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What is the difference between a normal septum and a deviated septum?

When the nasal septum- a bone structure that divides the nose into two equal halves- is crooked or off-centered, it is said to be a deviated septum. It can be due to two causes – a birth defect or injury/trauma. 

deviated septum vs nasal septum

What happens if the deviated septum is left untreated?

Leaving a deviated septum untreated for long is not wise as this can further lead to infection of the sinuses, also known as sinusitis

Difference between healthy and infected sinuses

Apart from recurrent sinus infections, some other problems of deviated septum are- difficulty in breathing, snoring, facial pain, nosebleeds, etc. 

Infographic of a deviated septum

How can a deviated septum be treated?

Procedure of septoplasty

The deviated septum can only be treated with surgery. In this surgery, the ENT doctor removes the extra cartilage from the deviated nasal septum under the influence of anesthesia. This is known as septoplasty. The benefits of a septoplasty include-


  • Quick relief from the symptoms
  • Improves breathing
  • Improves facial structure
  • Regain the sense of smell 
  • Involves fewer complications

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