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USFDA-Approved Procedure

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About Pilonidal sinus

A pilonidal cyst is a small hole formed near the tailbone. The cyst may also contain dirt and hair, which when infected, causes severe pain, inflammation, and itching. People who have to sit for long hours or do not maintain proper hygiene are more to Pilonidal sinus.


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Names of pilonidal sinus in different languages:
  • Pilonidal sinus in Hindi - पाइलोनिडल साइनस
  • Pilonidal sinus in Telugu: పైలో నైడల్ సైనస్
  • Pilonidal sinus in Tamil: பைலோனிடல் சைனஸ்
  • Pilonidal sinus in Bengali - পাইলনডাইল সাইনাস
Home remedies for pilonidal sinus:
  • Take sitz baths
  • Take vitamin c and zinc supplements
  • Use essential oils to soothe the area
  • Apply castor oil to prevent inflammation in the area
  • Stay physically active to improve blood flow
Risk factors for pilonidal sinus:
  • Male sex
  • Sedentary and inactive lifestyle
  • Long hours of sitting
  • Excess body hair
  • Obesity
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Why Pristyn Care?
  • Private room for patients with attendant stay & meal
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  • Free cab pickup & drop facility
  • Free follow ups post surgery
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The diagnosis of Pilonidal sinus requires a physical exam & doctor may ask a few questions about the symptoms, supplements or medications.


The treatment of Pilonidal Sinus depends on the nature and the type of cyst. You can easily find the best clinics, treatments, centres, and doctors in Gwalior.

Preventive treatment

At the early stage, preventive treatment can be done which mainly includes a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. You should not ignore any early symptoms. If you even notice a single symptom, visit a doctor as early as possible and get yourself examined.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is regarded as the most effective treatment for Pilonidal Sinus. In this least invasive treatment, a particular laser fiber is used to send high-intensity light energy into the Sinus which destroys the wound and collapses the infected tract. Before this, the patient is provided with local anesthesia to remove the pit and hair strands in the cyst. This is done through a small incision. In many cases, no incision is performed at all; the laser treatment alone is used to heal the cyst. Laser surgery treatment can also be carried out if there is more than one cyst or Sinus tract.

In Our Doctor's Words

What-Dr. Pankaj Sareen-Say-About-Pilonidal Sinus-Treatment

Dr. Pankaj Sareen

MBBS, MS - General Surgery

20 Years Experience

"Pilonidal Sinus is a fairly common condition among people. It usually happens because of improper hygiene, physical inactivity, and long sitting hours. Once formed, it will keep recurring and oozing of pus, debris and at times- hair particles. This is why, a proper cleaning and removal through a catheter is the only final solution. I suggest you seek a good general surgeon/ proctologist at the earliest or the pain only severes and you risk forming other anorectal diseases such as infections and anal fistula."

Why Pristyn Care for Pilonidal Sinus Surgery?

Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


Advanced Treatment Through Laser Surgery

At Pristyn Care, you can avail advanced pilonidal sinus treatment surgery using a laser for better results and quicker recovery without any postoperative complications.


FREE Appointment with Experienced Proctologists

At Pristyn Care, we have expert proctologists with 8-10 years of experience in performing advanced pilonidal sinus treatment surgery with successful results.


Quick Recovery With Effective Results

Pristyn Care promises quick recovery from pilonidal sinus pain with advanced treatments. Most patients experience effective relief from anal pain and discomfort within a couple of weeks of treatment.


End-to-end Process Assistance

Pristyn Care provides end-to-end process handling for all patients. From the beginning of the pilonidal sinus treatment to treatment conclusion, a care coordinator will remain in touch with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the laser treatment leave a scar?

The laser treatment uses laser energy to treat the disease. There will be no scar left behind on the treated area. The surrounding skin and the skin of the treated area will have no harm after the laser procedure. The laser treatment is medically approved and completely safe with no side effects.

