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What is Proctology?

Proctology is the branch of medicine that deals with the disorders of the anus, rectum, and colon. It is also known as colorectal surgery nowadays. The most common disorders that are treated under the proctology department are colon polyps, constipation, piles, anal fissure, irritable bowel syndrome, anal fistula, pilonidal sinus, abscess, inflammatory bowel diseases, etc.

What are the different anorectal diseases treated at Pristyn Care in Surat?

Pristyn Care treats several major diseases under proctology. Our proctologists are fully trained and provide comprehensive treatment for all the major anorectal diseases, including piles, fissures, fistula, anal abscesses, and pilonidal sinus. Major diseases treated by Pristyn Care are as follows

Piles– Piles or commonly referred to as hemorrhoids, are a condition in the anal region when blood vessels become enlarged or swell. These enlarged vessels can either stay inside or protrude outside, making it harder for the person to sit, walk, and pass bowels.

Anal Fissure– Anal fissure is a condition that occurs as a result of a tear in the thin, moist tissue that appears in the anal lining. This causes grave discomfort and pain to the individual and even results in the formation of anal skin tags.

Anal Fistula– Anal fistula is a small tunnel or channel that is present inside the anal canal. The fistula connects the abscess (an infected cavity in the anus) to the opening on the skin around the anus. Prolonged abscess infection near the anus or rectum causes an anal fistula.

Pilonidal Sinus– Pilonidal sinus is a round sac of tissue in the rectal region that contains hair. Prolonged pilonidal sinus can become a cyst due to the skin infection and cause extreme pain.

Surgical procedures to treat anorectal diseases at Pristyn Care in Surat?

Pristyn Care specializes in treating major anorectal diseases in Surat, with a success rate of over 95%. Our partnered healthcare institutions offer advanced surgeries with modern equipment that ensure painless procedures and faster recovery. Here are some anorectal diseases treated at Pristyn Care in Surat

  • Laser surgery Laser surgery refers to the treatment of colon, anal, and rectum diseases via laser application. Proctologists use high-energy light to cut or burn the affected tissues safely during the procedure. Laser surgery is a common procedure to treat piles, fistula, fissures, polyps, pilonidal sinus, etc. Laser surgery for anorectal diseases is usually a daycare procedure which means the patient can go home on the same day of surgery after consulting the doctor.
  • Sphincterotomy Sphincterotomy involves small incisions in the internal anal sphincter to release the tension. This procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia, and the patient can go home on the same day of the surgery. The surgeon may perform hemorrhoidectomy, fissurectomy, and fistulotomy alongside sphincterotomy, depending on the type of disease.
  • Ligation of the Intersphincteric Fistula Tract (LIFT) LIFT is a treatment where the surgeon makes an incision to separate the skin above the fistula from the sphincter muscles. The fistula is then sealed at both ends and cut open so it lies flat.
  • Incision and drainage In case of an anal abscess, the surgeon may choose to drain the infected region. The surgeon makes a small incision over the infected area to shorten the length of any fistula that may eventually progress. The wound is then packed with iodophor gauze, which is removed after 24 hours.
  • Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy The surgeon uses stapled hemorrhoidectomy to treat third-degree piles (hemorrhoids that protrude with straining). In this procedure, the hemorrhoids are prolapsed downward by expanding tissues supporting hemorrhoid. It is achieved by inserting a circular tube into the anal canal. A long thread or suture is placed or woven circumferentially within the anal canal above the internal hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoidal cushions are pulled back up into their normal position within the anal canal.
Benefits of choosing Pristyn Care for the treatment of different anorectal diseases in Surat.
  • Highly experienced proctologists– A team of the best-in-class proctologists of international repute performs complex surgeries with a success rate of over 90%. Our doctors offer comprehensive treatment to all our patients to guide them through the course of the procedure and make them aware of the risks involved.
  • Assistance in insurance approval– Anorectal diseases can pose a high risk of complications, and prolonged treatment can also lead to emergencies and even life-threatening conditions. Therefore, many such diseases are covered under health insurance by several companies. Pristyn Care assists with the insurance approval for laparoscopic surgery within 30 minutes. However, the insurance approval depends on the type of your insurance policy and the terms and conditions set by the insurance provider.
  • No cost EMI– Pristyn Care offers various modes of payment for anorectal surgeries at no cost EMI. In addition, we accept credit cards and cash payments for the procedure.
  • Free pick-up and drop facility– Commuting before and after surgery can be a major hassle. Pristyn Care provides cab services for free pick-up and drop to each patient within the city on the day of their surgery.
  • Free post-surgery consultation– Pristyn Care provides free follow-up consultation after each surgery. Our proctologists offer post-surgery recovery tips and proper diet charts to all the patients after their anorectal surgeries for a faster recovery.
  • Following all COVID-19 safety measures– Pristyn Care follows all hygiene protocols before every surgery. We also ensure proper sanitization of all our OTs and clinics before each surgery to curb the spread of COVID.
Book an Appointment with the Best Proctologists in Surat through Pristyn Care.
  • Pristyn Care is a full-stack healthcare service provider with some of the best hospitals and clinics in Surat. Our team at Pristyn Care will connect you with some of the best proctologists in Surat and book an appointment according to your schedule.
  • Fill out the patient form on our website A team of medical coordinators will reach out to you at the earliest and fix an appointment with the proctologist near your area according to your schedule.
  • You can also connect with our medical coordinators directly through the contact number on our website. The medical coordinator will listen to your query and connect you with the proctologist and book an appointment consecutively.
  • You can also book an appointment through our Pristyn Care app. Our team of medical coordinators will arrange an offline or video consultation with doctors near your area, charging a nominal consultation fee.

