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What is Ruptured Eardrum?

The eardrum is a thin membrane that separates the ear canal from the middle ear. The exposure to loud noises or an injury can cause eardrum damage. The same may hinder the capability to hear and if left untreated, a patient can go deaf as well. Even though, the perforation in the ear doesn't cause a lot of complications in the beginning but makes eardrum susceptible to infections. The best way to go about it is a surgical procedure. Also, the treatment is suggested for hearing impairment if home care treatments and OTC medications don’t work.



Benefits of Tympanoplasty

Improves hearing

Eliminates recurrent ear discharge

Reduced chances of ear infection

Fewer possibilities of earache

Corrects the perforation in the tympanic membrane

Why Pristyn Care?

No Cost EMI

Highly experienced ENT surgeons

Paperwork support by Pristyn Care

USFDA approved surgery

Free follow ups post Surgery

Why Advanced Tympanoplasty Treatment?

Minimally invasive procedure

Painless procedure

Faster recovery

Fewer chances of risks

Minimal blood loss

Prevention of perforated eardrum

Don’t put any foreign object in the ear

Cover your ears while swimming or taking a shower

Do not blow your nose with excessive pressure

Avoid sneezing with your mouth closed

Use earplugs while traveling through plane


  • Viral or bacterial infection
  • Injury in the eardrum
  • Sudden exposure to loud noise
  • Fluctuation of air pressure in the ear


  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Yellow discharge from the ear
  • Intense and persistent pain the ear
  • Itchiness or Fever
  • Tinnitus (Ringing sound in the ear)


Doctors performing tympanoplasty for perforated eardrum


An ENT doctor or surgeon in Indore can diagnose the perforation in the ear in a physical examination using an otoscope. It is an instrument that has a magnifier with a light, designed to look inside the ear. The ENT doctor may ask about your physical activities and the instance when you first experienced the changes in your hearing ability, discharge from the ear, or earache. There are few tests the specialist may conduct to identify the severity of the hole in the eardrum:

  • Tympanometry– The doctor uses a tympanometer to check the response of the eardrum against different air pressures. This will help the doctor find the complexity of the perforation in the tympanic membrane or eardrum.
  • Audiology– The doctor will set different volumes of sound and pitches to identify the severity of the hearing ability caused by a ruptured eardrum. This test is usually conducted in a soundproof booth to avoid any disturbance present in the environment.


Pristyn Care in Indore has the best ENT specialists who use the latest equipment to diagnose and cure patients. Meet and consult with ENT specialists in Indore for eardrum disorders, ear pain, or fluid discharge from the ears. Tympanoplasty is reconstructive surgery of punctured eardrum. It may require making a small incision above the ear canal or can be done without any incision via the ear canal to approach the repair while the patient is under anesthetic. The procedure involves the reconstruction of the eardrum. The procedure takes around 45-60 minutes to complete and patients only have to stay in the hospital for a day. Tympanoplasty is performed by an experienced ENT surgeon at Pristyn Care under the influence of anesthesia, making the procedure painless. The doctor takes a graft from the cartilage present above the ear to repair the perforation in the eardrum. The graft is stitched on the tympanic membrane and left to heal on its own. Tympanoplasty is an advanced and outpatient procedure that is minimally invasive and has few chances of infection. 

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Get Advanced Tympanoplasty Surgery At Pristyn Care In Indore

ENT disorders are among the common causes that take people to visit an ENT specialist in Indore. Ears are delicate organs and can get infected or hurt by loud noise, an injury or polluted water. Moreover, among the ENT disorders that happen by a virus, or an infection, otitis media, ear pain, and tonsillitis are most common. It’s no surprise that a lot of people in Indore tend to wait for benign ear disorders to get better on their own but this should not be the case. If you are suffering from any ENT disorder in Indore or feeling symptoms of ENT disorders such as ear pain, discharge or hearing loss, call Pristyn Care in Indore to make an appointment with the best ENT specialists in Indore for you.

