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USFDA Approved Procedures

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What Is Frenuloplasty?

Frenuloplasty (also known as a release of frenulum) is the surgical alteration of a frenulum when its presence restricts the range of motion between interconnected penile tissues. It is the most effective treatment for frenulum breve (short frenulum).

Frenuloplasty is most commonly performed to alter the frenulum in cases where it causes pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. In addition, a frenuloplasty may become essential in uncircumcised men who have problems with the tightness of their foreskin. Frenuloplasty can help relieve tightness without the need to remove the foreskin, unlike circumcision surgery.


Who may need frenuloplasty?
  • Tearing of the foreskin or bleeding
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Recurrent infections of the penis
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Pain and discomfort in the penis , specifically during an erection.
Causes of Tight Frenulum
  • Balanitis ( swelling of the head of the penis)
  • Balanoposthitis (inflammation of the foreskin and the head of the penis)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)- Some STDs can lead to balanitis , leading to frenulum breve.
  • Skin diseases
Complications of frenuloplasty
  • Reduced Sensation
  • Swollen penis
  • Sudden bleeding
Why choose Pristyn Care for frenuloplasty in Nashik?
  • Advanced frenuloplasty surgery
  • Insurance covers the surgery
  • Free cab pickup & drop facility on the day of your surgery
  • Free follow-ups post-surgery
  • Multiple payment options
Frenuloplasty Treatment Image

Diagnosis And Treatment Under Frenuloplasty


The diagnosis procedure before frenuloplasty is simple and is usually performed by a urologist. Your healthcare provider can diagnose the frenulum through a physical examination. In addition, they ask questions about the symptoms you are experiencing, your medical history, etc., before suggesting treatment.

Frenuloplasty Treatment Procedure

The procedure usually involves removing the frenulum or creating an incision in the frenulum that is then stretched to lengthen it. The incision can be z-shaped, y-shaped, or a single horizontal cut. After this, the wound is closed with stitches. Once healed, frenuloplasty effectively elongates the frenulum, helping in normal functioning. Under normal circumstances the incision in the frenulum heals in around six to eight weeks, after which normal sexual activity can resume.

Another reason for the surgery is also to treat a rare complication of a frenulum breve which shows as scars on the frenulum. These scars cause pain and make normal sex very challenging and are caused by the rubbing of the frenulum while engaging in sexual activity. These scars only impact those with frenulum breve. The frenuloplasty can be performed under both general or local anesthesia.

Please Note: The selection of the treatment approach is based on your medical condition and your surgeon’s opinion.

Why Choose Pristyn Care for Frenuloplasty?

Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


Advanced and Minimally Invasive Treatment Procedure

At Pristyn Care, we provide USFDA approved, advanced and minimally invasive, laser frenuloplasty to modify the frenulum without the risk of any deep cuts or excessive bleeding.


FREE Consultation with Experienced Urologist

At Pristyn Care, all our urologists are highly qualified and expert urologists with 8-10 years of experience in performing successful laser frenuloplasty without any major side-effects or complications.


Quick Recovery and Effective Results

Due to its minimally invasive and precise nature, laser frenuloplasty provides faster recovery while also providing effective treatment for frenulum breve. Most patients experience effective, long-term relief from symptoms of frenulum breve in just a few weeks after surgery.


Minimal Pain and Scarring

Laser frenuloplasty is a precise and minimally invasive procedure. There is no risk of major pain or excessive scarring involved in the entire procedure.

Common FAQs Around Frenuloplasty Surgery

What is the cost of frenuloplasty in Nashik?

The average cost of frenuloplasty in Nashik ranges between Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 35,000. However, the final cost of surgery relies on several factors, like the city and hospital where the surgery occurs, the severity of the medical condition, postoperative complications, and the urologist’s experience.

Is frenuloplasty painful?

Frenuloplasty can cause some pain post-surgery, which is completely normal and temporary. In such a situation, stay calm and understand that any healing will take some weeks to cure completely. In post-frenuloplasty surgery pain, one may take over-the-counter painkillers for fast relief, but he should consult with the doctor first.

Does frenuloplasty reduce sensitivity of the penis?

In some instances, frenuloplasty can result in the reduction of sensitivity or erection strength. Before frenuloplasty, the sensitivity of the frenulum is more as it consists of a variety of very sensory nerves. But, post-frenuloplasty, the patients might experience reduced sensitivity.

When can I have sex after a frenuloplasty?

It is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse for at least a month post-frenuloplasty.

What happens if frenuloplasty gets delayed?

If frenuloplasty is delayed, an abnormally short or tight frenulum can make sexual intercourse highly uncomfortable and painful. Also, a tight frenulum can even split during sex.

How To Prepare For Frenuloplasty?

Here are some simple instructions the doctor may ask the patient to follow.

  • Avoid smoking. Smoking increases the chances of risks and complications and even slows down the healing process after the surgery.
  • Discuss the symptoms that you are experiencing, allergies, and the medicines you are taking with the doctor before the procedure. Also, ensure that you get all the questions answered beforehand.
  • The doctor can also ask you to avoid drinking or eating anything for a few hours before the surgery. It is generally advised based on the type of anesthetic to be used.

To undergo frenuloplasty, you may get in touch with some of the best urologists in Nashik at Pristyn Care.

What are the Benefits of Frenuloplasty?

This surgical procedure offers benefits like:

  • Preserves the foreskin in comparison to the circumcision procedure
  • Relieves pain during erections
  • Enhances the range of motion of the penile skin
  • Better sexual intercourse
  • Makes foreskin retraction more comfortable
  • Decreases incorrect penile curvature
  • Has a success rate of over 90%

How to prevent frenulum breve?

You cannot prevent congenital cases (disease or physical abnormality present from birth) of frenulum breve. Circumcision right after birth can eliminate frenulum breve.

Other ways to avoid penile conditions that lead to frenulum breve:

  • Keep the penis clean and wash it regularly, mainly under the foreskin.
  • Use a condom to practice safe sex and avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

How long does it take to heal after frenuloplasty?

Healing post-frenuloplasty usually takes approximately 2-3 weeks. You might feel uneasy for some days, and the area around the penis might feel swollen.

Sometimes, it is advised not to touch the affected area for 3-5 days initially and to avoid bending or lifting heavy objects. Also, oily food that contains spice or chilly is a restriction for some time post-surgery.

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