Cost of Pilonidal Sinus Surgery in Surat

The pilonidal sinus, also known as the pilonidal cyst, is a small hole or channel in the cleft, just above the buttocks. A pilonidal sinus contains ingrown hair and may cause anal pain. Usually, the pilonidal sinus goes away on its own in a few weeks without the need for any medical interventions.

However, when it doesn’t heal on its own, it becomes severe, or there is the risk of developing infection and medications prove to be ineffective, surgical treatment becomes important.

How much does Pilonidal Sinus Surgery Cost?

The average cost of pilonidal sinus surgery in Surat ranges from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 70,000. However, this is not the final cost of this surgery as it’s affected by several factors.

However, following are the factors that affect the overall cost of pilonidal sinus surgery in Surat:-

  1. Number of the pilonidal sinuses

  2. Diagnostic tests

  3. Surgical procedure

  4. Experience and reliability of the surgeon

  5. Location and track record of the hospital

  6. Fee of anesthesiologist

  7. Medications after surgery

  8. Post-surgery consultation

If you have pilonidal sinus and you want to get rid of it permanently in a matter of no time, you should choose Laser Surgery after consulting with a pilonidal sinus specialist or proctologist or colorectal surgeon.

Usually, pilonidal sinus is treated in two ways in Surat known as Open Surgery and Laser Surgery. The cost of laser pilonidal sinus surgery is way higher than the cost of open surgery.

Open surgery is a conventional way of treating pilonidal sinus that involves pain and bleeding as well as there is a high risk of infection and other complications. Also, the recovery after open surgery may be painful and long.

However, laser surgery is an advanced procedure that doesn’t inflict pain or bleeding. Also, the success rate of this procedure is 86-90 percent and there is almost no risk of complications.

If you have pilonidal sinus and you want to get rid of it without feeling pain or problem during the procedure, you should go for laser surgery after consulting with an experienced surgeon.

Is pilonidal sinus treatment covered under insurance in Surat?

The cost of pilonidal sinus treatment is covered under insurance by most insurance providers. Since pilonidal sinus can cause serious life-threatening complications and even become potentially cancerous, some insurance companies cover the cost of its treatment.

Insurance is vital to cut down the overall cost of the treatment significantly. However, the insurance approval for pilonidal sinus will depend on the type of your insurance policy and the terms and conditions set by your insurance provider.

Pristyn Care assists with the insurance claims for pilonidal sinus surgery in Surat. You can get in touch with our medical coordinators for an assured and cost-effective treatment.

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Frequently asked questions by a patient with pilonidal sinus

Are pilonidal sinus and anal abscesses the same?

No. Pilonidal sinus and anal abscess are two different anorectal medical conditions. The pilonidal sinus is a hole that contains ingrown hair follicles. If left untreated, the pilonidal sinus can get infected and can turn into an anal abscess. Anal abscess contains pus, hair follicles, and debris.

Will I suffer from pain during laser pilonidal sinus surgery?

No. You will not suffer from pain or discomfort during laser pilonidal sinus surgery because you will be under the effect of anesthesia. However, once the surgery is done, you will feel little [mild] discomfort in the anal area which subsides over a period of time.

How to take care of the pilonidal sinus without any medications?

Based on the severity of the condition, your doctor may prescribe some broad-spectrum antibiotics and painkillers. These medications help in reducing the severity and the occurrence of symptoms associated with pilonidal sinus. But they are not intended to treat or cure the condition. For a permanent cure, surgery is the only option.

Can I have anal sex after undergoing laser pilonidal sinus surgery?

Usually, it is not recommended to have anal sex immediately after undergoing laser pilonidal surgery. It is advised to avoid anal sex until you are completely recovered [complete healing of the surgical area].

Pristyn Care has some of the best proctologists in Surat who have years of training and experience in performing successful pilonidal sinus surgeries for the best outcomes. To know more, consult our expert colorectal surgeons now.

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