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Best Clinics for Sebaceous Cyst in Kanpur

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About Sebaceous Cyst

A sebaceous cyst is a skin cyst that appears when the sebaceous gland gets blocked or damaged. It commonly appears around the face, ear, trunk, head, or groin region. It grows slowly and rarely causes pain. Small cysts may also disappear after some time but in case the size is large, you may have to opt for draining or surgical procedure, especially if the cyst is swollen or painful.

You can get in touch with Pristyn Care and consult our expert plastic surgeons to find out the most plausible treatment method for sebaceous cysts.


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Complications if sebaceous cyst is left untreated
  • The cyst may grow larger
  • The cyst may become infected
  • There might be pus accumulationCellulitis
  • Abscess formation
  • Septicemia (blood poisoning)
Where do sebaceous cysts commonly appear?
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Back
  • Head
  • Scalp
What does a sebaceous cyst look like?
  • Skin colored/tan/yellowish bump
  • Swollen & red if infected
  • A pointy black tip that may drain fluid
  • Filled with thick and oily sebum
Surgical Treatments for Sebaceous Cyst Removal
  • Lancing
  • Conventional Wide Excision Surgery
  • Minimal Excision Surgery
  • Punch Biopsy Excision
  • Laser Aided Excision
Sebaceous Cyst in Different Languages
  • Sebaceous Cyst in Hindi- सिबेशियस सिस्ट
  • Sebaceous Cyst in Tamil- சரும மெழுகு நீர்க்கட்டி
  • Sebaceous Cyst in Telugu- సేబాషియస్ తిత్తి
  • Sebaceous Cyst in Bengali- সেবাসিয়াস সিস্ট
Doctor-performing-Sebaceous Cyst-surgery-in-Kanpur



For proper diagnosis of a sebaceous cyst, the doctor will first ask for your medical history and perform a physical examination. The appearance of the cyst is usually enough to determine whether the lump on your skin is a sebaceous cyst or not.

If the physical exam cannot provide clear evidence, the doctor may suggest the following tests:

  • Ultrasound- An ultrasound will help the doctor to take a look at the cyst contents.
  • CT Scan- A CT scan or other imaging tests are usually recommended when the surgeon suspects that the cyst may require surgical treatment. This test helps the doctor to identify the abnormalities in the cyst and identify the best route for treatment.
  • Punch Biopsy- A punch biopsy may be required to confirm whether the skin lump is cancerous or not. A small amount of tissue will be taken from the cyst and examined to look for signs of cancer.

After seeing the results of these tests, the doctor will suggest the most plausible treatment method for the patient.


At Pristyn Care, Chennai, our plastic surgeons employ the advanced and conventional techniques as required to treat a sebaceous cyst.

In case the cyst is small yet bothersome for the patient, the doctor may use a steroid drug to control and manage the symptoms. If the cyst grows significantly and becomes large, tender, or inflamed, the doctor will suggest draining or surgical removal.

The standard procedures employed by Pristyn Care’s plastic surgeons are:

  • Conventional Wide Excision- In this procedure, the surgeon makes a large incision around the lump, drains its contents, and excises the skin that is inflamed or infected.
  • Minimally Invasive Excision- As the name suggests, the procedure is carried out through a tiny incision. The cyst is drained and only the infected skin tissues are excised, thereby treating the sebaceous cyst.

Both these methods are safe and effective in treating a sebaceous cyst treat regardless of its size and leave almost negligible chances of recurrence. If you have been diagnosed with a sebaceous cyst, you can get in touch with Pristyn Care and consult our plastic surgeons to learn more about the excision procedures.

Why choose Pristyn Care for Sebaceous Cyst Removal Surgery

Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


Advanced Sebaceous Cyst Removal Surgery

At Pristyn Care, we leverage minimal excision and wide-excision techniques to effectively remove the sebaceous cyst and its wall.


Expert Plastic Surgeons

We have well-trained plastic surgeons with 10+ years of experience and ample knowledge to perform the surgery safely. Our doctors compile a customized treatment plan for each patient.


Minimal Scarring

Sebaceous cyst removal surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. There is no major scarring after the treatment. Thus, the surgery has no aesthetic downside.


