What is Pilonidal Sinus?

A pilonidal cyst is a small hole formed near the tailbone. The cyst may also contain dirt and hair, which when infected, causes severe pain, inflammation, and itching. People who have to sit for long hours or do not maintain proper hygiene are more to Pilonidal sinus.

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Pilonidal Sinus
Names of pilonidal sinus in different languages:
  • Pilonidal sinus in Hindi - पाइलोनिडल साइनस
  • Pilonidal sinus in Telugu: పైలో నైడల్ సైనస్
  • Pilonidal sinus in Tamil: பைலோனிடல் சைனஸ்
  • Pilonidal sinus in Bengali - পাইলনডাইল সাইনাস
Home remedies for pilonidal sinus:
  • Take sitz baths
  • Take vitamin c and zinc supplements
  • Use essential oils to soothe the area
  • Apply castor oil to prevent inflammation in the area
  • Stay physically active to improve blood flow
Risk factors for pilonidal sinus:
  • Male sex
  • Sedentary and inactive lifestyle
  • Long hours of sitting
  • Excess body hair
  • Obesity
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The diagnosis of pilonidal sinus largely involves a physical exam. The doctor may ask a few questions about the symptoms, what supplements or medications you take and from how long you had this problem.


Usually, cab drivers and shop keepers develop this disease as their jobs require them to sit for long hours. Moreover, it is very common in men as compared to women. A pilonidal sinus occurs when the hair or dirt on the body gets pushed inside the cleft near the buttocks. Pilonidal sinus is also known as a cyst or abscess. There are various treatment options one can try to treat pilonidal sinus. The advanced laser-based techniques to cure pilonidal sinus are quite effective compared to traditional surgery or home remedies. If your condition has reached a stage where surgery is needed, we recommend you consult with the best doctor in Ludhiana for the advanced surgical treatment instead of open surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated cost of pilonidal sinus surgery in Ludhiana?

The cost of pilonidal sinus surgery in Ludhiana can range between Rs. 41,500 to Rs. 55,000. However, this price range is subject to change based on various factors like the doctor fee, the cost of medications, the price of diagnostic tests and the type and location of the hospital.

Is pilonidal sinus hereditary?

It is unclear whether pilonidal sinus is hereditary or not. But a family history can play a role in determining if you get pilonidal cysts. For instance, if rough body hair runs in your family, you are more prone to developing pilonidal sinus.

Can pilonidal sinus cause sepsis?

It is not 100% sure whether pilonidal sinus can cause sepsis or not. But based on a few medical studies, it is evident that chronic [untreated or prolonged] pilonidal sinus disease can cause troublesome sepsis in some young and physically active patients. Therefore, to clear more of your doubts, you can contact our expert doctors.

Which is the best way to get treated for pilonidal sinus?

Many methods are used to treat pilonidal sinus, and a few of them are:

  • Excision and drainage
  • Flap procedure
  • Non-surgical treatment [dietary and lifestyle changes]
  • Laser surgery

Out of several treatment methods, laser surgery is considered one of the best ways to treat pilonidal sinus without any severe complications.

What are the benefits of laser pilonidal sinus surgery?

Laser surgery to cure pilonidal sinus surgery involves many benefits, and a few of them are:

  • High levels of precision
  • Less damage to the surrounding healthy tissues
  • Less or minimal pain
  • No cuts or scars
  • Minimal or less bleeding
Will I suffer from pain during laser pilonidal sinus surgery?

No, you won’t suffer from pain during laser pilonidal sinus surgery. This is because you will be administered with either local or general anesthesia before undergoing the surgery. Local anesthesia will numb the surgical area, and the general anesthesia will make you fall asleep throughout the procedure. But, after completion of the surgery, you may feel mild pain and a little discomfort, which subsides over time.

Can pilonidal sinus cause infection?

Yes, if not treated on time, pilonidal sinus can often become infected. Once infected, the sinus may start oozing pus, blood and release foul odor. An infected pilonidal abscess can be extremely painful. The infected pilonidal tract be either surgically removed or treated.

Is pilonidal sinus operation safe?

Yes, pilonidal sinus operation is a very common anorectal surgery. It is safe and if performed under the supervision of a trained and experienced anorectal doctor, surgical approach can be highly effective in treating pilonidal sinus. Laser surgery is the most effective and safe surgical approach for pilonidal sinus treatment.

What is the permanent solution for pilonidal sinus?

