What is Abortion?

Abortion, in the simplest term, is the medical procedure to end an unwanted pregnancy mid-gestation. It is a legally sanctioned option in India for both married and unmarried adult women (18+ years), and you do not need your parent’s/ partner’s permission for it. However, it is permissible only under 4 conditions:

  • Physical and mental health danger to the mother 
  • Chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus 
  • Failure of Contraception 
  • When the pregnancy is the result of sexual assault such as rape or incest

Aborting a pregnancy is a very personal decision. This is why our doctors advise counseling first. However, if the woman still decides to terminate her pregnancy, our gynecologists are medically trained and legally licensed to perform the abortion procedure.  

Licensed Clinics

Licensed Clinics

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Certified Female Gynecologists

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Confidential Consultation

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Options for abortions in India
  • Medical Termination of Pregnancy
  • Surgical Termination of Pregnancy
Why Pristyn Care for Surgical Abortion in Indore?
  • Complete privacy and confidentiality
  • Affordable cost treatment
  • Experienced & licensed doctors under the MTP Act
  • No cost EMI option
  • Free follow-ups

Surgical Abortion Procedure

Surgical Abortion is typically done by dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedure. It is a quick and painless procedure and can be performed in under 60 minutes. Here, the OB-GYN surgeon aborts the pregnancy by surgically pulling the fetus out of a woman’s vagina right during the procedure. This is why it has comparatively lesser post-surgery bleeding, and recovery is quicker and easier. Here, the surgeon first puts you under anesthesia, and as your body goes numb, the surgeon uses a mild suction-like effect on the vaginal area to pull the fetus out. It ensures complete expulsion and is performed until 20 weeks in Pristyn Care.

In Our Doctor's Word

Dr. Amrita Singh


15 Years Experience

"Please remember it is your legal right to abort. Do not struggle alone or try aborting at home. It is completely unsafe and the third leading cause of maternal deaths in India. In Fact, traditional methods or home remedies most often result in incomplete abortion and cause serious infections and risk to both- your health and eventual pregnancies. This is also why WHO reports that at least 13 women die everyday in India because of unsafe abortions. So please understand the risks and complications of unsafe abortion and approach a good doctor on time. It is both- your medical and legal right.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is abortion safe?

Yes, when performed by a specialized OB-Gyn and under strict medical supervision, abortion is one of the most common, safe, and minimal risk procedures. However, it is equally or more dangerous when done by non-verified methods/ untrained doctors or under unhygienic spaces. Reports state, more than 10 women die each day because of unsafe abortion methods in India. Therefore, it is essential you realize the risks of unsafe abortion and seek only professional medical support for termination.

How to abort an 8-week pregnancy?

Surgical abortion is the best procedure to end an 8-week pregnancy.

Where can I get an abortion done privately in Indore?

We understand the fear and hesitation around abortion. But we also understand its need. Therefore, Pristyn Care hospitals provide you with a safe space to get abortions done privately in Indore. Our doctors are specialized female OB-gyn registered under the MTP act and we are licensed to perform abortion until 20 weeks. We offer you 100% privacy and confidentiality through and through. Rest assured, no information concerning you/ the surgery shall ever be divulged to anyone else except you or your authorized friend/ relative.

What is the cost of surgical abortion in Indore?

Surgical abortion in Indore typically costs you anywhere between Rs. 18,000-36,000. However, the exact expenses may differ a little depending on your choice of doctor, hospital, and complications if any.

Does abortion leave any scar?

No abortion itself leaves no scar. It is done through a suction-like effect across the vaginal route which naturally contracts post a few weeks, thereby leaving no scar.

Does surgical abortion pain a lot?

No, surgical abortion is a painless procedure as it is performed under anesthesia. However, as the effects of abortion slowly end, you might experience a little pull, emptiness, and moderate pain around your lower pelvic area. However, this is absolutely normal and shall subside within a few days with your doctor’s prescribed post-care medicines.

How long does surgical abortion take?

A surgical abortion is typically a very quick procedure performed in under less than 60 minutes. However, counting the additional time for a few formalities, anesthesia, the procedure itself, and a little rest, your total time in the hospital may run around 3-4 hours.

Will I have to stay in hospital after surgical abortion?

No, a hospital stay is not needed after surgical abortion. You can leave home the same day. However, in some rare cases/ complications, your doctor may recommend a 1 day stay to observe any post-procedural health fluctuations.

When can I rejoin work after surgical abortion?

Because surgical abortion involves way less post-surgical bleeding and marks quicker recovery, you can most possibly rejoin work within 1 week. However, since every person is different, and so is the body’s reaction to pain/ recovery, it also depends on case to case and the kind of work you do. (Desk job/ sedentary work may be rejoined within 1-2 weeks, however, physically strenuous work may take longer).