Low Recurrence Rate

Our doctors ensure that the cyst is properly removed, along with the cyst wall. Thus, the recurrence rate is almost negligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I treat a sebaceous cyst at home?

Even if you feel tempted to remove the cyst at home, you should never attempt to remove the cyst at home. If you try to pop or drain the cyst yourself, it can cause infection and the cyst will most certainly come back. The best thing you can do at home is keep it clean and use a warm bathwater washcloth to keep it warm. This will have a soothing effect and speed up the healing of the cyst.

How to tell if a sebaceous cyst is infected?

  • In case a cyst becomes inflamed or infected, it will exhibit the following symptoms:brPain, redness, and soreness around the area
  • Pus will start to accumulate in the cyst
  • A foul odor liquid will start to drain from the cyst
  • The area around the cyst will start to swell
  • brIf these symptoms are present, it is advisable that you visit a doctor right away.

How sebaceous cysts are different from epidermoid cysts?

The basic difference between sebaceous cysts and epidermoid cysts is that epidermoid cysts are filled with dead skin cells and sebaceous cysts are filled with sebum, which is a yellowish oily material.

What type of doctor treats sebaceous cysts?

As sebaceous cysts are a skin problem, they can be treated by a dermatologist as well as a plastic surgeon. You can consult them to discuss the right course of action to get rid of the cyst permanently.

Where can I find the best plastic surgeons in Kanpur for sebaceous cyst treatment?

You can find the best plastic surgeons for sebaceous cyst treatment in Kanpur at Pristyn Care. We house some of the best doctors who have ample experience and are skilled in traditional as well as modern surgical procedures. Therefore, you can get rid of the cyst in a minimally invasive manner.

Can a sebaceous cyst become cancerous?

Normally, a sebaceous cyst is not cancerous. However, once it becomes infected, the chances of the cyst becoming cancerous increase. Few instances have been seen of sebaceous cyst becoming cancerous. Therefore, it is important that you discuss such concerns with a specialist.

How much does sebaceous cyst surgery cost in Kanpur?

In Kanpur, sebaceous cyst treatment may cost around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 approximately. You should know that it is an estimated cost that may vary from one patient to another based on various factors.

What are the different factors that impact the cost of sebaceous cyst treatment?

  • There are various factors that impact the cost of sebaceous cyst treatment, including:brThe severity of the condition
  • The method of treatment recommended by the doctor
  • Doctor’s consultation fee and operating fee
  • Hospital admission, discharge, and bed charges
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Pre and post-surgery medications
  • Follow-up consultation
  • brAll these factors will influence the cost to some extent. You can contact the healthcare provider personally and find out the exact cost.

Does insurance cover sebaceous cyst treatment in Kanpur?

If you undergo sebaceous cyst removal surgery for cosmetic reasons, the cost won’t be covered under insurance. However, if the cyst is symptomatic and causing problems in your daily life, you can use the health insurance policy to pay for sebaceous cyst treatment in Kanpur.

How painful sebaceous cyst surgery is?

The surgery itself is not painful at all as it is carried out under anesthesia. Your body will be numbed before the surgery and you will regain sensations after a couple of hours when the effects of anesthesia wear off. Then, you may start feeling pain or discomfort. If so, the doctor will prescribe some pain medications to provide you relief.

Can I consult Pristyn Care doctors online?

Yes. You can consult with Pristyn Care doctors online as well as offline. We provide an online consultation service to ensure that in case some people fail to visit the clinic at the right time, they can still discuss their problem with the doctor over a virtual call.

Can sebaceous cyst occur on the scrotum?

Yes. A sebaceous cyst can appear anywhere, including the scrotum. There is another type of cyst, known as an epidermoid cyst that can appear on the scrotum. You should get the cyst diagnosed and seek proper treatment for it to prevent complications.

Can sebaceous cyst burst on its own?

Yes. Without proper treatment, there are chances that the sebaceous cyst will eventually grow larger and burst on its own. After the rupture, the cyst may start draining and continue growing as the cyst wall won’t be detached.

What are the home remedies for sebaceous cysts?

