Ankita Sharma recently underwent the Functional Endoscopic Sinusitis Surgery as well as Septoplasty from Pristyn Care after suffering for 20 years. Read to know her journey of getting rid of sinusitis permanently.

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It has been 3 weeks after the surgery and I am able to breathe freely now. Now that there is no congestion nor any headaches, I am also able to sleep better. I must admit that I was not sure initially, but the decision of undergoing the surgery from this clinic worked really great for me. I thank Pristyn Care for straightening my nose and curing the adenoids permanently.


Ankita’s Story-

A couple of weeks back while at work, she started having headaches along with some general discomfort. Without any further delay, I took a paracetamol. Unfortunately, it didn’t help.

The nasal congestion along with a headache and sore throat made it impossible for her to sleep. She made the decision of getting relief from the problem on a permanent basis. I checked the symptoms online when she came across Pristyn Care.

The next morning, she reached the clinic on time. She explained to the doctor that 20 years back due to an accident she nose got deviated on the left hence, I have frequent episodes of nasal congestion. After a thorough check-up of my nose and throat, he diagnosed that along with sinusitis she has enlarged adenoids. He suggested her undergoing a FESS Surgery and septoplasty. He said that enlarged adenoids is the reason for sore throat and these will get better within a couple of days. For curing the enlarged adenoids, he prescribed me some medicines and home remedies.

He explained, “Functional Endoscopic Sinusitis Surgery is performed to drain the infected sinuses with a special instrument, an endoscope. While the septoplasty is recommended to correct the deviated septum.  However, there might be mild pain and swelling after the surgery which can be cured with some post-operative instructions.

She was scheduled for surgery three days after which was a weekend. Fortunately, the medical coordinator and the insurance team from Pristyn Care took care of the entire insurance approval.

Without any further delay, she and her mother got into the cab which took them to the hospital. A Care Buddy completed the entire admission process and asked her mother to stay with me for support. It only took a couple of minutes for the paperwork to complete.

The surgery was 100% successful. He confirmed that there were no major complications during both surgeries too.
After coming back home, she irrigated the nose and sinuses as prescribed by the doctor.

For the initial 48 hours, she was extremely careful as suggested by the doctor while eating or performing any kind of activity. She took proper rest and followed the prescription word-to-word while taking medicines. By the end of the 7th day of the recovery, she felt completely normal and reassured that the results are coming out as expected.

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