty as well, in rare cases:

  • Change or loss of hearing ability
  • Reduced sense of taste
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Dizziness post tympanoplasty operation
  • Ringing or tinnitus in the ear
  • Failure of the graft used during tympanoplasty surgery

Different Types of Tympanoplasty

As reported in NCBI, according to the Wullstein Classification, tympanoplasty has five types depending on their severity and advanced symptoms:

  • Type 1- Repair of the tympanic membrane alone, no abnormality of the middle ear.
  • Type 2- Repair of the tympanic membrane and middle ear due to malleus that usually gets eroded. In this type, tympanoplasty includes grafting the tympanic membrane to the incus.
  • Type 3- Repair of the tympanic membrane onto the stapes head, in this type the malleus and incus have a defect.
  • Type 4- The tympanic membrane is grafted to the stapes footplate, which is movable.
  • Type 5- Repair involves the stapes footplate, which is fixed.
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