Many people believe that it is possible to treat sebaceous cysts and other benign cysts at home. However, you should be aware that doing so only makes them worse. Picking, rubbing, or squeezing the cyst will cause more damage and aggravate the symptoms. The only home remedy that can work is ‘keeping the cyst clean and dry’. Until you feel ready to see a doctor, make sure that you practice good hygiene to prevent the cyst from getting infected. If the cyst is already infected, keep it clean. Wash it with a clean cloth and dab it dry. brOther than this, no other home remedies work for sebaceous cysts. So, if the cyst is not infected or causing pain, you can wait for them to go away on their own. However, if the cyst is infected, it is advisable that you visit a doctor promptly to get proper treatment.

Get advanced sebaceous cyst treatment in Kanpur at Pristyn Care

At Pristyn Care, you can get advanced treatment for sebaceous cyst in Kanpur. We have highly experienced plastic surgeons who are trained in all kinds of traditional and modern surgical procedures. The two of the most common procedures performed for sebaceous cyst treatment are conventional wide excision and minimal excision. Both these procedures are safe and effectively remove the cyst and cyst wall.

The doctor will diagnose the cyst thoroughly and then recommend the most appropriate treatment method. Our doctors will explain everything about the surgery. Once you learn all about the treatment procedure, risks, complications, and benefits, you can make an informed decision.

The doctors will only proceed after you feel satisfied with the options and give your consent. You will undergo surgery at one of our partnered hospitals or clinics in Kanpur. Pristyn Care also ensures that all of our associated medical centers have state-of-the-art facilities and provide optimal care. So, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands.

What are the complications associated with sebaceous cyst removal surgery?

As sebaceous cysts are usually small, their removal is a complex procedure. During the surgery, the following complications can occur:

  • The contents of the cyst may get sprayed over the nurses and doctors present in the operation theater.
  • The cyst wall may not come out completely from a tiny incision. A previously ruptured or inflamed cyst already has adjacent scarring that will preclude removal with minimal excision technique.
  • The cyst wall may break during the procedure extending the duration of the surgery. A blood clot may develop after the cyst wall is removed as an open space is created beneath the skin during the removal.
  • The doctors may find out that the sebaceous cyst is actually a tumor that is invading the surrounding tissues. Due to this, the doctor may need to switch to the conventional wide excision technique to remove the tumor.

It takes an experienced surgeon to mitigate the aforementioned risks and complications and carry out the surgery safely. That’s why Pristyn Care has highly experienced doctors who are well-trained and have ample knowledge to perform the surgery safely.

Choose Pristyn Care for effective treatment of sebaceous cyst

Pristyn Care provides comprehensive care for sebaceous cyst treatment in Kanpur. We provide services that make the patient journey simple and comfortable. Our services include:

  • We schedule the doctor’s appointment as per the patient’s convenience.
  • Our medical coordinators handle all the treatment-related formalities.
  • We book diagnostic tests at the partnered labs, if required and provide discounts.
  • We provide transportation service on the day of surgery without additional charges.
  • A deluxe room is provided in the hospital for a hassle-free stay.
  • We have a flexible payment system and also provide a No-Cost EMI service.
  • We provide free post-surgery care and follow-ups to the patients.
  • Our dedicated insurance team will also work round-the-clock to help you get maximum claims to cover the cost of treatment.

At every step of the journey, one of our representatives will stay in touch with you to handle the paperwork and other responsibilities. Our services will not only remove the obstacles patients often face while seeking medical care but also make it affordable.

Book An Appointment with Pristyn Care Doctors Today

To contact the best plastic surgeons in Kanpur for sebaceous cyst treatment, you can contact Pristyn Care. We have some of the best doctors who have more than 8 years of experience in treating sebaceous cysts and other conditions like lipoma and gynecomastia.

If you wish to consult them, it is important that you book an appointment and schedule your visit. You can book the appointment through any of the following ways:

  • Dial the number given at the top and talk to our representatives to schedule the appointment with the doctor who is available at the earliest.
  • Fill the “appointment form” and submit your details. Our medical coordinators will call you back to discuss the appointment time and date at your convenience and confirm the schedule accordingly.
  • Download the mobile application available on Android and iPhone. Browse the list of plastic surgeons in Kanpur available near you and see their consultation fee, experience, and availability within the app interface. Confirm the appointment with the doctor of your choice at a date and time that suits you.

