Pregnancy test with sugar- Is it worth a shot?

The sugar pregnancy test is a DIY at-home pregnancy test that involves combining the urine with sugar to tell whether the female is pregnant or not. Experts claim that, like drugstore home pregnancy test kits, the sugar pregnancy test can detect the presence of hCG, the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin.

What do you need for a sugar pregnancy test?

Like most home pregnancy tests on the internet, sugar pregnancy tests use things available at home. Here is what you will need to do a pregnancy test with sugar at home-

  • A clean, transparent bowl
  • A clean cup or container to collect the urine
  • A few tablespoons of sugar

How to do at-home pregnancy test with sugar?


After collecting the supplies, most sources recommend the following procedure for the sugar pregnancy test-

  1. Put a couple of tablespoons of sugar into the clean bowl.
  2. Collect the first-morning urine sample.
  3. Pour the urine over the sugar.
  4. Wait for a few minutes (no need to mix or stir) to see what happens.

Results of Pregnancy Test with Sugar

Positive result for a pregnancy test with sugar

According to the popular beliefs about this test, if the female has hCG in the urine, the sugar will not dissolve like it normally would. Instead, believers of this test say that the sugar will clump, which would indicate a positive sign, confirming pregnancy.

So, for a supposedly positive result, the female will see clumps of sugar in the bottom of the cup or bowl. There is no actual clarification on whether there will be large or small clumps in a positive result. But, the point is, the female will see undissolved sugar.

Negative result for pregnancy test with sugar

If the users of this test, who swear by this sugar pregnancy test are to be believed, the hCG hormone is unique with the inability to dissolve in sugar.

Because the urine contains a ton of things too,  more than 3,000 compounds, many of which vary as per what the female has eaten, the pregnancy test with sugar is believed to be negative when sugar simply dissolves in the urine.

In simple words, if the female is not pregnant, the claim is that sugar will dissolve when urine is poured over it. There will not be any clumps in the bowl in a negative test result.

Is a pregnancy test with sugar accurate?

Accuracy of sugar pregnancy test

Simply put, no. There is no medical explanation supporting the belief of how the test works or why or in what cases would sugar react with the urine. There is no scientific backing for the sugar pregnancy test.

And anecdotally, users have gotten mixed, confusing and undoubtedly frustrating results with sugar pregnancy tests. A female may experience sugar clumping and may not be pregnant at all.  


Experts suggest that a female should not take the sugar pregnancy test. There is no evidence that the sugar pregnancy test works. So it is likely that the female will end up getting an inaccurate test result.It is best to visit a doctor or take a proper pregnancy test kit after a missed period or noticing pregnancy symptoms like nausea, abdominal cramping, morning sickness, etc.


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