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What is Stapler Circumcision?

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. The Stapler circumcision device is an advanced modern stapler used for this surgery. It aids in cutting and stapling the foreskin of the penis. The procedure is painless, ensures minimum blood loss and involves no stitches. Stapler Circumcision is definitely better and safer than the traditional surgery and offers fast healing after the circumcision.



Why Circumcision? / Need

Less risk of several sexually transmitted diseases

Less risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer in female sex partners

Reduced risk of several urinary tract infections

Prevents inflammation of the glans (balanitis)

Prevents inflammation of the glans and foreskin (balanoposthitis)

Why Stapler Circumcision?

Painless and bloodless procedure

10 - 15 min procedure

Same-day discharge

Don't Fear Circumcision

Fertility is not affected

Get rid of all foreskin issues

No issues in intercourse after procedure

Why Pristyn Care?

Free cab pick-up & drop

USFDA approved circumcision surgery

Free follow ups post surgery

Covid free hospital, doctors and staff

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

Cashless insurance facilityl

All insurances covered

No hidden charges

Assistance in paperwork by Pristyn Care



Stapler circumcision is much safer than traditional procedures and causes very little pain. So, it is now considered the best treatment for phimosis. Not only adults but it can also be done in infants as the safety measures are high.

Stapler Circumcision is the safest option for people who have blood-related issues like Hemophilia. At Pristyn Care in Ahmedabad, the entire surgery with the help of the Stapler circumcision device is performed under 30 minutes and involves a quicker recovery.


  • Safe, minimally invasive; Less pain and less bleeding; Quick recovery; No hospital stay; Easier to keep the penis clean; Easier to avoid infection; Less prone to urinary tract infection

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific precautions to take before Stapler circumcision in Ahmedabad?

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Who is the right candidate for Stapler circumcision?

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Are there any side effects of Stapler circumcision in Ahmedabad?

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Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin cannot be retracted back and wraps tightly around the head of the penis. Young boys often have this issue but see it solve itself around the age of 5. But, if phimosis persists past this point, it is possible that it may cause complications such as reduced penis growth. Phimosis is common in men of all ages. Adult men in Ahmedabad often avoid or delay proper treatment of conditions like phimosis. Men who begin to suffer from phimosis and delay treatment are likely to see a negative impact on sex life or other greater complications such as bacteria build-up, inflammation, and infertility. Undergoing Stapler circumcision can eliminate such serious risks of conditions such as phimosis, balanitis, balanoposthitis, etc. To undergo less invasive Stapler circumcision from the best surgeons in Ahmedabad, get in touch with Pristyn Care. 

Undergo less-invasive Stapler circumcision in Ahmedabad from Pristyn Care

Stapler Circumcision is a modern, less invasive technique of performing male circumcision. During Stapler circumcision, a Stapler device is used to perform the procedure. A Stapler circumcision device is placed over the penis to remove the foreskin. Stapler Circumcision is a much simpler and effective procedure than the traditional procedure. Traditional circumcision involves cuts, stitches, and bleeding which prolongs the recovery period for the patient. Also, the chances of complications and discomfort after Stapler circumcision are nil. Whereas the cases of infections and complications after the traditional surgery of circumcision are quite common. So, it is wise to choose the modern procedure of Stapler circumcision over the old traditional methods. 

What are the benefits of getting circumcised?

Adult male Stapler circumcision is a quick procedure. When compared with the traditional circumcision procedure with stitches, Stapler circumcision is associated with shorter surgical time, higher patient satisfaction, better aesthetic appeal, lower operative pain and less operative blood loss. Circumcision is a day care procedure. You can go home the same day after a couple of hours. You can return to a normal work routine in 24 hours. To know more about the procedure or discuss how undergoing circumcision can benefit you, consult our expert surgeons in Ahmedabad. Here are the benefits of undergoing circumcision-

  • Decreased risk of penile cancer- The risk of developing penile cancer is found to be lesser in circumcised males. Additionally, the risk of cervical cancer is also less in the female with a circumcised sexual partner.
  • Prevention of penile problems- Permanent treatment for tight foreskin problems such as phimosis and paraphimosis.
  • Decreased risk of STIs, STDs and UTIs- Circumcision lowers the risk of UTIs, STIs and STDs, including HIV. But practicing safe sex still remain an important factor.
  • Better hygiene and reduce health risks – Circumcision makes it easier to keep the penis clean and prevent smegma buildup.

What to expect after Stapler Circumcision?

The patient would be discharged from the hospital the same day after the procedure. He can resume his regular lifestyle 1 day after the procedure. Complete recovery requires 3 to 4 weeks to completely recover from Stapler Circumcision from Pristyn Care in Ahmedabad. Due to less invasive surgical approach, the patient would have minimal discomfort and no pain after Stapler circumcision. There is no restriction on regular lifestyle and work, but make sure to follow any specific precautions that the surgeon has advised. The patients are advised to avoid masturbation and sexual intercourse for 3 to 4 weeks after Stapler circumcision. Book an appointment with Pristyn Care’s best surgeons in Ahmedabad to undergo safe and pain-free Stapler circumcision.

What is the Estimated Cost of Circumcision in Ahmedabad?

The estimated cost of Stapler circumcision in Ahmedabad varies from hospital to hospital, depending on various factors such as the underlying cause or medical condition demanding circumcision, the patient’s health condition, medical history, or the type of anesthesia used. To consult our expert surgeons for any doubts, concerns, or queries or to undergo Stapler circumcision surgery in Ahmedabad, visit the nearest clinic in Ahmedabad to know the solution.

Highly Experienced Circumcision Doctors In Ahmedabad

Pristyn Care houses renowned and the best surgeons in Ahmedabad who specialize in minimally invasive procedures such as Stapler circumcision. You can consult the best surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive Stapler procedure of circumcision in Ahmedabad at your nearest Pristyn care clinic. 

Pristyn Care clinics and top associated hospitals in Ahmedabad 

Pristyn Care has many clinics across Ahmedabad. You can consult expert doctors for Stapler circumcision in Ahmedabad at Pristyn Care clinic in Thaltej, Ahmedabad.

Undergo minimally invasive Stapler circumcision in Ahmedabad from top hospitals associated with Pristyn Care. Here are some best hospitals in Ahmedabad associated with Pristyn Care-

  • Livewell Hospital
  • Sannidhi Hospital
  • Scarlet Hospital
  • Shivam hospital 
  • Sumiran Hospital
  • Sunflower Hospital

Benefits of choosing Stapler circumcision in Ahmedabad from Pristyn Care

You can consult the finest surgeons in Ahmedabad for Stapler circumcision at Pristyn Care clinic. When performed by skilled surgeons, Stapler circumcision involves no risks and faster, pain-free recovery. Benefits of choosing Stapler circumcision are- 

  • Quick, precise and a time saving procedure
  • Aesthetically appealing results
  • Minimal blood loss
  • No age bar
  • Easy postoperative care 
  • Rapid recovery
  • No risk of infections during wound recovery

How To Book an Appointment for the Best Stapler Circumcision in Ahmedabad?

To consult our expert surgeons for any doubts, concerns or queries or to undergo Stapler circumcision surgery in Ahmedabad, visit the nearest Pristyn Care clinic in Ahmedabad to know the solution. You can also book an online consultation and consult the doctor via a video call. Book an appointment at Pristyn Care and consult the best surgeons for circumcision surgery in Ahmedabad. Pristyn Care multispeciality clinics for Stapler circumcision in Ahmedabad are clean, hygienic and COVID- 19 safe. Book an appointment for the most advanced Stapler circumcision surgery in Ahmedabad.   

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