Will I be able to get pregnant after an abortion?

Yes, absolutely! Abortion does not affect your fertility at all. Right after your doctor surgically expels the fetus and the uterus cleanses itself of its lining, you will start to ovulate again soon and become fertile. Therefore, rest assured, there will be no complications in your second pregnancy. However, to avoid any unwanted pregnancy, we suggest the use of birth control such as condoms, IUD, or tubectomy. Depending on your needs and personal preferences, your doctor can suggest the best method.

Why choose Pristyn Care, Indore for abortion?

Pristyn Care understands the need for a safe space. We know the fear, stigma, and hesitation around abortion procedures. Therefore, we are focused on providing you a safe, risk-free, and seamless abortion service free of moral judgments.

That is why when you choose Pristyn Care, you get:

A Safe Space to talk about your needs, fear, and hesitation: We understand abortion is not always the first choice, but in many a case- the best possible choice. If the pregnancy is not by choice or unsupported, it is best terminated at the earliest. Our doctors and staff understand this fully and provide you a safe and comfortable environment to open up, know the correct information and make an informed choice from a place of confidence.

Experienced and registered female OBGYNs: Our doctors are licensed under the MTP act and specialized in both- gynecology and obstetrics. Therefore, the risk of complications is minimum to 0.

Complete Privacy and Confidentiality: Not 1 person except you/ your authorized attendant/ friend will know of your/ your treatment details. We ensure privacy through and through and the information is never compromised.

Economical Cost and No-Cost EMI payment: An unwanted pregnancy is not something you chose. So a sudden financial burden can be too much at times. Therefore, we offer you the best of services at the most economical rate. However, if you still fall short of finances, please avail our no-cost EMI option. Do not delay the procedure. Get operated now and pay later in smaller installments.

Free Transportation: Wherever you are in Indore, do not worry. We offer you a free pick and drop facility across town and nearby. Just book your appointment and go tension-free.

Free Follow-up: Our association with you does not end at the treatment. We also offer you free follow-up services to ensure you are okay and healing quick.

Option for Online Consultation: Cant come to the clinic? No issue. Seek our online consultation service and get a safe and trustable medical opinion right from the convenience of your home.

How to prepare for abortion?

Think thoroughly. Do your research. Talk to your friends. See if you need counseling. However, if you are definite of termination, contact your gynecologist.

  • Carry your age proof.
  • Make sure you have informed your doctor about all your current medications and supplements. Your doctor might have to ask you to stop certain medicines (especially blood thinners) as they might interfere with the surgery process and cause excessive bleeding.
  • Do not shave the surgical site yourself. A simple cut may infect the site and cause complications.
  • Since the surgery is performed under anesthesia, your doctor may ask you to stop eating anything solid/ liquid (even water) for at least 4- 6 hours before the surgery.
  • Carry a pair of loose cotton clothing to change into after your surgery.
  • Carry a pack of soft sanitary pads to use for post-surgical bleeding.

Benefits of surgical abortion over abortion by medicine

While both- medical and surgical abortion is safe and effective methods, surgical abortion has a few additional benefits over medicine by abortion. These include:

  • Lesser post-procedural bleeding
  • Lesser cramp and abdominal pain
  • 100% assured of complete abortion
  • Can be performed until 20 weeks.

How to take care after having an abortion?

Abortion can be mentally and physically disturbing. It’s usually a very emotionally heavy decision. This is why you must follow the following set of instructions to ensure a swift and complete recovery.

Rest: Take a little break and let your body recover. Have lots of water, eat your comfort food and spend your time doing something you enjoy. Also, maybe talk to your friends, family, or anyone who makes you feel better and warmer.

Complete your full course of medicines: Make sure you complete your entire course of medications without fail. They will help prevent infection and regulate your periods.

Do not use tampons, but only soft sanitary pads: After your procedure, your vagina would still be a little sensitive and critical. Therefore, do not insert anything penetrative in nature and rather use soft sanitary pads for hygiene.

Avoid sex until the first 4 weeks. Take your time, heal and only once you feel better and ready, resume what and as you like.

Refrain from any heavy sports activity or any physical exercise that may strain your body or pelvic area.

How to book your appointment with Pristyn Care in Indore?

Booking an appointment with us is very simple. You can either call us directly through the number mentioned on our site or fill in our ‘Book my Appointment’ form. Once you fill in this form with some basic details like- ‘your name’, ‘contact number’, ‘diseases type’, and ‘city’, our medical coordinators will call you the earliest and guide you through the process steps. Do not worry at all. These details are never shared with any third party and remain limited only to your doctor and medical coordinator.

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