Most Frequently Asked Questions by Proctology patients

What are the common diseases and disorders that are treated by a proctologist?

All proctologists are highly specialized and trained in treating the following diseases and disorders.

  • Piles
  • Anal fissures
  • Fistula
  • Pilonidal sinus
  • Colon polyps
  • Perineal hernia

If you are suffering from any of the medical conditions that affect your colon, rectum, and anus, feel free to visit Pristyn Care and get consulted by expert proctologists.

What are the most common surgeries that can be performed by a proctologist?

A Proctologist can perform several surgeries to treat colon, rectum, and anal disorders with the help of the latest and advanced medical tools, diagnostic devices, and surgical instruments. A few of those surgeries are:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Laser piles surgery
  • Fistulotomy
  • Fissurectomy
  • Lateral internal sphincterotomy [LIS]
  • Laser fissure treatment
  • Laser fistulectomy
  • Pilonidal sinus laser treatment

However, most doctors prefer to perform laser surgeries because of their benefits and uses. To undergo the best and safest laser treatment for your diseases and disorders, visit Pristyn Care.

What are the causes of piles?

Below are a few of the most common causes of piles.

  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Lifting heavyweights
  • Obesity
  • Straining too much during bowel movement

What are the causes of fissure?

A few of the common causes of fissures are:

  • Lifting heavyweights
  • Tight anal sphincter
  • Passing large or hard stools frequently
  • Decreased blood flow to the anal region
  • Straining too much during bowel movement

What are the causes of fistula?

If you have any of the following conditions, you can develop a fistula:

  • Chronic abscess
  • An inflammatory disease of the intestine [Crohn’s disease]
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Tuberculosis

What are the causes of pilonidal sinus?

The most common causes of pilonidal sinus are mentioned below.

  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Hair puncture
  • Hormonal changes
  • Sitting for long hours
  • Obesity

Are piles hereditary?

Several clinical reports stated that piles or hemorrhoids tend to be hereditary, and you can get piles if your parents had them. In case you start noticing any symptoms of piles, you can visit Pristyn Care and can have a consultation with well-experienced proctologists.

Is laser surgery safe for piles?

Undergoing laser piles surgery is the best and safest way to cure your piles. Because laser surgery for piles does not involve any incisions and does not require any medications, there is no bleeding, little or no pain, and there is less risk of infection, you can recover quickly and can get back to doing your daily activities within a few days. To undergo the safest laser pile surgery in Surat, you can visit Pristyn Care.

Can my fissure last for years?

Yes, your fissures can last forever in case you:

  • Avoid or delay fissure treatment
  • Are you leading an unhealthy or unhygienic lifestyle
  • Are not allowed to heal fissures properly

To get the best and safest fissure treatment in Surat, book an appointment with our expert proctologist, who can perform laser fissure treatment at an affordable cost.

What happens if the anal fissure is left untreated?

If your anal fissures are left untreated or the treatment is delayed, they can cause serious health concerns and a few of them are:

  • Increase in the tear of the anus or failure of the tear to heal completely
  • Formation of extensive scar tissue at the site of the fissure
  • Can cause frequent anal infections
  • Can develop anal cancer

It is advised not to delay or avoid the anal fissure treatment. If you want to get treated for your anal fissures, you can consult our doctors at Pristyn Care, Surat, or book an appointment by making a call or filling in the form that is on this page.

Can I use medications to treat fistula?

Yes, you can use medications to treat your fistula. In most cases, antibiotics are recommended by your doctor to reduce the occurrence of fistula symptoms. And this antibiotic therapy should be followed for 7-10 days or as recommended by your doctor. However, if your fistula is not responding well to the medical therapy, a surgical procedure can be recommended.

Can pilonidal sinus be cured without surgery?

Based on the severity of the pilonidal sinus, your doctor can recommend either medical therapy or a surgical procedure. Most mild pilonidal sinus can be treated with conservative measures like simple exercises, draining the cyst, and phenol injection. However, make sure you receive the best and safest treatment options from your doctor.

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  • PS

    Praveen Soni


    Pristyn Care's treatment for piles was life-changing for me. The proctologist understood my concerns and recommended the best course of action. The piles surgery was successful, and I'm grateful for Pristyn Care's proctology care.

    City : SURAT
    Doctor : Dr. Raja Bharat Vijaybhai
  • RB

    Rajendra Bhasin


    The Pristyn Care doctors and staff provided top-notch care for my piles treatment. The doctors were professional and attentive, and the facilities were clean and well-maintained. Everything was good and I am now happy with the results. Highly recommended.

    City : SURAT
  • SS

    Shaguun Srivastava


    I had been suffering from piles for quite some time, but after undergoing treatment from Pristyn Care, I finally found relief. If you are also suffering from this painful condition, simply contact Pristyn Care and let rest everything on them. They will help you at each and every step of the treatment. Highly recommended!

    City : SURAT
    Doctor : Dr. Raja Bharat Vijaybhai
  • PG

    Pankaj Giri


    I had tried various home remedies for piles, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, I decided to seek professional help, and I'm glad I did and chose Pristyn Care. They gave me the relief I desperately needed. I am almost recovered now. Heartfelt thanks to PC.

    City : SURAT
    Doctor : Dr. Raja Bharat Vijaybhai
  • MC

    Mona Chandravanshi


    I had a sphincterectomy at Pristyn Care and the surgery was a great success. Thanks to them, my care coordinator, and my doctor who helped me at every step.

    City : SURAT
  • HN

    Harsha Negi


    With Pristyn Care, I certainly received optimal care, and they even assigned a coordinator who helped with all formalities. I got well, and even during recovery, the coordinator stayed in touch to get updates about my health.

    City : SURAT

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