Once the appointment is confirmed, you only need to visit the Pristyn Care clinic and discuss your problem with the doctor face to face. In case, you cannot manage to visit the clinic, you can also opt for online consultation to have a conversation with the doctor and discuss the next steps for treatment.

Take Care of Your Health After Sebaceous Cyst Excision Surgery

Following the instructions given by the doctor after surgery is very important for a quick and smooth recovery. Many people fail to take care of their health and face problems like delayed healing, scars that don’t heal, or infection.

You should pay attention to the doctor’s advice and follow the tips below to recover quickly:

  • There is no need to take special precautions with diet unless advised by the doctor.
  • Avoid driving on the day of surgery as you will be given anesthesia on the day and the after-effects will still linger after you are discharged.
  • Don’t engage in strenuous physical activities until approved by your doctor.
  • Keep the bandage dry and clean the surrounding area. If you are guided to change the bandages yourself, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and clean the wound.
  • Take the pain medications as directed by the doctor.
  • Talk to the doctor if you wish to take other over-the-counter [OTC] pain medications.
  • Visit the doctor for follow-ups as instructed without any delay.

If throughout the recovery period, at any time, you experience symptoms like high fever, redness, swelling, or consistent pain, consult the doctor right away.

Sebaceous Cyst Vs. Epidermoid Cyst

A sebaceous cyst is commonly found on the face, neck, and torso. It usually forms when the sebaceous glands are damaged or traumatized due to cuts, injuries, or surgical wounds. It is a non-cancerous and slow-growing cyst that may cause pain or put pressure on the area.

Unlike a sebaceous cyst, an epidermoid cyst is a slow-growing benign cyst that is commonly found on the face, neck, head, and genitals. It appears when keratin starts to build up under the skin. The epidermoid cyst has a skin-colored, tanned, or yellowish appearance and is filled with thick material. An epidermoid cyst may become swollen or red if it gets inflamed or infected.

How to prepare for sebaceous cyst removal?

To prepare your body for a surgical procedure, the doctor will first ask you to get tested properly. These tests will evaluate your overall health and help the doctor to determine what precautions need to be taken during sebaceous cyst removal.

Other than tests, the doctor may ask the following things to prepare you for the surgery:

  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Do not try to press or pop the cyst.
  • Do not eat anything 8 hours before the surgery.
  • Avoid wearing makeup on the day of surgery.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes that you can change easily before and after the procedure.
  • Keep your insurance papers ready prior to admission to the hospital.

Besides these, no further preparations are required for sebaceous cyst removal surgery. The anesthetist will also ask if you have an allergy to some foods or compounds to determine what type of anesthesia will be appropriate to use. Standard tests, like liver function tests, blood tests, blood pressure examinations, etc. will also be performed right before the surgery.

Sebaceous Cyst Surgery Recovery Time & Tips

As sebaceous cyst excision is not a major surgery, the patient recovers quickly without any complications. The average recovery time after sebaceous cyst surgery is 2-3 weeks and that too if the cyst was infected or very large. After a small-sized cyst excision, the patient may only need around 1 week to recover completely.

On the day of surgery, you will be asked to take complete rest as the body will still have the lingering effects from anesthesia. Here are some tips that you should follow during the recovery phase to get back to your daily routine as soon as possible:

  • Keep the wound covered with a dry bandage. There may be some drainage from the wound for a couple of days. So, you’ll have to change the bandages frequently.
  • If gauze is placed over the wound, you may have to get it removed after some time. Or the doctor will tell you how to remove the gauze yourself.
  • If oral antibiotics or pain medications are prescribed by the doctor, make sure that you take the medicines as directed.
  • Do not push your body to its limits. In the initial days, the body itself will tell you when to resume a specific activity.
  • There will be no restrictions on diet. But it will be better if you eat a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fiber and water content.
  • Take follow-ups with the doctor after the first week and then as suggested to monitor the recovery and identify complications (if any) before they become serious.

You can contact the doctor for help at any time during the recovery as well.

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