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USFDA Approved Procedures

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No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

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1 Day Procedure

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About Phaco Surgery

Phacoemulsification, commonly known as phaco surgery, is a cataract removal technique that utilizes an ultrasonic handpiece to aspirate and emulsify cataracts. The broken-down pieces of the lens are suctioned out of the eye with a vacuum, and the aspirated fluids are replaced with a balanced salt solution.

The ultrasonic technique came into existence as a revolutionary technology. Prior to this, surgeons had to remove the entire lens and capsule, and people had to wear thick, heavy glasses to correct their eye power. With phacoemulsification, this was no longer needed. And with the development of intraocular lenses, lens replacement after cataract surgery became a stable part of the treatment procedure.

By far, phaco surgery is the most common type of cataract surgery. If you need to undergo phaco cataract surgery in Nashik, get in touch with us.


Phaco Surgery-Overview
Ideal Candidate for Phaco Eye Surgery
  • The individual has no other eye disease.
  • The individual is not diabetic.
  • The prognosis of the surgery is good.
Benefits of Phaco Surgery
  • The treatment is minimally invasive.
  • It is a quicker procedure than extracapsular and other techniques.
  • The recovery time is quicker with minimal chances of complications.
  • The lens capsule is retained which gives a stable foundation for the lens replacement.
  • It is easier to find a surgeon who can perform phaco surgery with higher precision.
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Phaco Surgery Procedure

Before proceeding with phaco surgery, a comprehensive eye examination is done to identify the severity of the condition and the right approach for cataract removal. The procedure is carried out in the following steps-

  • Anesthetic drops are used to numb the eyes and a lid speculum is placed in the eye to prevent eyelid movements.
  • One or two small incisions are made at the edge of the cornea.
  • An opening is created in the membrane that surrounds the lens.
  • Saline is injected into the lens capsule to separate the lens from the surrounding capsule.
  • The ultrasonic handheld device is used to break the part of the lens with cataracts. It emits pulses of ultrasonic waves at different speeds that break the lens fibers.
  • The broken lens fibers are aspirated through suction.
  • A replacement lens (intraocular lens) is inserted into the capsule to provide clear vision.
  • Usually, no stitches are required to close the incision. However, in some cases, a few stitches may be required.

The entire procedure takes around 20 to 40 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis. The medical team provides a detailed recovery guide, and follow-up schedule before the patient is sent home.

Why choose Pristyn Care?

Consult the Best Ophthalmologist Near you


Safe & Advanced Technique

Phaco surgery is the gold standard for cataract removal. At Pristyn Care, we leverage the modern phacoemulsification technique to remove cataracts safely and precisely, with minimal damage to the ocular structures.


Best-Quality Intraocular Lens

We use Indian and Foreign intraocular lenses to ensure our patients get the best options. We also have lenses of popular and reliable brands with various features and functionalities suitable for the patient’s needs.


Highly Experienced Cataract Surgeons

Pristyn Care has a dedicated team of ophthalmologists with more than 10+ years of experience and specialization in performing different types of cataract surgery with a success rate higher than 95%.


Free Post-Surgery Care

We provide a detailed recovery guide and multiple post-surgery consultations to the patients without additional charges. The goal is to ensure that the patient’s eye recovers properly after the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Phaco Surgery

How much does phaco surgery cost in Nashik?

In Nashik, phaco surgery cost ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1,30,000. The cost of the surgery varies for each patient due to various factors, such as type of cataract, replacement or intraocular lens, hospital-related expenses, post-surgery care, etc.

Does health insurance cover phaco surgery cost?

Yes, phaco surgery is covered by health insurance as it is a medically necessary procedure. All health insurance companies provide ample coverage for cataract removal. However, there may be a sub-limit, co-pay clause, or capping on the claim amount, depending on the policy. Therefore, it is advised that you talk to the insurance provider to understand the terms and conditions clearly.

Which is the best lens for phaco cataract surgery?

In most cases, trifocal cataract lenses are considered the best as they provide clear distant, intermediate, and nearby vision. However, the choice of lens is subject to the patient’s needs and preferences.

What are the potential phaco surgery complications?

The potential complications of phaco eye surgery are-

  • Posterior capsular rupture
  • Vitreous loss
  • Dropped nucleus or nuclear fragments
  • Retinal detachment

How can I contact Pristyn Care doctors for cataract treatment?

You can contact Pristyn Care doctors by using any of the following-

  • Give us a call and talk to our medical care coordinators to book your consultation.
  • Fill out the “Book Appointment” form and submit your details.
  • Download the Pristyn Care app and book a consultation personally according to your schedule.

Phacoemulsification for Cataract Removal in Nashik

Phaco surgery or phacoemulsification is an effective treatment for cataracts. It consists of a handpiece, foot pedal, irrigation, and aspiration system. The technique is highly precise as a variety of tips are used to deliver the ultrasonic energy. Phacoemulsification delivers excellent visual outcomes with better efficacy and patient safety.

At Pristyn Care, we have doctors who have ample experience in using this technique for cataract removal. Each of our cataract doctors in Nashik has performed 5000+ surgeries with a success rate higher than 95%. We are partnered with many hospitals and have our own clinics in Nashik to make the best-in-class treatment easily accessible for cataract patients.

Get Comprehensive Care for Cataracts in Nashik at Pristyn Care

Being a patient-centric healthcare provider, Pristyn Care focuses on delivering the best quality care to all patients. We tend to our patient’s needs and assist them at every step of the treatment journey.

Our medical and non-medical staff work coherently to simplify the surgical experience and provide the following services-

  • Treatment at the best clinics and hospitals for phaco surgery.
  • Safe and sound surgery performed by highly experienced cataract doctors in Nashik.
  • Complete assistance from our medical care coordinators for all treatment-related formalities.
  • A flexible payment system allows patients to choose a convenient payment mode.
  • Finance service through No-Cost EMI to divide the treatment cost into easy installments.
  • Free pick-and-drop service on the day of surgery to and from the hospital.
  • Post-surgery care and follow-up consultations without additional charges.

Our representatives will be at your service throughout the treatment journey to streamline everything. To learn more about our services, give us a call.

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    I am grateful to Pristyn Care for their outstanding phacoemulsification treatment for cataract. The blurry vision had been affecting my work and hobbies, but their skilled team assured me of a solution. The surgery was swift and painless, and the surgeon's expertise was evident throughout. The post-operative care was top-notch, and they were always available to address my concerns. Thanks to Pristyn Care, my vision has improved significantly, and I can now see the world with clarity. I highly recommend Pristyn Care for their personalized and excellent cataract treatment!

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