3D Mesh Surgery for Hernia Treatment

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3D Mesh Surgery for Hernia Treatment
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What is Hernia? Weakness in the abdominal muscles can lead to the condition known as hernia. It is basically the bulging out of fat, or abdominal organs such as the intestine which then occupies space under the surface of the skin. The opening resulting due to weak abdominal muscles through which the organs protrude is called the Hernia defect. Hernia can develop in both men and women, at any age.

Causes of Hernia

Some of the major factors which may lead to hernia are as follows: -

  • Weak abdominal muscles
  • A lifting of heavyweights
  • Increase in intra-abdominal pressure
  • Recurring constipation
  • A severe cough
  • Lack of nutrition
  • Low levels of fluid intake

If a person is affected by hernia, surgery is the only way to cure the condition as it doesn’t heal on its own. Moreover, immediate action is required as the condition may get worse with the increase in the size of the hernia.Mesh repair and 3D Mesh repair surgeries are innovative modern techniques to cure hernia at its best and reducing the rate of recurrence as well.Mesh repair surgery uses a synthetic mesh to cover the opening. Whereas the later one uses polypropylene mesh to cover the hernia defect (opening in the abdominal wall) from three sides. It is best used for treating a largely sized hernia and prevent it from recurring.

Advantages of 3D Mesh Repair Surgery

  • It is a modern technique that uses minimal incision and thus reducing the number of stitches.
  • Add on benefits of the laparoscopic procedure.
  • Stitches are not used to fix the mesh, hence avoiding the risk of groin pain.
  • Prevent recurrence of a hernia.
  • Local anesthesia works well to reduce the chances of pain.
  • Early discharge from the hospital.
  • Fast recovery

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