Health Concerns That a Perforated Eardrum Can Cause 

Patients suffering from a perforated eardrum can consult an experienced ENT specialist at Pristyn Care in Indore. Usually, the hole in the eardrum gets healed on its own in due course or with the support of some prescribed medications. If the perforation is not getting healed on its own, it should not be left untreated as it may cause significant health concerns affecting life’s productivity. A few of them are:

Ear Infection– The perforation in the eardrum may increase the occurrence of infection in the middle ear. The eardrum or tympanic membrane acts as a protection and helps keep foreign bodies entering the middle ear. The hole or tear in the eardrum makes the middle ear vulnerable to infection and may lead to chronic earaches.

Hearing Ability– If the perforation in the eardrum does not get treated on time, it may result in partial or complete deafness. As advised by ENT specialists, get a thorough diagnosis to get effective treatment and restore the eardrum’s normal function.

Cholesteatoma– This happens in rare cases, the cyst occurs in the middle ear near the eardrum or tympanic membrane. The ruptured eardrum increases the severity of the ear infection, resulting in forming a cyst in the middle ear. Cholesteatoma is a serious condition that can damage the bones present in your middle ear, causing complete hearing loss.

Few Tips To Prevent A Perforated Eardrum From Getting Worse

The ear is one of the sensitive organs of the human body and has an essential role in one’s lifetime. As advised by ENT specialists of Indore, patients suffering from intense earaches, any discharge from the ear, or tinnitus in the ear should consult for diagnosis as soon as possible to avoid any significant risks. In addition, there are few tips Pristyn Care ENT doctors suggest to prevent the perforation from getting worse:

  • Do not use any foreign object to put in your ear to clean earwax. It may lead to infection and could push the earwax further, causing severe damage in the middle ear.
  • Wear earplugs while traveling through an airplane. However, it is advised to avoid traveling if you have a cold, allergy, or hole in the eardrum.
  • Avoid listening to loud music as it can affect the ability to hear.
  • Wear a cap while swimming or taking a shower to keep water from entering your ear.

Consult Well Experienced ENT Doctor At Pristyn Care In Indore

The increasing cases of ENT disorders in Indore are indicating the need for better healthcare service providers. If you have any hearing issues, you should check in with the best ENT doctor in Indore and consult whether you require a tympanoplasty surgery or not. In this day and age, people in Indore have no time to take care of themselves. In addition, bad eating habits make it worse. The combined factors are leading to problems of the ear in both children and adults. If left untreated, the problem may become chronic. So, if you are suffering from hearing problems, ear pain or ringing in the ear, you can consult with the best ENT doctor at Pristyn Care clinic for tympanoplasty surgery in Indore.

Are there any potential complications of tympanoplasty?

Tympanoplasty is an advanced procedure that is performed with the help of the latest medical technology and has lower chances of complication as compared to conventional techniques. However, like any other surgeries there are some potential complications of tympanoplasty as well, in rare cases:

  • Change or loss of hearing ability
  • Reduced sense of taste
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Dizziness post tympanoplasty operation
  • Ringing or tinnitus in the ear
  • Failure of the graft used during tympanoplasty surgery

Different Types of Tympanoplasty

As reported in NCBI, according to the Wullstein Classification, tympanoplasty has five types depending on their severity and advanced symptoms:

  • Type 1- Repair of the tympanic membrane alone, no abnormality of the middle ear.
  • Type 2- Repair of the tympanic membrane and middle ear due to malleus that usually gets eroded. In this type, tympanoplasty includes grafting the tympanic membrane to the incus.
  • Type 3- Repair of the tympanic membrane onto the stapes head, in this type the malleus and incus have a defect.
  • Type 4- The tympanic membrane is grafted to the stapes footplate, which is movable.
  • Type 5- Repair involves the stapes footplate, which is fixed.
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