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What is Hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy is defined as the process of removal of the uterus by a surgical method. In very simple language, Hysterectomy is the removal process of a female womb. The womb is the organ that is found in the lower part of the female body. The surgery may usually involve the removal of overall organs of the reproductive system which a female body comprises. The organs may include ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes and other surrounding parts inside the uterus. Due to functional abnormalities, surgery is the best possible option. The main function of the uterus is to help the embryo (i.e., early fetus) to grow inside the womb.



Need for Hysterectomy

Symptomatic uterine fibroids

Uterus prolapse

Last solution to endometriosis

Irregular, excessive, or painful menstrual bleeding

Types of Hysterectomy

Partial hysterectomy

Total hysterectomy

Total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

Radical hysterectomy

Different Approaches For Hysterectomy

Vaginal hysterectomy

Abdominal hysterectomy

Laparoscopic hysterectomy

Benefits of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Minimally invasive procedure

Minimum surgery time

Slight to no blood loss

Lower risk of abdominal infections & complications

Recovery is fast and easy

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

Cashless insurance facility

All insurances covered

No hidden charges

Assistance in paperwork by Pristyn Care

Why Pristyn Care?

Free cab pick-up & drop

USFDA and advanced BPH treatment

No cost EMI

Free follow ups post surgery

Covid free hospital, doctors and staff


Physical examination for Hysterectomy Surgery


An expert doctor will evaluate and diagnose whether the patient is physically fit for the surgery or not? That can be done by asking about the medical history, and other illnesses a patient may have. After that, they may ask for a pelvic examination, pap smear, and conduct a thorough diagnosis before proceeding with a hysterectomy. A patient may need to get the tests done to check for cancer. They may include:

  • Cervical cytology (Pap Smear test)- To help detect the presence of abnormal cervical cells
  • Endometrial biopsy- To help detect abnormal cells in the uterine lining
  • Pelvic ultrasound- To see the size of uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps or ovarian cysts


After a diagnosis by an experienced surgeon, the patient accordingly proceeds with the operation. The advanced surgical procedure involves removal of the uterus through the abdomen by taking a very low bikini incision using the laparoscope. The daycare treatment involves fewer cuts or incisions, no scarring, no pain, and a faster recovery. There are two procedures for hysterectomy using modern procedures, the same are listed below:

  • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy- This procedure involves the incision with a laparoscope and vaginal incision, excision of cervical tissues transvaginally.
  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy- The entire operation is performed using a laparoscope and afterwards, a surgical specimen is removed via the vagina.
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Benefits of choosing Pristyn Care for Hysterectomy (Uterus Removal Operation) in Gurgaon

Pristyn Care is one of the leading healthcare providers and associated with multiple gyne and super-specialty hospitals in Gurgaon. As you choose us, we help you end-to-end throughout the entire procedure. Some of our USPs include: 

  • 24 Hour patient Support: 

Need a second opinion, want to know if hysterectomy is necessary, what is the most advanced surgery method, who is the best doctor, or which hospitals accept insurance or are on your SSGHS/ CGHS panel? Simply call us. We have 24-hour patient support and our medical coordinators will help you end-to-end with all your doubts, appointments, and the surgery itself. 

  • Free Online and Offline Consultations: 

We have multiple gyne clinics in Gurgaon and you can consult both online and offline. Our consultations are free and vicinity COVID safe. So simply book your free consultation and discuss all your doubts, symptoms, needs and understand the procedure step by step. The more informed you are, the more confident you will feel about the surgery. 

  • 30-minute Insurance Assistance:

 We have a dedicated insurance team to help you with all your queries and doubts on the estimated surgery cost, its insurance coverage, and choice of hospitals. We strive to provide you with insurance clarity within 30 minutes. This makes your patient journey well-informed and quicker. 

  • 10+ Years Experienced Gynecology Surgeons: 

Pristyn Care Doctors are some of the most reputed and trusted female OB- Gynecologists in Gurgaon with more than 10+ years experience in gynecological surgeries. Our doctors especially expertise in laser and laparoscopy-based minimal access surgeries (MAS) and hence promise the safest and most advanced hysterectomy. 

  • USFDA Approved Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: 

Pristyn Care Centres are equipped with the latest and most advanced keyhole surgery technique, that is- Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. This technology ensures the surgery invasion is minimal, blood loss minimum, hospital discharge quick, and recovery- the fastest. 

  • Multiple Clinics and Super Speciality Hospitals: 

We have multiple clinics and associated hospitals. This is why, wherever you are, we are nearby. Just ask your medical coordinator for your nearby hospital options. 

  • COVID Safe Vicinity: 

All our clinics and operating hospitals follow the strictest of COVID safety protocols. Our medical and non-medical staff are double vaccinated, maintain thermal screenings, double masking, and social distancing. Therefore, we ensure you are and feel safe at all times. 

  • Free Transportation: 

Wherever you are in Gurgaon, we offer free transportation. That is, you do not have to worry about how to reach or come back from the hospital of your choice. We will pick you up from your point of residence, assist you through the entire surgery and drop you back with utmost safety and care. 

  • Dedicated Care Buddy: 

On the day of surgery, we provide you with a dedicated care- buddy. This care buddy helps you with all the paperwork including hospital admission and discharge. This person also helps with any help you might need at the hospital site. 

  • Multiple Payment Options: 

We accept all forms of payment be it cash, card, or insurance cases. 

  • No Cost EMI Option: 

We also have an option of no-cost EMI. Here you can choose to pay in smaller installments over a period of time at no extra cost. Simply use this feature and let finances not become a hassle in timely treatment. 

  • Free Followup: 

Treatment doesn’t end at surgery. Nor does our relationship with you. This is why we provide you a free follow-up after your treatment and urge you to take this within 7 days of your surgery. This is done to ensure your surgery went fine and you are recovering smoothly. 

How to book an appointment with a Pristyn Care gynecologist in Gurgaon? 

Booking an appointment with a Pristyn Care gynecologist in Gurgaon is easy. Simply call us directly or fill our ‘Book my Appointment’ form. It would ask you just four basic questions such as ‘Your name’, ‘Contact’, ‘Disease name’, and ‘City’. Just fill them and click ‘submit’. Our medical coordinators will call you shortly and help you speak to a doctor of your choice.

Nearby Cities around Gurgaon where one can find Hysterectomy treatment 

In Gurgaon, women from some of the major localities such as Sushant Lok-I, DLF Phase 2, Sultanpur, Civil lines, Laxmi Vihar, IMT Manesar, Sadar Bazaar, sector 29, sector 44, sector 45, sector 48, sector 49, Udyog Vihar Phase I, Udyog Vihar Phase II, Udyog Vihar Phase III, etc. Women not only in Gurgaon but also nearby cities can also visit our clinic to get a hysterectomy. In other words, individuals looking for uterus removal surgery from nearby cities such as Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida. 

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