easy and safe exercise during pregnancy

It is necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle during pregnancy to keep yourself and the baby away from complications. The expecting mother should exercise daily to build a stronger and healthier body. Exercising regularly reduces stress, fatigue, and also boosts the endurance for normal delivery. It also gives relief to body aches and enhances overall body posture. According to doctors, even 30 minutes of mild exercises every day during pregnancy is sufficient for the effective results on the body. 

Discuss with your doctor about the exercise that you do or about to start practicing. It is really important for your gynecologist to be aware of your routine so that there are no information gaps. 

Usually, doctors ask you to avoid exercise only in the following cases:


  • Previous cases of miscarriages 
  • The placenta is situated lower than the normal
  • Cervix is not strong enough
  • Asthma 
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease

Here are the 10 best and easy exercises that are safe for pregnancy:

  1. Activities that set the entire body in motion- Light physical activities that keep the whole body moving have wonderful effects. Activities like brisk walking, moderate jogging, and stationary cycling are some of the simple yet most effective exercises to which involve minimal risks.  You can continue with the activities on a regular basis throughout the pregnancy.woman walking in a park
  2. Swimming- It is also quite effective in boosting the stamina of the entire body. It tones up the entire body and stimulates the blood flow. Usually, swimming is allowed only in the initial stages of pregnancy. Do talk to your gynecologist to know till which trimester swimming is safe for you and the baby. (Also Read: How does pregnancy change the female? )woman swimming
  3. Fitness walk on treadmills- Walking on treadmills is yet another effective way of warming up the body. It majorly impacts the lower body and the cardiovascular system of the body. Begin with 10-15 minutes and gradually increase the time week by week. Within a few days only, you will feel more energetic and free of body aches.

    pregnant lady on treadmill
  4. The wall slide exercise This exercise strengthens the muscles of the lower body and prepares it to endure the labor and the delivery process.How to do a wall slide exercise?
    -Stand straight with your back touching the wall. Move the feet a bit away from the wall, towards the front.
    -Now, gradually move down so that your thighs form a parallel line with the floor. Hit the posture as if you are sitting on a chair.
    -Lift your hands above the head and let them in touch with the wall.  Bring the hands down in a position similar to that of shoulder-press exercise.
    -Hold the posture for a few seconds and gradually release it to the initial pose.
  5. Hip raise/Bridge exerciseThis exercise helps in strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and the lower back. Hip raise exercise also enhances body posture by emphasizing on the spine and prepares the body for the labor.How to do a hip raise exercise?-Lie straight on your back on the floor with your palms just under the hips and knees bent. Slowly lift your hips so that your shoulders are in line with the trunk of the body.

    -Hold the pose for a few seconds and then gradually release it to the initial relaxed position.

    Hip Raise exercise

  6. Butterfly PoseThis exercise is highly recommended for the third trimester. Butterfly pose helps in undergoing a normal delivery without any complications. Also, butterfly pose eases out the pain in the lower back and stretches the hips.Sit on an even floor and keep together the soles of your feet. Make sure that your knees are pointing out. Now, just hold your feet and draw them closer to your body.  Bring your body forward and stay in the pose for as long as you can. (Also Read: Best Yoga Exercises For A Healthy Uterus )Butterfly Pose
  7. ClamshellsThis exercise provides more stability to the pelvic floor. It also strengthens the muscles of the thighs and the abdomen. Therefore, you should not miss out on this exercise during pregnancy.To do clamshells lay down on the floor on one side with one arm on the floor to support the body. Keep the knees bent and place the other arm below the head. Now, try to press the heels together and lift your legs as much as you can.Hold the pose 1-2 and release it to the initial position. Repeat the process 5-6 times and then switch the side.
  8. SquatsSquats stimulate the muscles of the pelvis and strengthen it for the delivery. This exercise also majorly improve body posture and result in lesser pain during childbirth.To make sure that you perform squats correctly, take a deep breath and bend the body in a chair position. Meanwhile, keep the arms extended forward and do not bend the neck down. Make sure that you gently push your hips open to hit the right pose. Hold the pose for a second or two.Keep your feet firm on the ground and gradually release the posture. Repeat the activity for 5-10 minutes in the beginning. This strength-building exercise is a must during pregnancy.Squats
  9. Yastikasana (Stick Pose)-This yoga exercise is beneficial to keep delivery complications away. It is recommended to effectively release stress and fatigue. Lie straight on the floor, extend the arms above the head and take a deep breath. While inhaling deeply just stretch the entire body with your fingers pointing outwards. Try to retain the stretched position for 5-6 seconds. Practice this yoga asana for 5-10 minutes and you feel instant relief.
  10. Vakrasana (Twisted Pose)-Vakrasana pose is a simple yet effective yoga exercise that aids in relieving the lower backache. It also makes the spine more flexible. Vakrasana also stimulates the digestive system and stretches the abdominal muscles.To perform the twisted pose precisely, firstly sit on the floor and stretch your legs in the front. Bend the left knee so that you can keep your left foot close to the right knee.Take a deep breath and bring the arms to the shoulders’ height. Begin twisting your body as you exhale deeply. Hold your right knee with the right hand and try to retain the posture for as long as you can. Then repeat the twisting in the opposite direction.

    All the above-mentioned exercises can do wonders for your health during pregnancy if you practice them regularly. It is any day, wise to choose them over the inactive lifestyle and witness your journey of pregnancy with minimal pain. Not to miss that always wear loose and comfortable clothes while exercising and refrain from exerting yourself.  

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