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What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are twisted and swollen veins in the legs that become red, bluish, or purple in color. The main function of the veins is to ensure that the blood flow is maintained. But, if the valves get weaker, blood can back up and exert more pressure on the veins. This excess pressure exerted on the veins causes the widening of veins. It is not unheard of that people take varicose veins as a cosmetic concern but it can become painful and inflict pain while sitting or walking. The advanced laser surgery to treat varicose veins is a renowned minimally invasive technique that leaves no stitch marks or imposes the need for long bed rest and hospital stay.



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Sores or skin ulcers which doesn’t heal on its own


Increasing age


Bleeding from the thin side of the skin


Blood clots that form in veins just below the skin


Deep vein thrombosis (deeper blood clots in veins)


A ruptured vein may develop into varicose ulcers or eczema


Family history


Sitting or standing for long hours

Hormonal changes



Pain and heaviness in the legs

Burning and muscle cramping

Discoloration of the skin

Itching and irritation

Twisted and bulge veins


Doctor Doing a Surgery


The best doctor to treat varicose veins will perform a physical test. The varicose veins doctor may suggest some tests. They can be a Doppler test or an ultrasound scan.

  • Doppler Test: In this, a transducer probe detects the direction of blood flow both in the skin veins and deep veins.
  • Ultrasound scan: This process helps in a detailed examination of the deep veins, particularly if there is a history of deep vein thrombosis.


The expert varicose veins doctors provide the most advanced treatments. Laser-assisted treatments are available at Pristyn Care in Nagpur. Laser helps in removal of the faulty veins and close the same. A laser is a beam of light and a doctor can use a laser-based surgical device to treat varicose veins. Laser heat ablates a vein and a scar tissue closes the vein. A terminated vein loses its source of blood and eventually dies. Removal or closure of varicose veins doesn't cause any issues with blood flow. The blood continues to flow through other veins. The team at Pristyn Care in Nagpur is providing a hassle-free experience and best-in-class laser surgery to cure varicose veins.

Why Pristyn Care ?

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Your safety is taken care of by thermal screening, social distancing, sanitized clinics and hospital rooms, sterilized surgical equipment and mandatory PPE kits during surgery.

Assisted Surgery Experience

Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Medical Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.

Medical Expertise With Technology

Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.

Post Surgery Care

Post Surgery Care

We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

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Smooth treatment for Varicose veins. Doctors and staff at Pristyn Care are brilliant.

Varicose veins treatment is performed on the outer surface of the skin at Pristyn Care. But, it can treat varicose veins under the skin's surface. Generally, more than one laser session is not needed for the treatment. But if required, it can be scheduled after 6 to 12 weeks, as prescribed by the specialist. Experts at Pristyn Care in Nagpur use laser devices that produce heat to destroy the vascular endothelium. In laser treatment of varicose veins, a modern technique is used along with a catheter where a bare laser fiber is passed through the catheter until its end extends beyond the tip.

The treatment of varicose veins assures the separation of heat from damaging adjacent structures, including nerves and skin, as well as pain control. In modern daycare treatment of varicose veins in Nagpur, laser energy is delivered directly to the vessel wall to cure varicose veins. The major reason for the cause of varicose veins is family history, overweight or obesity. If a patient is facing symptoms of varicose veins, but not getting desired results, schedule an appointment with the best doctor for treatment varicose veins in Nagpur.

The treatment encompasses a lot of lifestyle changes such as exercising, weight loss, less restrictive clothing, leg elevation, avoiding standing and sitting for long periods of time. But if the condition is not getting treated with simple treatment, there is a minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins. The treatments are performed by using highly precise equipment, inflicts no pain, involves fewer cuts and wounds as well as performed under 60-90 minutes.

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