20 tips for normal depivery

With a lot of questions, doubts, anxiety, fears, and uncertainties most of the pregnant women want to have a normal delivery and not C section. In fact, an unmedicated and natural childbirth is an entirely achievable and reasonable goal for 85 percent of pregnant ladies. Rest 15 percent have some health complications or some medical condition which weeds out the chance of normal delivery and they have to go for Caesarean or C-section operation for childbirth. The choice of delivery method is selected keeping the mom’s and baby’s health at priority and as per the demand of time and circumstances during the time of delivery.

map of C-section in India

When a woman gives birth to her baby through her vagina, it is a normal delivery. In general terms – The process of pushing out baby through vagina naturally is normal delivery or normal childbirth. The average hospital stay after a normal delivery is 36-48 hours.

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  • What is C-section or Caesarean?

When the baby is surgically removed from the mother’s body through an incision in the abdomen area and then the second incision in the uterus, it is called C-section or Caesarean section surgery. Caesarean surgery is necessary if the natural or normal vaginal delivery puts the mom and the baby at risk. The average hospital stay after a normal delivery is at least 72 hours.

Normal delivery vs C-section

Reasons why normal delivery is preferred over C-section:

  • No injury to the bowels or bladder in normal delivery.
  • No risk of blood clots that could be fatal if they are prolonged and complicated.
  • Zero-risk of mom’s life with anesthesia which is greater in C-section.
  • Lesser chances of any infections and complications.
  • Shorter hospital stay in case of normal delivery.
  • Shorter recovery time.
  • No scarring and post-birth complications.
  • Can resume normal routine shortly after giving birth unlike C-section.

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Looking at the benefits of normal delivery, almost all women want their baby to be delivered normally and not surgically. Carrying out normal delivery is safe until there are some complications that will make a C-section surgery a priority to safeguard the mom and the baby’s life. We will see some tips that will help you to have a normal delivery if all other medical conditions for the same are fine. Let’s have a look at some of those tips:

  1. Take childbirth education classes:

    Studies suggest that people who take parental childbirth education classes have 50 percent more chances to have normal delivery than the ones who have not opted for such classes. Awareness is what everyone seeks for such crucial times.

  2. Keep your diet healthy and nutritious for normal delivery:

    Keep in mind that a stronger body can face childbirth challenges with more confidence and precise decisions. Hence, always keep your diet healthy and balanced as its two bodies growing within you. (Know About: Pregnancy Diet Chart: What to eat during Pregnancy)

  3. Convey your wish to go for normal delivery:

    Sometimes it is assumed that a woman wants surgical or C-section delivery to avoid the pain of delivering the baby normally. So it’s always suggested to convey your priority of normal delivery to your gynecologist beforehand.

  4. Choose a health provider who always goes for normal childbirth:

    Make sure that you and your health provider are on the same page with the same choice of normal delivery.

  5. Avoid hospital stays and hospital beds unnecessarily:

    It’s normal to feel false alarms. In that case, when you visit your doctor don’t go for staying or getting admitted at the hospital until and unless your doctor emphasizes the same.

  6. Regular exercise prepares the body for normal delivery:

    Apart from building up the stamina, exercising also prepares you to bear the pain during childbirth. Exercise and yoga provide flexibility to the body and strengthen the pelvic floor for normal delivery. This makes it easier to go through a normal delivery process eliminating chances of C-section.

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    Stretching and exercise for pregnant woman

  7. Avoid childbirth negative stories that demotivate you from normal delivery:

    Yes! They will tell you more negative than positive that will surely instill fear in you. Don’t let such negative stories influence you and your delivery decisions.

  8. Be patient while letting the baby decide the due date:

    The dates provided by the technicians with ultrasound are usually prior by a week or even more. So let the natural labor pain and symptoms strike you before having the baby. (Know About: Ways to calculate pregnancy due date

  9. Avoid ultrasound during last month of pregnancy:

    Ultrasound during the last month will make doctors unnecessarily fearful as the baby is generally macrosomic (heavy weight) which might make them think about C-section over normal delivery.

  10. Have a proper and adequate sleep:

    Just focus on having a good sleep. That will help you in rejuvenating, maintaining your calm instead of thinking and stressing over what type of delivery you should go for. (Know About: What are the best sleeping positions during pregnancy?)

  11. Read and talk- acquire knowledge about childbirth:

    Read a lot of books about childbirth, talk to your mother and other elderly women regarding childbirth through their experience. And do not be overwhelmed, sometimes too much information might leave you with a confused state.

  12. Build a strong support system:

    Having a great emotional support system aids a lot in taking away the stress. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page with the delivery choice. Do share what’s in your mind with the loved ones to reach consensus.

    Yoga during pregnancy

  13. Be wise in choosing your doctor for delivery:

    It is observed that majority of doctors hurry mothers to go for C-section for convenience and profits. It’s a sad reality. Look for another doctor if your doctor doesn’t respect your wish for normal delivery.

  14. Stay away from stress:

    Meditate and do yoga poses after researching. These things will help your body getting prepared for normal delivery and will provide ease in mind with the power of choosing the right thing.

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  15. Stay positive and stop panicking:

    All mothers have gone through this anxiety as the days of delivery approach. Try to be as calm as possible by avoiding negative stories and talks that would influence your thinking and will power.

  16. Regular perineal massages:

    Regular perineal massages will help you in attaining your normal delivery goal. This massage is done by gently hooking your thumb inside and then pulling the lower part of the vagina outward and forward.

  17. Try not to put on excess weight:

    It’s natural to gain a decent amount of weight during pregnancy, but try not to add on those extra pounds by being inactive and eating junk and all the time. Obesity might make it difficult to monitor the baby and might be a hurdle in normal delivery. Thus, indulge in healthy eating habits if you wish for normal delivery.

  18. Positioning your baby:

    Yes! This can be done by regularly kneeling on the floor over a birthing ball or using a chair. Avoid laying on your back and keep knees lower than your bottom. This will help turn the baby to the correct position for birth.

  19. Breathe right:

    Breathing slowly and deeply will help you release tension in your muscles and allow the cervix to dilate. Deep breathe and relax with every contraction during labour or pain or otherwise too.

  20. Include bromelain rich foods in your diet:

    Include fruits such as mango, pineapple in your diet as they contain bromelain. It is an enzyme that softens the cervix and stimulates labor. Avoid excess consumption as you might go to premature labor

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No matter what delivery procedure is opted for, it’s always important to keep the baby’s and mother’s health at priority and then go on with the decision instead of jumping on to quick decisions which might prove to be a great problem and stupid mistake eventually. These tips can help you to prep up your body to deliver the baby normally through the vagina without complications and post-birth risks. Follow some simple lifestyle changes, abide by some rules and you might get it done in a really EASY PEASY way unlike those horror-stricken stories. 

Stay positive, research and get the facts well studied, know and understand your body and last but not least have strong will power, grit and determination before, during and after childbirth to let go of fear and stress. Becoming a mother is after all a beautiful blessing. Embrace and enjoy it!

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