What are the Symptoms of Pregnancy with twins?

Some females pregnant with twins say they could suspect they were carrying more than one baby from the early pregnancy. Yet some pregnant females are surprised when they know they are having twins. 

In addition to the common signs of early pregnancy, females who are pregnant with twins or multiples may have the following twin pregnancy signs and symptoms-

1. HCG levels

In general, a pregnancy with twins causes the female’s body to produce more hCG, the pregnancy hormone. Keep in mind, though, that hCG production can widely vary from female to female. So, high levels of hCG shall not be used as a definitive measure to find out if the female is having twins. Some females with twins have an unusually high amount of hCG, and some females carrying multiples have an unusually low level of hCG.


2. Extreme morning sickness

pregnant female having nausea

Because of the higher increase in several pregnancy hormones with twins, morning sickness may be especially worse in a twin pregnancy. In several studies, twin pregnancies are a higher risk factor for the most severe morning sickness (medically termed hyperemesis gravidarum). But, not all females pregnant with twins experience severe morning sickness. Some females may not feel nauseated at all. Every female and her pregnancy is different.

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3. Food intolerance


Similar to the extreme morning sickness, some females with twins notice an especially strong aversion to some foods. Carrying twins may be the reason for hormonal fluctuations the female is experiencing.

Common food intolerances in pregnancy with twins include- 

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Fish or seafood
  • Coffee  
  • Meat

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4. Extreme exhaustion

pregnant female in stress

Any pregnant female is going to be tired, but many females with a twin pregnancy feel utterly exhausted. The sharp increase in progesterone to support the gestation of 2 babies, combined with a higher BMR (basal metabolic rate), can be responsible for debilitating fatigue.  

5. Serious breast tenderness

sore breasts in pregnancy

Pregnancy makes the female’s breasts incredibly tender and sore. This is another early pregnancy sign which is often extreme when it is a twin pregnancy due to elevated hormone levels. The female’s breasts are working overtime as they would soon have to support 2 babies rather than just one.

6. More frequent urination

female on toilet seat

Just like with a singleton pregnancy, pregnancy with twins can cause increased urination due to high levels of the hCG hormone. Since hCG levels in twin pregnancy increase faster, the increased urge to urinate may be common.

7. Bigger baby belly than usual

pregnant female having twins

Many females wonder, “when will my baby bump start showing in a twin pregnancy? It depends on a lot of factors. Many factors can affect when the baby bump would show up. A female with a twin pregnancy usually shows a baby bump much earlier.  Your doctor would tell you when you can expect to see your baby bump. 

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8. Higher heart rate

pregnant female having heartburn

In pregnancy, the female’s basal metabolic rate increases in order to provide nourishment to the growing fetus. Similarly, the resting heart rate of the female can increase too. A normal resting heart rate is nearly 70 bpm (beats per minute). During pregnancy, it increases up to 80 to 100 bpm. With a twin pregnancy, the female’s heart rate can get even higher. 

9. More Moodiness

pregnant female having mood swings

When the female’s hormone fluctuations kick in, mood swings mostly show up too.  And like with other common early signs of twin pregnancy, increased mood swings due to massive biological changes can be a sign that the female is expecting two babies. 

10. Intuition

pregnant female having twins

Some females claim that they just know they have a twin pregnancy. It can be possible as the female can feel her bodily changes going double the face, which might hint her or make her feel she’s having two babies. 


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