Most anorectal surgeons consider surgery to be the permanent and most effective treatment of pilonidal sinus. While other lines of treatment can provide temporary relief or manage the severity of the condition, permanent cure can only be achieved through surgical treatment.

Is pilonidal sinus serious?

While the cyst alone is not very serious, once infected, the condition can be serious. Once the pilonidal sinus gets infected, it forms an abscess, causes pain and discharges smelly discharge. In that case, one should always consult with the doctor and not resort to any other treatment.

More Questions

Best Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Ludhiana

According to a study, there are twice obese people in North India than in South India which is an alarming statistic. In 2015 there were only 25% obese people in Ludhiana but in 2019 it has increased up to 35% which is quite high.

This is due to the sedentary lifestyle led by the people in Ludhiana. A study revealed that consumption of fast foods was higher in boys than girls. The data revealed that 47% of the boys and 38% of the girls consumed fast food twice a week, thus indicating a high consumption of fast food among the college students in Ludhiana.

So, unhealthy food habits was one of the main causes of pilonidal sinus in Ludhiana. There are plenty of people who are suffering from it. The disease does not depend on the age, it can happen even if you are in your teens or over your 40. This condition should not be left untreated as it can worsen over time and further complicate the problem. You should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Pilonidal sinus surgery in Ludhiana

Pilonidal sinus wounds occur in a ratio of 4 men to 1 woman. So, males are the most affected by this disease. The peak onset is 19 years of age in women and 22 in men. It is also most likely to occur when a person crosses 40 years of age. In India more than 135 million are obese. Moreover, obesity in Ludhiana is on the rise because of gender, age, and geographical conditions. Finding a good hospital is difficult in Ludhiana, here Pristyn Care comes to your help. Our doctors are experienced and take great care while treating the patients. The latest laser surgery for curing pilonidal sinus is painless and ensures minimum bleeding. It’s a daycare procedure with almost no risks or complications.

Different surgical treatments for pilonidal sinus

Here are the different surgical treatments for pilonidal sinus treatment:

  • Laser pilonidal sinus treatment- Laser surgery for pilonidal sinus is the most effective treatment for pilonidal sinus. During the procedure, the proctologist uses a high-intensity laser beam to close off the sinus tract. The doctor removes the entire pit of the pilonidal sinus so that the infection does not recur. It is an easier and higher precision procedure to perform as compared to the earlier mentioned types of open surgery. The treatment procedure requires only one day of dressing as there are no wounds left behind to heal. The laser energy also promotes the faster healing of the site of the surgery. Thus, it takes a very short time to completely recover from laser surgery for the pilonidal sinus.
  • Incision and drainage- Incision and drainage is an open surgical procedure recommended mostly when the cyst becomes infected. It is performed with local anesthesia to make the affected area numb. The surgeon makes an incision in the cyst to drain the infectious fluid and pus. The doctor packs the hole with gauze and leaves it open to heal. It can take up to 4-6 weeks to heal the cyst completely.
  • Pilonidal cystectomy- Pilonidal cystectomy is the surgical removal of the entire pilonidal cyst. The treatment is performed after administering general/regional anesthesia. The surgeon makes a cut to remove the affected skin along with underlying hair follicles, tissues, and dead cells. If required, the doctor packs the area with surgical gauze. In cases where the infection is severe, the doctor places a tube to drain the fluid from the cyst. The tube is removed when the entire fluid is drained from the cyst.

Are there any risks and complications involved during pilonidal sinus surgery?

If performed under the guidance and supervision of a trained proctologist, surgical treatment for pilonidal sinus will not cause any risks or complications. But, like any other surgery, there might be some complications, although not severe. Some of them are:

  • Trauma and bleeding to the site – If the surgery is not performed efficiently, there can be a chance of the anal tissues getting injured. Trauma and injury to the anal tissues can even lead to bleeding. If the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon, the chances of any injury can be cut down drastically.
  • Infection – Like any other surgery, infection is a common side effect/ complication in case of pilonidal sinus surgery too. Infection can lead to nausea and vomiting in the person. Infection, however, is not a very serious problem and can be treated with medicines. The chances of infection in case of open surgery is much higher than in laser surgery.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma – A type of skin cancer that occurs due to uncontrolled growth of the squamous cells. The condition is not very common but not unheard of. To prevent such complications, it is extremely important that the surgery is performed by an experienced and trained surgeon.
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Pilonidal Sinus - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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