pregnancy 4 week symptoms- What will I notice?

The pregnancy hormones are likely to cause typical 4-week pregnancy symptoms now. These hormone levels increase quickly as the pregnancy weeks pass. But, it is also possible that you do not feel symptoms of 4 weeks of pregnancy. Don’t worry, for some, the symptoms are more evident in the later weeks. 

Common 4 weeks symptoms include-

bloating in pregnancy

The pregnant female may feel a little puffed up and bloated due to the pregnancy hormone, progesterone.


  • Mild cramping

At 4 weeks pregnancy, the female may have mild to high discomfort of cramping, which is a common sign that the fetus has properly implanted in the lining of the uterus. However, call your doctor right away in case you have any severe cramping or pain at 4 weeks pregnant. The doctor can help rule out the problems if any. (Also Read: Pain Near the Belly Button during Pregnancy. Why? )


  • Spotting


The female may also notice light bleeding during week 4 due to implantation. This is totally normal too. But, if you see a lot of blood just like a period and lasts more than a few days, see the doctor.


  • Mood swings

mood swing in pregnancy

The female’s mood goes haywire mostly due to her fluctuating hormones. It can also be because of the stress and because the female’s mind is racing. Pregnancy mood swings are at their peak until 12 weeks.


  • Morning sickness

morning sickness

Experts say that nearly 50 to 90% of pregnant females get some form of morning sickness (nausea and sometimes vomiting). So, even if you have not had an upset stomach yet, you will, at some point later. Morning sickness is usually at most severe around 9 weeks and then slowly gets better, and disappears completely in the 2nd trimester. (Also Read: How does pregnancy change the female? )


  • Fatigue


One of the most common 4 weeks of pregnancy symptoms is fatigue and total exhaustion. It is because the female’s body is preparing for the baby.


  • Sore breasts

sore breasts in pregnancy

Swollen, sore or tender breasts around the 4th week of pregnancy are because the breasts have started preparing the milk ducts to feed the baby. 



4 week pregnancy ultrasound

At 4 weeks, the female may have a bloated belly. But she may certainly not look pregnant yet. The fetus goes through important development around the 4th week of pregnancy. So, the doctor may start prescribing prenatal vitamins to support the fetus’s growth. It is suggested for the mother to take at least 400 mg of folic acid daily

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