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What is Hymenoplasty ?

Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction is the surgical procedure of restorating the hymen, a thin, pinkish colored membrane which partially covers the vaginal entrance. Hymen is is a part of the vulva and is located approximately half an inch inside the vagina. The function of the hymen is exactly unknown. But, the hymen is considered to act as a barrier which prevents the external sources of infection from entering the vagina until puberty. The hymen generally ruptures during the first sexual intercourse. However, the hymen can also get torn at any age due to strenuous activities like bicycling, horseback riding and gymnastics. Using tampons can also, sometimes, break the hymen. Some females are even born without an intact hymen


Who can get the hymen repair surgery?
  • Any woman desiring hymen reconstruction who is above 18+ years of age can undergo hymen repair surgery.
Documents required for the surgery
    • Age proof
    • Written consent of the patient
Why Pristyn Care for Hymenoplasty Surgery?
    • Expert Obstetricians and Gynecologists
    • Free appointment
    • No cost EMI
    • Painless procedure
    • Free pick up and drop
Who can get the hymen repair surgery (Hymenoplasty)?
    • Any woman desiring hymen reconstruction who is above 18+ years of age can undergo hymen repair surgery.

Hymenoplasty Surgery - Diagnosis and Procedure


The gynecologist will physically examine the patient to make sure she is fit for the surgery.


Hymenoplasty is a clinic based procedure performed under general or local anesthesia, as recommended by the gynecologist. The doctor will then make a transverse incision in the vestibular mucosa posterior to the vaginal wall. The surgery is performed by uniting the remaining torn tags of the hymen. The broken tags of the hymen are joined with self-dissolvable sutures, which dissolve in 15-21 days. After the operation, patients are advised to always keep the area clean and apply the ointment regularly.

The female has to maintain proper hygiene and wear loose fitting clothes after the surgery. Avoid using irritants or scented sprays or washes around the vaginal area.

Why Choose Pristyn Care for Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Confidential Consultation. Highly Expert Female Gynecologists.


Confidential Consultation

We ensure 100% confidentiality of the patients throughout the Hymenoplasty Surgery process. All the treatment details and documentation are kept secure, and no information, under any circumstance, is leaked to an outside party.


No-Cost EMI Treatment

To help patients manage the expense of hymenoplasty, we provide No-Cost EMI offers. By availing of these offers, patients can pay for their hymenoplasty surgery in convenient and affordable monthly installments.


Highly Expert Female Gynecologists

Our team consists of the top gynecologists in India with extensive experience in performing Hymenoplasty surgery and ensuring the patient faces minimal discomfort in the process.


Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.

FAQs around Hymenoplasty Surgery

Is there any major risk/ complication in having the hymenoplasty surgery?

No, the hymen repair surgery is relatively risk-free. Especially when performed by a skilled specialist, the complications go down to zero. However, as a rare case scenario, you might risk bruising, infection, disjunction, and transient local sensitivities.

Can blood capsules/ hymen repair kits give virginity effect?

No. In fact, you must refrain from such over-the-counter products as they may do more harm than good. Vagina, as you know is a very delicate and sensitive organ. Inserting anything while the ingredients are not researched, may disturb its Ph balance and cause dryness. This would then risk tear or rupture during intercourse and itchiness and bacterial infection afterward.

Can hymen repair surgery affect future pregnancy?

No, hymen repair surgery is performed on the external vaginal area while all the reproductive organs lie much above it, that is- after the cervix. Since no reproductive organ/ tissue is disturbed through the hymen repair process, it has no negative or positive side effect on a woman’s fertility.

How long does it take to have a hymenoplasty?

This is a simple medical procedure that takes no more than an hour. Adding some basic time for preparation, anesthesia and rest, your total hospital time may run between 2-3 hours.

Does insurance cover hymenoplasty surgery?

No, hymenoplasty is considered an elective surgery in India and hence, not covered under insurance. However, to ease your medical expenses, Pristyn Care provides you with multiple payment options, including low-cost EMI. To know more, you can contact us directly, and our experts will reach you and guide you through the process.

What kind of aftercare is required following a hymenoplasty procedure?

Some post-care tips that may help you are:

  • To avoid infection, you’ll need to keep the area clean and take antibiotics.
  • Warm compresses and ice packs should be used to relieve discomfort and swelling.
  • After the hymenoplasty operation, you can take a bath for 23 days afterward.
  • You must not have sex for at least 8 weeks after the procedure.
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