Lakshman, an IT professional working in an MNC, has gladly chosen to open up about his penile problem and its solution. He highlights the three major points that made him choose laser circumcision at Pristyn Care for the treatment of his phimosis problem.

Painless Procedure

Talking about the laser circumcision procedure at Pristyn Care, Lakshman says, “I didn’t feel even a hint of pain during the entire procedure. The procedure was absolutely painless and everything went on smoothly.”

The minimally invasive nature of laser circumcision makes it an absolutely painless procedure. Unlike conventional surgery procedures, laser circumcision does not require any incisions, cuts or stitches to be carried out on the body. No incisions mean no bleeding and no pain. And it’s not just the procedure that is painless, the recovery is painless too. 

Faster Recovery

“ The downtime after the laser circumcision procedure is very short. I got discharged from the hospital on Sunday and I resumed my work on Monday.”

Laser circumcision is a daycare surgical procedure, which means that you can avoid those long and inconvenient hospital stays and go home within a few hours after the procedure. Since no stitches or sutures are involved, the risk of infections and complications is nil and this ensures a speedy and smooth recovery. Also, you won’t experience any major discomforts after the procedure. There will be minimal swelling and pain, so you can carry on with your routine life without much hassle

This makes laser circumcision the best option for working individuals with jam-packed schedules since they won’t have to take out much of their time to undergo treatment. They can have their surgery done, and then join their work back within 2-3 days.

Insurance coverage

“Pristyn Care got the expenses of the treatment covered under my insurance. I did not have to run behind any insurance authorities. Everything was taken care of by the team at Pristyn Care and they got the claim and settlement approved within no time.”

One of the most important factors while choosing any treatment procedure and hospital for your treatment is affordability. The hospital should participate in your insurance policies so as to ensure that the treatment is not too heavy on your pocket. At Pristyn Care, we accept all kinds of insurances and we strive to provide you with a hassle-free and seamless treatment experience. You don’t need to worry about the formalities. Pristyn Care team will get all the paperwork done on your behalf and will get the insurance claims approved in just 30 minutes.

Lakshman further adds that his treatment experience with Pristyn Care was very nice and he is really thankful to Dr. Sajeet Nayar and the Pristyn Care team for helping him throughout the procedure. 

Lakshman took a wise decision and said goodbye to the troubles of phimosis within a day. So if you are also dealing with the pain and embarrassment of any foreskin-related problems, do not delay any further. Get in touch with Pristyn Care for an absolutely confidential consultation and the best treatment procedures.

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