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Vaginal Self Screening should be done on a regular basis. You can obviously not visit a gynecologist every month. But you sure can take out 2 minutes to check that everything is normal and healthy inside and around the vagina. And it is very easy! All you would need is a mirror, a flashlight and a comfortable place to sit.

Vaginal Self-Screening Exam

1.   Wash your hands with soap and water, or put on gloves.
2.   Remove your clothing below the waist.
3.  Put the pillow up in front of a wall. Sit up with your back against the pillow, and bend your knees with feet near your buttocks
4.  Hold the mirror out in front of your pelvic area as shown in the image. Use a flashlight to look better.
5.  Examine the vulva for small cuts, sores, or lumps.
6.  Gently spread the vaginal lips, and hold the flashlight or mirror with the other
7.  Gently insert one finger into your vagina. The inside of the vagina may feel similar to the roof of your mouth. If you feel any sores or growths along the vaginal wall, you need to a doctor.
8.  Gently remove your finger and look at your vaginal discharge. If you notice an unusual color or foul odor, see a doctor.
9.  Look for any other swelling, lumps, or unusual changes. You can now close your knees and stand up.

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What does the color of Vaginal Discharge tell?

Having a little Vaginal Discharge on a daily basis is normal.  In fact, up to a tablespoon of discharge daily is of no harm.

It all depends on what type, color and texture the discharge is. 

See what kind of discharge you have.

See below what each type of discharge indicates.

If it indicates a serious condition, visit a gynecologist. 

types of vaginal discharge

Signs of vaginal problems?

Consult your gynecologist if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Change in the color or odor of vaginal discharge
  • An excessive amount of Vaginal Discharge
  • Vaginal redness or itching (Also Read: What are the Vaginal Infections? )
  • Vaginal bleeding between periods, after sex or after menopause
  • A mass or bulge in your vagina
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Vaginal bleeding between periods
  • Vaginal Bleeding after sex or after menopause
  • A mass or bulge in the vagina
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

What should be the “pH Balance”?


pH balance of the vagina Underwear Rules to Start Implementing Right Now!

A woman wears underwear for most hours of the day. Some women even wear underwear to sleep. And these underwears are super close to the vagina, the most sensitive part of the female.  So hear up- THEY HAVE TO BE CLEAN AND FRESH ALL THE TIME!  Intimate health is really essential.

Face the fact- every woman would want her lady parts to feel fresh and stay healthy and comfortable all the time. So to begin with, follow the easiest step and abide by the basic underwear rules.

underwear rules to follow

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