The following story is shared by one of the patients from Pristyn Care who have successfully undergone a septoplasty. Her name is Nisha Patel (name changed due to privacy purposes). She is a teacher in a government school. She told us that she’s been suffering from sinusitis since she was 15. Each time it got better with antibiotics and some herbal remedies. However, this time the problem turned severe and she reached out to us. We have tried to keep her experience as real as possible only with some minor tweaks.

The Problem of Stuffy Nose and Headache

It all started a couple of days ago. After work, I was having a mild headache and signs of a blocked nose. Wondering if it was due to spending excessive time on the laptop, I popped paracetamol after dinner and went to bed. 


Soon, the pain became severe and the congestion worse. So much so that it was difficult for me to sleep. That night I couldn’t sleep properly, hence, the next day I was tired and groggy throughout the day. I tried putting various nasal sprays as well as antibiotics. None of them helped. I called my family doctor and explained the situation. He indicated that those were symptoms of sinusitis. He recommended me to a doctor from Pristyn Care

How did the doctor diagnose?

At first, I was skeptical of stepping out of the home to consult with the doctor. Fortunately enough, there was an option of booking an online consultation. Eager to find a permanent solution, I booked an online consultation with the doctor without any further delay. 


On the same day, I consulted with the ENT specialist who suggested me to visit their clinic for a physical examination. With two minds, I visited the clinic for a proper diagnosis. At the entrance, my body temperature was measured. The clinic was maintaining every standard of hygiene including maintaining the social distance between people. The waiting area was very comfortable. 


Within a couple of minutes, I was called in. The doctor listened to me intently. He checked my nose with some instrument and later, asked me some questions. I explained to him that lately the congestions and headaches are occurring frequently. After gathering the required information, the doctor diagnosed me with sinusitis due to a deviated septum. Furthermore, he concluded by saying my septum is deviating day by day making the left nostril smaller. Hence, making it difficult to breathe. He recommended undergoing a septoplasty

He explained to me that during the surgery, he’ll simply remove the mucus lining and remove any extra growth or straighten the septum. Furthermore, he added that I will not be able to feel any pain as the whole procedure will be performed under the influence of anesthesia.

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Before The Surgery

Septoplasty is the surgical procedure to straighten a deviated septum. I hoped that the surgery would cure the problem permanently, hence I started preparing for the same. First thing, I informed my manager about the situation. After this, as per the doctor’s instructions, I stopped taking my herbal supplements a week before the surgery. 

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On the day of the Septoplasty 

The doctor already instructed me to be on an empty stomach on the day of the surgery. I showered and got ready for the surgery. A cab was waiting for us at our doorstep at the designated time to take us to the hospital. 

We reached the hospital on time where a Care Buddy was waiting for us. On reaching, our temperatures were checked at the entrance. Also, we sanitized our hands. All the hospital staff including doctors, nurses, receptions were taking preventive measures pertaining to COVID-19. The Care Buddy reassured us that he’ll take care of the admission process. Personally, this helped me a lot as this made time for my husband to stay with me and support me. 

After waiting for a while, I was soon taken to my room. The room was well ventilated. The bed linen was absolutely neat and clean. Moreover, they even gave me a personal kit that included a bar of soap and a clean towel. I changed into the disposable scrubs given by the hospital staff.

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After a couple of minutes, the doctor came and checked up on me. Meanwhile, the nurse carried out various tests. After this, the anesthetist examined me and administered the anesthesia through an intravenous (IV) channel. Gradually, I became unconscious. 

Precautions I took after Septoplasty

After Surgery

The surgery lasted for more than an hour.  As soon as I regained consciousness, I realized that I had been moved back to my allotted room. The doctor came to check up on me and asked me several questions which could I answer properly.. Frankly speaking, I had a pinching sensation on my nose and my head felt heavy. The doctor confirmed that there’s nothing to be worried about as this was due to the stitches placed on the nose. 

I spent the night at the hospital. The hospital staff was very courteous and cooperating. Every time I had to use the bathroom, they helped me. Moreover, my husband stayed with me at the hospital in case there were any complications. 

The next morning after a thorough examination, the doctor was convinced that I should be discharged. The discharge process was also taken care of by the Care Buddy. He even booked a cab for us. In addition to this, the doctor gave me a set of instructions to follow during the recovery.

At-home care

It took me just a week to completely recover after the septoplasty. However,  I was able to resume my daily chores within 3 days of the surgery. 

During the discharge, the doctor already informed me that there can be instances of minor bleeding and congestion. Fortunately, there were no instances of bleeding. However, my nose remained stuffy and congested. I followed the post-operative instructions given by the doctor which helped me have a recovery without any complications. Some of the things I tried are-

  • Not blowing the nose
  • Applying an ice pack whenever there was bleeding or pain
  • Didn’t smoke 
  • Putting two pillows under the head when sleeping 
  • Taking prescribed medicines for pain
  • Rinsing the nose 
  • Not performing any strenuous activity 

By the fifth day, I started feeling better but the congestion in the nose persisted. However, there was no bleeding nor any pain around the nose. There was a slight headache during the recovery period. Otherwise, there were no major complications nor any infection.

Follow up appointment  

On the day of the follow-up, the doctor examined me thoroughly and removed my nasal splints. Also, he asked me to continue post-operative care for a couple of days more. It’s been a month now, and I am able to breathe freely without any obstruction. Moreover, I am able to have a sound sleep without any interruptions. I would like to extend my gratitude to the doctor as well as Pristyn Care team for such a pain-free experience.

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