Can the patient pass stool easily after the surgery?

The doctor gives a diet and exercise chart to the patient after the treatment. The patient is suggested to eat light and healthy meal that would help in easy bowel movements. Following the doctor’s advice, the patient would have no difficulty or pain while passing stool.

Can the patient sit or lie down after the laser treatment?

The patient can sit or lie down after the surgery. Make sure to not sit on hard surfaces continuously after the treatment. The patient should avoid running, long walks, weight lifting or workout for about two to three weeks after the surgery. Proper rest will help the treated area to heal quickly.

How to cure pilonidal sinus in 3 days?

Surgery is the only effective treatment that can provide relief from the condition of pilonidal sinus. Medicines and non-surgical treatment approaches for pilonidal sinus do not provide effective results and also take a long time to show results. Laser surgical treatment for pilonidal sinus is an advanced, highly effective and the safest treatment that can cure pilonidal sinus in less than 3 days.

Can pilonidal sinus cause infection?

Yes, if not treated on time, pilonidal sinus can often become infected. Once infected, the sinus may start oozing pus, blood and release foul odor. An infected pilonidal abscess can be extremely painful. The infected pilonidal tract be either surgically removed or treated.

Is pilonidal sinus operation safe?

Yes, pilonidal sinus operation is a very common anorectal surgery. It is safe and if performed under the supervision of a trained and experienced anorectal doctor, surgical approach can be highly effective in treating pilonidal sinus. Laser surgery is the most effective and safe surgical approach for pilonidal sinus treatment.

What is the permanent solution for pilonidal sinus?

Most anorectal surgeons consider surgery to be the permanent and most effective treatment of pilonidal sinus. While other lines of treatment can provide temporary relief or manage the severity of the condition, permanent cure can only be achieved through surgical treatment.

Which is the best cream for pilonidal sinus?

Metronidazole is one of the best and highly effective creams for pilonidal sinus management. The cream helps in clearing up the abscess and also prevents bacteria from multiplying.

Is pilonidal sinus surgery effective?

Yes, pilonidal sinus is best treated of abscess by surgery. It is quick, safe and effective.

What is the safest procedure for curing Pilonidal Sinus in Gwalior?

Laser-based procedures which are U.S. Drugs and Food Administration are completely safe for treating Pilonidal sinus. Doctors are specially trained to provide these laser treatments. Pristyn Care takes the utmost care of their patients when providing a cure for piles, fissures, fistulas, varicose veins, and pilonidal sinus.

Can I drain the pus out from the cyst at home?

You should not try to drain the cyst on your own because it increases the chances of infection. Due to the lack of sterile materials, bacteria can enter the wound and cause an infection. Hence, it is better if you get the treatment from a specialist only.

Painless Laser Procedure for Pilonidal Sinus at Pristyn Care in Gwalior

Due to a group of hair being trapped in the pores of the outer skin of the hips, near the anus, the pilonidal sinus is caused. A painful abscess formed when the cyst underlying the skin gets infected. The condition of pilonidal sinus makes sitting, lying off the back and passing stool very painful. At times, there may be puss or fluid accumulation in the cyst, forming an abscess. In simple words, the accumulation of ingrown here around the anal area leads to the pilonidal sinus. If not treated in the early stages, it gets very complicated and painful for the patient and can also cause infections in the body and around the affected area.

With the laser treatment, the patient can get rid of the pilonidal sinus in a pain free treatment in just 30 minutes! The traditional way of treating pilonidal sinus is by making incisions on the affected area and draining out the puss or fluids present.

Which is the best hospital for Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Gwalior?

After a patient gets in touch with Pristyn Care, an appointment is set up with the specialist for the earliest day possible. The doctor then examines the patient and thoroughly diagnose the condition. The patient is then informed with the best treatment options available to him. We guarantee to provide the most advanced treatment options for various diseases.

