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In this jet age where everything is moving at a fast pace, holidays are spent with Netflix, we seldom get time for skincare. Hence, having pimples and losing skin radiance is one of the major issues. But little do we know that have a plethora of remedies at home which we often overlook.

Before knowing those remedies, let’s have a little insight into the reasons for pimples

Causes of pimples

1) Eating habits

This reason would be above all as it goes with the saying what we eat, we reflect. With a booming culture of ordering online food in a blink of an eye, we unknowingly overeat junk and oily food which hampers skin health and texture. Also, consumption of milk and dairy products cause hormonal disturbances resulting in acne sometimes. Also, some people are allergic to certain foods that cause allergy and results in pimples. 

2) Sleep regime

Binge-watching is so much in trend! Hence, waking up too is. Insufficient sleep disturbs the chemical balance of skin which is followed by loss of radiance and acne.

3) Hormonal imbalance

A rise in androgen level leading to higher sebum production leads to skin breakouts. 

4) Stress/ Exertion

Sitting at the office desk and spending most of the time worrying about targets and project completion deadline, jitters result in acne issues. Yoga, meditation, exercise works wonders in combating stress.

5) Makeup

Yes! You heard right. Makeup products and makeup etiquettes could be a bane for the skin. Not using good products and not removing makeup before sleeping can clog pores and result in acne.

6) Puberty

When the body undergoes physical changes and attains puberty, some glands become hyperactive and produce more sebum. High production of sebum thus leads to acne formation.

7) Heredity

Genetic history can also cause pimples on all aged people’s face throughout their lifespan.

8) Lifestyle

Too much traveling leads to exertion and skin gets affected naturally. Blood circulation is not proper and fatigue leads to acne and blemishes.

Home remedy acne

Well, now we know the major reasons for acne. Now the question is how to prevent pimples with home remedies

In this era, where life is moving at a whirlwind speed, it’s hard to spare time for self-care. But self-pampering and skincare are after all quite important nowadays. For the world is such a competition and the times are changing.

Being up to date with that clear shiny face would definitely be an add on to the wholesome personality.

So let’s talk about some home remedies that aid in curing pimples. Why go confused and spend a lot when you can have plenty of options to cure them at home. It’s like missing something right under one’s nose!

Here are some amazing home remedies to treat pimples

1) Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

You can easily find it in your kitchen cabinet. Apple cider vinegar is known to kill bacteria causing acne with its own organic acids. 1:3 (Apple cider vinegar: Water) is the ideal ratio to be mixed and applied with cotton over face 1-2 times a day.

Let it sit for 10-15 secs and rinse with water. It is suggested to be used in diluted form and small quantity to avoid burning sensation on the skin.

2) Sugar and coconut

Coconut and sugar paste

EXFOLIATE..Yes! Removal of the dead skin layer of skin through exfoliation would let the skin breathe and shine. Mix equal amount of sugar and coconut and scrubbing the skin with the same. After 5 minutes, rinse and pat dry. Woohoo, that easy peasy it is!

3) Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel for acne

Isn’t it an irony that aloe vera is abundantly and easily available yet its miraculous property is still unknown by many. Yes it’s magic to your skin. A coolant to all kinds of inflammations and irritations. Peel off the aloe vera leaves, take out the gel and apply it on your face for smoother and glowing skin. It’s an amazing natural moisturizer.

4) Green tea bags

green tea bags for acne

Things we think are worth disposing could be of great use. One of them is dipped green tea bag can cure acne. It reduces sebum production. Hence preventing acne.


5) Exercise

woman exercising in the gym

Exercising improves blood circulation, combats stress and regulates hormones. 30-minute physical activity each day is good for digestive system, skin and overall health.

6) Turmeric


The Ayurvedic favorite turmeric is known for its anti-bacterial properties. It aids in curing inflammation, blemishes and acne. It boosts skin health from within. A pinch of turmeric with a tablespoon of aloe vera gel can cure acne.

7) Honey lemon mask

honey and lemon kept on a table

Honey can help to extract excess fluid and hence, resulting in less inflammation and glowing skin.

8) Cucumber


Mashed cucumber with sugar, when applied to the face gives cooling soothing sensation to the skin and would refresh the skin from within.

9) Tomato

Lemon apple and honey

Yet another inexpensive way to get rid of acne and get owing skin is tomatoes. it can be directly applied to the skin. Cut it in half and apply the inner part to the affected area. Or tomato paste can be used for a face mask for glowing skin.

Use tomato and honey paste. Apply for 15 minutes and rinse it off. Or you can use tomato with yogurt. Apply for 20 minutes and then rinse. This helps with inflammation as well. 

10) Toothpaste

heart made with toothpaste

This has miraculously proven to give spot-free skin. Apply gently to the affected area and leave overnight.

11) Water


Last but not least. Drinking plenty of water results in glowing skin by detoxifying the body naturally.


Wrap Up

Voila! These are some easy home remedies to cure pimples. All we need to do is to try these easy remedies and see the results. You can use them while watching TV or preparing your meal or before bedtime.


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