Natural Ways To Treat Cysts and Fibroids

Women mostly experience uterine fibroids and cysts, particularly in childbearing years. Usually, these conditions don’t cause discomfort, although, for some women, hormonal fluctuations can cause significant pain and bloat.

Uterine fibroids, which are noncancerous fibrous growths in the uterus is very common. Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled cysts that emerge in the ovaries are also quite common.

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In, case you are experiencing symptoms related to fibroids or cysts, here are some natural methods that can reduce your discomfort.

Weight loss

Excess weight increases the risk as fat cells form a high amount of estrogen. Losing weight may prevent or reduce the size of fibroids.

No refined grains

Excluding refined carbohydrates and sugary foods help in the prevention of fibroids and cyst.

Include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables

Whole grains and brightly colored fruits and vegetables reduce inflammation and risk of fibroids.

Lemon juice

Citric acid present in Lemon juice is a great anti-oxidant and works directly against a uterine tumor. Take lemon juice regularly to avoid this problem.


Garlic is rich in vitamin C and B6 and is effective in the balance of female hormones. Its antioxidant properties cure fibroids and prevent any further growth. It also eliminates catabolic wastes from the pelvic cavity and uterine and ovarian tissue, in that way reversing fibroid growth. Have some garlic cloves in your diet on a regular basis.


Ginger balances the hormones as it stimulates the endocrine glands. Due to this, the excess supply of estrogen is stopped and the growth of the fiber is checked.


Beetroots contain betacyanin that helps the liver to clear toxins from the body. The alkaline nature of beetroot helps to reduce the symptoms of ovarian cyst.

Olive oil

Olive oil prevents the growth of fibroids by controlling the estrogen level within the required range. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with some lemon juice and have it on an empty stomach.

Coldwater Fish

Omega-3 fatty acid in fish is very useful for shrinking fibroids. Eat tuna, salmon, herring, and sardines to get rid of uterine fibroids.

Vitamins and supplements

Milk and dairy products and some types of vitamins like vitamin B-1, vitamin B-6, and vitamin E also help in reducing the problem of cyst and fibroids.

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