One can try various options to treat for receding hairline. When a person is suffering from thinning of hair, they are ready to try any treatment option. Out of these options, the most common being hair replacement system and hair transplantation. The former is generally used for temporary solutions while the latter guarantees results that last over years. But a lot of people consider both these options the same. In reality, these are completely two different procedures. 


Read this blog to know more about the two most common treatment options that people opt for hair loss- Hair Transplant and Hair Replacement.

What is Hair Transplantation?

The hair transplant procedure involves moving hair from one part of the body like face or legs to the bald portion of the head. Primarily, the objective of undergoing a hair transplant is to promote hair growth in portions of the scalp that are unable to do so. Any type of hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia that makes it a painless procedure. Moreover, hair transplantation procedures are performed only by specialized hair transplant surgeons at their clinics. 


In normal circumstances, people suffering from any one of the following consider undergoing a hair transplant-

  • Males suffering from male pattern baldness
  • Women with thinning hair
  • Anyone who has lost hair due to a burn or scalp injury 

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The exact number of procedures required to promote hair growth depends on the extent of baldness the person is suffering from. Also, the underlying factor responsible for hair loss or baldness is considered before the treatment. A person may have soreness after the procedure which can be easily curbed by pain medications as well as aftercare tips. 

Types of  Hair Transplant

There are mainly three types of hair transplant a person can undergo. Depending on the extent of baldness and the patient’s individual needs, the doctor recommends the appropriate technique. 


  • Follicular Unit Transplantation- In this type of procedure, the doctor takes a strip of skin with hair follicles from the donor area. After this, separate the strip into individual hair follicles. Meanwhile, the doctor makes holes in the receiving area where the doctor places the processed grafts.


  • Follicular Unit Extraction- Similar to the above procedure, this technique also involves putting hair follicles into the holes. However, the difference lies in the fact that instead of patching skin, the doctor takes out hair follicles from the donor area.


  • Direct Hair Implant- This method of hair transplantation is absolutely different from the previous ones. In this latest procedure, the doctor uses a pen-like instrument known as Choi to remove the hair and insert hair follicles in the transplanted area. There are no cuts or incisions hence, there is no bleeding.

Advantages of Hair Transplant

The benefits of Hair transplantation are as follows-

  • Restores the lost confidence due to male pattern baldness 
  • Adds to the personality of the individual
  • Transplanted hair follicles are taken from the same individual 
  • Natural look 

What is Hair Replacement?

This procedure of hair loss treatment involves attaching a base (a thin transparent layer) to the scalp. This base acts as a tight membrane that makes the scalp giving a more natural look around the crown and partings. This base is implanted with hair follicles – both natural and synthetic- which the patient can customize according to their needs. Moreover,  this is a painless procedure as there is no surgical intervention. The patient is able to decide the color, density, length as well as texture of the hair that is fixed. 


With the advancement in cosmetic procedures, the hair replacement system can now be added to the scalp with the help of surgical glue that ensures it stays in place. In addition to this, the bases are now available with pores that allow the scalp to breathe. 


Maintaining a hair replacement system is essential to ensure that the membrane doesn’t get destroyed. Ideally, a patient should clean the system every four weeks. Also, when the patient is wearing the hair replacement, they need to make sure that the natural hair on the scalp gets evenly blended. 

Procedure of Hair replacement 

  • Step 1- Choosing the right Skin Base

Normally, this is the most important step of ensuring a successful hair replacement. Some of the common bases include-

  1. Lace- More difficult to maintain, this type of hair base offers a sense of hair growing from the scalp.
  2. Skin- The patient has to mould the base onto the scalp. People mostly choose this skin base as this is comfortable as well as breathable. 
  3. Polymer- Due to its synthetic nature, it lasts longer but causes extreme discomfort and makes the scalp sweat excessively.
  4. Monofilament- This type is the latest as it has pores that allows the person’s scalp to breathe. Also, it can be cleaned easily. 
  • Step 2- Selecting the hair

In this step, the person chooses the texture, color, length of the hair on the base. The natural preference is those of natural hair follicles from the patient’s scalp. However, synthetic hair can also be opted out. 

  • Step 3- Ventilation of the base 

The following ventilation options are provided to the patient-

  • Knotting- the base is tied with flexible tiny knots
  • Looping- the base is looped with the hair on it for a more natural appearance
  • Injection- glue is injected into the scalp to make sure that the base stays in place 

Advantages of Hair Replacement 

Here are some benefits of choosing hair replacement-

  • Results that occur instantaneously 
  • Non-surgical procedure 
  • Perfect solution for people who are suffering from temporary hair loss


A person can undergo any type of hair loss treatment- hair transplant or hair replacement- for hair restoration. Although the latter is a non-surgical procedure, hair replacement systems offer only temporary solutions. It doesn’t even cure male baldness. The hair transplantation technique is a far more effective treatment for curing hair loss. At Pristyn Care, doctors use the DHI technique for hair loss that ensures fast recovery and long-lasting results. Book an appointment to know more!

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