Visit Pristyn Care for the safest and most advanced pain-free treatment in Gwalior. The patient can also have a cashless surgery if he has an active insurance policy. A free cab to pick up the patient for the surgery and drop the patient back home after the surgery would be provided by Prsityn Care. There would also be a patient buddy from Pristyn Care to help the patient and his family during the treatment. All arrangements are made at the hospital before the patient arrives. Without wasting any time, the patient is immediately taken to prepare for the surgery as he arrives at the hospital the patient would feel no pain from the surgery and would be able to resume normal life after taking proper rest of six to eight days.

Different surgical treatments for pilonidal sinus

Here are the different surgical treatments for pilonidal sinus treatment:

  • Laser pilonidal sinus treatment- Laser surgery for pilonidal sinus is the most effective treatment for pilonidal sinus. During the procedure, the proctologist uses a high-intensity laser beam to close off the sinus tract. The doctor removes the entire pit of the pilonidal sinus so that the infection does not recur. It is an easier and higher precision procedure to perform as compared to the earlier mentioned types of open surgery. The treatment procedure requires only one day of dressing as there are no wounds left behind to heal. The laser energy also promotes the faster healing of the site of the surgery. Thus, it takes a very short time to completely recover from laser surgery for the pilonidal sinus.
  • Incision and drainage- Incision and drainage is an open surgical procedure recommended mostly when the cyst becomes infected. It is performed with local anesthesia to make the affected area numb. The surgeon makes an incision in the cyst to drain the infectious fluid and pus. The doctor packs the hole with gauze and leaves it open to heal. It can take up to 4-6 weeks to heal the cyst completely.
  • Pilonidal cystectomy- Pilonidal cystectomy is the surgical removal of the entire pilonidal cyst. The treatment is performed after administering general/regional anesthesia. The surgeon makes a cut to remove the affected skin along with underlying hair follicles, tissues, and dead cells. If required, the doctor packs the area with surgical gauze. In cases where the infection is severe, the doctor places a tube to drain the fluid from the cyst. The tube is removed when the entire fluid is drained from the cyst.

Are there any risks and complications involved during pilonidal sinus surgery?

If performed under the guidance and supervision of a trained proctologist, surgical treatment for pilonidal sinus will not cause any risks or complications. But, like any other surgery, there might be some complications, although not severe. Some of them are:

  • Trauma and bleeding to the site – If the surgery is not performed efficiently, there can be a chance of the anal tissues getting injured. Trauma and injury to the anal tissues can even lead to bleeding. If the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon, the chances of any injury can be cut down drastically.
  • Infection – Like any other surgery, infection is a common side effect/ complication in case of pilonidal sinus surgery too. Infection can lead to nausea and vomiting in the person. Infection, however, is not a very serious problem and can be treated with medicines. The chances of infection in case of open surgery is much higher than in laser surgery.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma – A type of skin cancer that occurs due to uncontrolled growth of the squamous cells. The condition is not very common but not unheard of. To prevent such complications, it is extremely important that the surgery is performed by an experienced and trained surgeon.
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  • SK

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    Pristyn Care offers all-round healthcare services. During my pilonidal sinus treatment, they not only focused on the medical aspect but also provided support for my overall well-being. Thanks to everyone in the team.

    City : GWALIOR
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    I got my pilonidal sinus treatment at Pristyn Care. From diagnosis to surgery and post-operative care, their team was thorough and efficient. Thanks to Pristyn Care, I received successful treatment for my pilonidal sinus. I am recovering well.

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    Pristyn Care boasts a team of highly experienced doctors. Their expertise and knowledge in their respective fields were evident in the way they handled the treatment process. I felt well-cared for during my treatment at PC. I highly recommend Pristyn Care for their exceptional doctors.

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    Pristyn Care delivers exceptional medical services. The entire team, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, demonstrated professionalism and dedication. They attended to my needs promptly and provided personalized care throughout my treatment. Commendable job by everyone.

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